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ROYAL watchers claim they spotted “Meghan Markle’s obvious reaction to Kate Middleton” at the Jubilee service of thanksgiving.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex joined Kate Middleton and Prince William at St Paul’s Cathedral for their first public appearance together since Megxit.

And although they never came face to face, eagle eyed royal watchers are convinced they have spotted Meghan’s reaction to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Taking to Twitter, royal fan Kitty shared the BBC’s footage of the moment that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge entered the cathedral.

And in the clip Meghan, whose white hat can be seen on the second row next to Harry, can be seen turning away from Kate.

Captioning the clip, Kitty wrote: “Did everyone notice the woman in white hat (megz) turned her head to the left when The Duchess of Cambridge was walking past…”

Fellow royal watchers were quick to agree, with many saying they had also noticed the ‘reaction.’

“Yes I did notice this,” wrote one, while another agreed, “It’s very obvious too.”

A third wrote: “Wow it is obvious when you see it.”

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  • Meg & Harry’s trip back to LA ‘on gas-guzzling private jet’

    It is understood that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry flew back to California on a gas-guzzling private JET.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their children Archie, three, and Lilibet, one, flew off before the Jubilee fun had finished on Sunday.

    They are understood to have travelled on a Bombardier Global 6000 “ultra long-range” plane for their 5,500-mile 11-hour journey.

    Their journey home will have emitted nearly 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, chartered flight firm Paramount Business Jets told The Times.

    Flying on a commercial plane from Heathrow to Los Angeles on economy class emits 1.4 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, climate firm Cube6 claimed.

    Each person should aim to produce no more than 2.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, the Paris climate agreement’s objectives state.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are understood to have travelled on a Bombardier Global 6000 "ultra long-range" plane Credit: Rex
    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are understood to have travelled on a Bombardier Global 6000 “ultra long-range” plane Credit: Rex
  • Expert on how Meghan showed she was nervous during Jubilee

    Meghan Markle showed “the world she was nervous” during her Jubilee visit after returning back on British soil for the first time in two years, a body language expert has claimed.

    Jesús Enrique Rosas analysed the Duchess of Sussex’s body language from the moment she arrived at the Thanksgiving ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral to the second she left – and noted one particular tell-tale sign of nerves.

    Speaking to The Express, he drew attention to the moment Prince Harry signalled to his wife to check the collar of her dress when exiting the car.

    “When I was checking the footage, I noticed everyone was mentioning Meghan fixing her collar and it was always the left side…something has to be said about pacifying gestures,” he explained.

    “We do this kind of gesture to calm ourselves, it can be fixing our clothes or touching our faces, or in the case of Harry, touching his [wedding] ring.”

    He went on to explain that the reason for this is to release stress and added that it was a “very deliberate move” for Meghan as “she’s not really adjusting any fitting.”

  • Meghan and Harry touched by generosity

    Upon releasing images of Lilibet in celebration of her first birthday donations have been made.

    There have been numerous birthday wishes for Lilibet including from William and Kate, as well as her grandfather, Prince Charles and Camilla.

    The Duke and Duchess said they had been “incredibly touched” by the birthday wishes that have flooded in.

    Around the world, despite money woes as living gets harder, more than 100,000 dollars (£79,800) in donations to the World Central Kitchen were made in her honour.

    The organisation provides meals for people affected by humanitarian, climate and community crises. It’s reportedly a charity the couple support.

  • Meghan attempts to heal rift with her father

    Thomas Markle was unable to attend his youngest child’s wedding.

    Meghan and Harry got married in May 2018, but following two heart attacks, Thomas Markle was unable to attend.

    Instead, Prince Charles walked Meghan down the aisle.

    Since then, Thomas Markle has been scathing about his daughter publicly, but following his recent stroke which led him to miss the Queen’s jubilee celebrations, Meghan reportedly wants to fix things between them.

  • Thomas Markle leaves hospital after stroke

    The 77-year-old struggles with his speech now.

