Tue. May 17th, 2022

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has withdrawn from the Brazil national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers due to illness.

Etihad No1 had to connect with his teammates for the next few days against Bolivia and Chile.

Ederson leaves Brazil national team


Ederson leaves Brazil national teamCredit: AFP

However, he is believed to be suffering from gastrointestinal problems (gastroenteritis) and has now been discharged from the hospital.

His homeland has already reached the finals in Qatar later this year.

So the Samba Boys will be able to survive without him.

From Brazil, Ederson reportedly reported to work but was sent home.

He was replaced by another goalkeeper, Everson, who plays for Atlético Miniero.

And that means he’ll now get a chance to get some rest before promising his club side it’s going to be a terrific month.

Manager Pep Guardiola has given players a few days off from international matches this week.

However, most of his team is away from the national team.

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Gabriel Jesus, Kyle Walker and Kevin de Bruyne are among the smaller players who were not called up for a number of reasons.

Most of the squad will return to the Etihad campus by the middle of next week to prepare for their trip to Burnley on 2 April.

City then faces Atletico Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals in the second leg, where they face Prem and Liverpool in the FA Cup over 11 days.

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