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Want to shop at Macy’s? If I tell you, you can save a ton of money with a few shopping tips. Yes, there are many ways you can save money while shopping at Macy’s. These hacks are not heavily advertised by Macy’s. Because they don’t want to get a lot of attention about it. We’ve put together a well-researched guide to help shoppers know how to benefit from their next Macy’s shopping.

Top tips to change the way you shop

Here we are going to discuss some of the best hacks that can help you save money while shopping at Macy’s. A lot of people don’t know about it, but it’s a great way to shop more and save more.

1. Check prices online

This is a simple hack for all Macy’s customers. Whenever you’re shopping at Macy’s and thinking about buying something, you should check the online prices for the same thing. If the online price is cheaper, you can request a price match at the store counter. Also, the coupon may lower the price, in which case you can try requesting the same coupon for in-store purchases. Both scenarios are possible.

If you accidentally purchased the wrong product, please visit: Macy’s Return Policy I would like to know about our return policy.

2. Check the price list

Macy’s has a system for attaching price tags to products. It is color coded and knowing the coding system will help you make smart purchasing decisions.

yellow tag – This is a final sale item, has a fixed price, and this product is no longer sold for a price lower than the price already mentioned in the tag. The price of these tags usually ends with “6”.

blue tag – The price may go down once more, but it is impossible to predict how much it will be. They are usually already on 70% off and the price ends with a “3”.

white tag – There is a possibility that the price of the item will decrease. You can find prices ending in “3” or “6”. So always check the price of items with white tags.

3. Receive beauty items

A great way to save a few dollars. When you buy something from Macy’s online store, if you don’t buy enough, you’ll have to pay $10.95 for shipping. Free shipping when you add beauty items to your cart. The minimum amount for beauty products is $4. So you can save only about $6.

4. Pick up order

Another great way to shop at Macy’s is to order your purchases online and pick them up at the nearest Macy’s store. This gives you about 15% off your next purchase.

5. Connect to WiFi on Macy

This hack isn’t quite as specific as all the other hacks, but sometimes you’ll get coupons when you log into Macy’s Wi-Fi, and you can get up to 10% off those coupons. Small but better than nothing.

Macy’s Best Sales

Here’s another great way to save more while shopping at Macy’s. You need to know about Macy’s sales and when to set up these sales. It will definitely help you to get good discounts and good plans before your shopping never hurts.

one day sale: There is no set date, but Macy’s has a lot of one-day sales throughout the year. This comes with great discounts on many items and can be a great way to save money on items you really want. These sales can be previewed a day in advance.

Semi-annual sales: As the name suggests, these sales only happen twice a year, and there are large clearance sales in several categories. There is no exact date for this sale, but Macy advertises, so stay tuned.

major holidays: Macy’s is known for offering specials on major holidays like July 4th, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. Shopping on these holidays can save you a lot of money.

black friday: A good day to get your favorite products. Black Friday deals can help you save a lot of money and shop more. Discounts are available both in-store and online.

Don’t miss out on this sale

Knowing when to shop at Macy’s is a big help. Whether you’re shopping at Macy’s during sales, on holidays, or just in time, the hacks discussed above can save you a lot of money. So, plan and execute what you need, try these hacks and let us know how much you saved.

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