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It was originally supposed to be shipped with the book, but there was no book. The material is very flexible and flexible. It cooks perfectly, but it cooks just as well as a plate with a lid. No, it is not packaged.

Ideal for a delicious fish fillet in a few minutes in the microwave or a meal with small amounts of individual portions, fresh vegetables, a flat “cap” is not very stable. Be careful to hold the ‘ear’ well to the microwave outlet.

It can cook almost anything and is fast, easy to use and easy to clean.

Awesome!! I ordered it for the fish dish because I always missed cooking until then. After 1 minute 30 minutes in silicone foil in the microwave, salmon fillet is complete! In addition, there is almost no smell. And finally, icing the cake makes the mold very easy to clean! I honestly recommend it!

The measure they have is fair for both factions. I am very happy with them. The heat of the oven can keep it perfectly. I use this template every day

Mastrad Medium Minute Cooker – Small for 2

Easy to steam vegetables in the microwave.

Little catch, it’s hard to position the lid so that cooking is done in a “tight” way. The foil is designed for one serving and is sent first with a small broth garnished with spices, coconut milk lemon and lemongrass, and red curry paste, depending on the vegetable selected for cooking, with fish or shrimp or chicken or duck added. Return it to the microwave 1 to 2 minutes before the end of cooking. Snack! A balanced and healthy meal if you add starch (rice, pasta, etc.) Cook for about 8 minutes in foil (the faster they cook if the vegetables are zucchini, mushrooms, scallops, broccoli, or tomatoes). “Hurry up” ===> on your nipples!

I had a different brand of canister that opened at the top which often had some leaks when moving. It’s no different than this. Thanks to the handle, it is held in place and the lid closes perfectly so it closes perfectly.

Knowing the medium foil I knew what to expect, so I wasn’t surprised by the “small” size. The capacity is 1 liter. The silicone lid, which is easy to clean, is well sealed. The reinforcement stabilizes the foil well. There’s also things like a silicone grill to show off your food and add water to your steamed dishes.

I use it in a 180° oven to cook some foods in a slightly healthy way. It works with nickel, doesn’t stick, and can make several dishes for two. Protruding corners make it easy to hold even with gloves on, so there are no sealing problems and it takes up much less space than a steamer. In short, a must-have companion in the kitchen

Great, you can take it and you have a variety of recipes related to the product. The silicone is pretty good quality, but still small. Because the size remains. 600ml, the size of 2 potatoes is not an exaggeration. Otherwise, the finish is good and easy to clean.

Great for making fish or pickled chicken skewers. These nipples are large enough to add vegetables as a garnish. On the other hand, hand washing is a must for me, but my dishwasher can’t do that. I’m no dishwasher expert after silicone foil made our lives easier in cooking mode (she does it very well). I have validated this product and bought it for my mother and stepmother.

The image given to us makes the foil appear larger than it really is. regret!!! top! I used it so much at the office that I bought a second one at home! The original taste of fish and vegetables is preserved and eaten without oil or salt! Mastrad Medium Minute Cooker:

  • Silicone Construction: Made from premium quality 100% food grade silicone and porcelain materials. It is stain-resistant, odor-resistant and BPA-free, making it absolutely safe for small children to use. The solid handle provides a firm, comfortable grip and easy handling.
  • PRESERVE GOOD HEALTH: We serve fast and healthy dishes. In addition, the microwave steamer for food provides a healthy experience by maintaining and preserving vitamins and minerals. It cooks fish and chicken without drying and keeps the meat tender.
  • Hygiene: The rice cooker’s non-porous design prevents the build-up of bacteria and food debris between the head and handle, ensuring healthy feeding with minimal cleaning. Non-stick coating allows cooking without oil or butter.
  • Heat Resistant: Microwave and oven safe to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Designed to be easy to clean and dishwasher safe. No need to add water. The Mastrad Medium Medium Cooker cooks in its own juice.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Made with premium quality materials and rigorously tested for quality, our products are built in style and last long. Click the “Add to Cart” button and buy without risk.

Mastrad Medium Minute Cooker – Small for 2

These are great little plates for any type of rice cooker.