    Father of Meghan Markle, had plans to travel to the UK for the Jubilee celebration, but was forced to cancel after he had a stroke.

    He had hoped to meet his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet over the Jubilee weekend.

    Speaking to the MailOnSunday, the father of three said: “I feel hugely grateful and know how lucky I am to be alive. I want to thank everyone, especially the wonderful doctors and nurses who saved my life. They are angels.”

  • New photos of Lilibet are released and the similarities are uncanny

    Many have speculated over the years about which parent Harry looks most like.

    Most would agree nowadays that while William has his father’s features, Harry is a Spencer through and through.

    The duke and duchess of Sussex released photos of Lilibet today, from her birthday picnic at Frogmore Cottage over the weekend and many say the similarities with her father are undisputable.

  • Meghan shows no qualms about wearing old clothes again

    Critics and supporters alike took to social media to question whether or not one of the Duchess’s outfits was an old one.

    On Thursday, Meghan Markle arrived for Trooping the Colours with Harry.

    She wore a navy off-shoulder dress with a wide-brimmed navy and white hat with a large bow on it.

    Fans speculated whether or not the former-actress wore the dress during the week of her wedding to Harry.

  • Lip reader reveals Royal conversation during the festivities (3/3)

    The Queen didn’t feature that much during the festivities.

    Upon her third balcony appearance of the Jubilee weekend, the Queen joined the heirs to the throne, Prince Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, and their children.

    The Queen appeared to be surprised when the the National Anthem played and red, white and blue smoke popped out of a stage.

    John Cassidy believes the Queen was shocked by the moment. He says that at the end of God Save The Queen, she told Prince George: “Ah, brilliant! I didn’t know…”

  • Lip reader reveals Royal conversations during the festivities (2/3)

    Many might agree Prince Louis stole the show this weekend.

    The youngest Cambridge child pulled funny faces at his parents and made the nation smile at his antics, as Kate tried to calm him while looking embarrassed.

    The Queen made few appearances due to mobility issues, however she did make it onto the balcony for the Red Arrows which led to a heart-warming exchange with her great-grandson.

    Prince Louis appeared to be looking up excitedly but seemingly felt the planes were taking too long leading him to ask the 96-year-old monarch: “Are the Red Arrows coming?”

    According to Jeremy Freeman, the Queen responded dryly: “I hope so.”

    When the Red Arrows finally flew overhead, he can be seen to say: “Yes yes yes.”

  • Lip reader reveals Royal conversations during the festivities (1/3)

    Despite being an event for the Queen, the jubilee gave the public the chance to see members of the royal family interact normally.

    In particular, Louis offered some comedic moments as he interacted with his siblings and parents.

    However, people often wonder what they Royals say to each other and if they interact just like any other family.

    Lip readers, Jeremy Freeman and John Cassidy, have taken time to go through what the Royals were likely saying to each other during the festivities.

    It’s thought that despite being greeted with cheers outside St Paul’s Cathedral for the Thanksgiving mass, Meghan was in need of some encouragement as Harry was seen saying: “Yeah, we’ll be fine.”

  • Royal hairdresser shares what Lilibet and Archie are really like

    Meghan and Harry are very private about their children.

    Though the duke and duchess travelled to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations with their two children, the public didn’t get a glimpse of them.

    Royal hairdresser, George Norwood, has revealed a little of what their like though.

    Norwood styled Meghan’s hair for the Invictus Games and again, accompanied the couple to the UK for the jubilee weekend had nothing but praise for the siblings.

    He said: “Archie has grown to be the cutest, well-mannered little boy and Lilibet is just beautiful.”

  • The Queen banned photos of herself with Lilibet

    It’s been reported that the monarch was ‘desperate’ to meet her great-granddaughter.

    The nation took to the streets over the weekend to celebrate the 96-year-old for being the longest reigning British monarch.

    To join in the celebrations, Meghan and Harry flew over from the US along with their son, Archie, and their daughter, Lilibet, who turned 1 during the weekend.

    Despite the Queen reportedly looking forward to meeting her namesake, according to the Daily Star, she refused to have a photo taken with her.

