Tue. May 17th, 2022

Dan Wootton blames Meghan on royal tour row

GB News’ Dan Wootton hit Meghan Markle after Kate Middleton and Prince William faced backlash on their royal tour.

Wootton said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that Meghan’s comments about racism intensified the backlash.

Wootton said, “Did all these difficulties aggravate when Meghan Markle’s unfounded and anonymous allegations of racism within the royal family in a bizarre interview with Oprah sparked the infamous response at Buckingham Palace that flashbacks could be different? ?

“Meghan didn’t get kicked out of the palace, she rushed out of Hollywood to make a lot of money and become more famous, and she took advantage of the royal family. Look at the trouble that Meghan did to the royal family. The family.”

The GB News host also added: “But what makes me so mad is that they are using this propaganda for Meghan Markle to add to their cause and paint a picture of the 95-year-old monarch as a kind of racist.

“And anyone who knows anything about the Queen knows that it cannot be far from the truth.

“So I am ashamed of Meghan Markle and ashamed of Jamaican propaganda that uses lies to advance a political cause.

“I want Jamaicans to make decisions based on facts.

“And the Queen loves the Jamaicans, the Queen is not a racist woman, and these allusions made by Meghan are that the Queen somehow oversees the racist royal family has done the damage. That’s all I can say.”

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