Wed. May 18th, 2022

he is the boss

Mark Bosnich hailed Ange Postecoglou as the winner with a share capital W.

The Celtic manager is on the verge of winning his first Premiership since Sunday’s draw with the Rangers.

Following a 1-1 draw with Parkhead, they have six points left with three games remaining.

He told AK Media: “It will be a great achievement. He is paving the way for young Australian coaches.

“Working together at Fox Sports, I found it really well to have Ange sitting next to me for nearly four years.

“It would be fantastic to know the style of football he plays and his approach to football.

“I think it inspired him even more when he first went there and there were so many suspicious people, especially Europeans, it’s understandable.

“He will definitely take the lead. He is the winner with a capital W.

“What really loved him to Australian football fans was the style of football he played. The style of football he plays makes fans very proud of his team. That’s where he went.”

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