You no longer need to use foil foil. This will save us from health problems and put less trash in the trash! Oven safe, dishwasher safe, easy to clean. During cooking, the flavor of the food is preserved and the meat is very tender.

Perfect dish, you can easily put it in the oven with this solid handle, but the only downside is cleaning the grill.

Very pretty silicone nipples (green). It is convenient to check the cooking status with the transparent lid. Ideal for healthy cooking.

Microwave is better than single-serve oven.

Functional, but only suitable for one person. A cardboard box containing two nipples was open. One of them has traces of dirt and the translucent silicone lid is yellow. So I can’t necessarily take an exact note that this product is good.

Buyer Reviews:

  • We make the healthiest fast food.
  • Daily use on vegetables in the microwave
  • Small for 2 people

Mastrad Medium Minute Cooker – Small for 2

These are really great. It looks expensive, but it’s well worth it because it’s so versatile.

Excellent product – cook vegetables or fish in this silicone cooker and the taste will be maintained with all the good.

It’s beautiful, easy to maintain, just as I’d hoped, and easily cooks any dish without suddenly overflowing from poorly closed paper.

I bought and served several (2 packs of 600ml each), especially for those on a non-cooked fat diet. For large families, doing multiple dishes in a row can be problematic, but larger models are square or round. But for 2 it’s ideal. 1 for meat dishes and 1 for vegetable dishes. Each has its own seasoning and cooking time. In FMO (for tray D 31.5 cm: 2 foils possible simultaneously). It is very fast, about 2 to 8 minutes. You can add a little bit of raw butter or olive oil or cream to the dish. Clean immediately with hot water. LV is sometimes possible, so flam. For some vegetables, like broccoli, casserole is better for testing. Haven’t tried it in the oven. I have been using it almost every day for over 3 years.

Everything simple to prepare dishes for humans (diet version). We put the ingredients in foil and put them directly in the microwave. The only downside is that it doesn’t seal, so the lid moves slightly, the contents inside come out a little, and you have to clean the oven tray. Other than that it’s fine.

Really small internal dimensions, very convenient to use. Foil serving size too small for one person, but practical enough Capacity 1l large-capacity material Silicone+nylon, silicone color Green Brand Mastrad Product Dimensions L x W x H 25.5 x 19 x 5.5 cm 23.6 Dimensions 800ml Basin Capacity Provided in centimeters

Mastrad Medium Minute Cooker – Small for 2

It is large enough to cook about 4 servings of Super Mastrad quality papillot, and it is far from other brands’ products that do not taste silicone at all in the food! The only thing I reproach is that there are holes in the removable “tray” and the coupe is very difficult to clean.

When used, the meal is wonderful and healthy. Convenient and effective, but the size is odd for the price!!! You can barely cook for an adult person! I bought the above size after seeing the reviews, but it’s still too small! Shame!

This font for paillote perfectly complements the created function. I use it to make nipple-shaped fish and in 1 minute or 1 minute 30 seconds I get the perfect fish.

I use it all the time for healthy cooking and it’s the perfect size for a single meal. It seals so well that you can cook salmon and vegetables in 10 seconds. Leave it on for 1 minute.

It’s inconvenient to take out if it gets too hot at the microwave outlet and disappoints at its very modest size for a person if the microwave overflows. I prefer my old foil, a bit disappointed with this article

All kitchen appliances from this brand look very good to me. I already had a set of 2 personal steamers, so I decided to purchase a larger steamer to cook with my family. We are very happy. The quality is very good. It is perfectly sealed and comes with a very useful internal tray. It solves us many light and rich dinners.

Mastrad Medium Minute Cooker – Small for 2

On the other hand, it is a very good quality product for 2-3 people to use. It’s just 800ml. I still have it and wanted to buy another one, but I’ll have to put up with it. Not all are accurate. However, the product is of high quality and on top is a culinary product.

essential. Simple. I use it every day. Just to wonder how I did without it. The taste is perfectly preserved and you will see how much time saving can be achieved by using it in the microwave. gentle!

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