  • Meghan praised for waiting to share photo of Lilibet

    Lilibet turned 1 year old over the weekend.

    In the middle of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the royal family were also celebrating the 1 year birthday of Lilibet.

    The daughter of Meghan and Harry was named after her great-grandmother and reportedly celebrated with afternoon tea.

    The duke and duchess waited until they were safely back in the US before sharing any photos of their daughter, for which they have been praised by fans.

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  • Prince William shares touching thank you to Royals fans

    The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge took to Twitter to thank every Brit that celebrated the Platinum Jubilee.

    He said: “What a fantastic weekend of celebrations. Seeing people across the nation coming together with family, friends and loved ones has been extremely special.

    “Thank you to everyone who turned out to show their gratitude to The Queen and her inspiring 70 years of leadership. From the crowds on the Mall to communities hosting street parties up and down the country, we hope you had a weekend to remember.

    “We all had an incredible time, especially Louis.”

  • ‘A Line has been drawn’

    Many suggested the couple had been relegated during the Jubilee celebrations.

    The suggestion is that the interview with Oprah is the cause, but we know the duke and duchess made a conscious decision to step back.

    Perhaps they were relegated a little during the jubilee celebrations.

    There is also a chance the couple chose to play the part they played and were happy not to feature on the balcony or sit with Prince Charles and the heirs to the throne during the thanksgiving celebrations.

  • When will Harry and Meghan be back in the UK?

    With no big plans for the royal family, it’s unclear when the couple will return to the UK.

    The Queen has been vocal about not spending as much time as she’d like with Archie and Lilibet though.

    At 96-year-old, it would seem likely the duke and duchess will make the effort to make sure they can spend more time together.

  • Meghan and Harry confuse ‘celebrity’

    For many in recent years, the royals appear to simply be celebrities.

    Is it any wonder then, that Kim Kardashian thought she might be invited to celebrate with the Queen.

    The businesswoman who found fame after a sex tape with musician, Ray Jay, was leaked, is known for the reality show she stars in along side her family and plastic surgery.

    It’s reported that she requested an invite from Buckingham Palace to attend the jubilee events, but was denied.

  • Camilla came dressed to impress at this weekend’s Jubilee thanksgiving service

    Camilla and Charles were dressed to the nines at all events this weekend.

    Camilla and Meghan were matching in their dress coats in light muted colours, presumably in order to avoid detracting from the Queen.

    Camilla’s dress coat included metallic embroidery.

    She it with a matching wide-brim hat, gold healed shoes and pearls.

  • Kate Middleton dressed to impress…Meghan

    After the suspected feud between the sisters-in-law, many watched the thanksgiving service this weekend to witness their interaction.

    There appeared to be a nod between Kate Middleton and Meghan and Harry in the cathedral.

    It was noted that the two families didn’t sit together, with the Duke and Duchess sat on the opposite side of the venue to the Cambridges.

    The nod of acknowledgment didn’t stop there though.

    Kate Middleton matched her dress with a Philip Treacy hat. Treacy is presumed to be one of Meghan’s favourite brands.

  • A Queen, two duchesses and three future kings

    The 96-year-old celebrant made a surprise appearance on Buckingham Palace balcony during yesterday’s pageant.

    While much of the UK took to celebrate the Queen‘s reign over the last few days, the Queen herself was unable to attend many of the events.

    However, she made a surprise appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the three heirs to the throne during the Jubilee Pageant.

    She was accompanied by Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton and their kids.

  • Lilibet enjoyed her 1st birthday amongst family

    The one-year-old accompanied her parents and brother to the UK.

    Prince Harry and Meghan flew to the UK with their children, Archie and Lilibet, to celebrate the jubilee with the Queen, the rest of the family and the nation.

    Lilibet turned 1-year-old on 4 June and it’s reported the family celebrated with some afternoon tea.

  • It’s been a while, but Meghan’s style is undeniable

    Meghan hasn’t been seen in public in the UK for two years.

    Known to have great fashion sense, the duchess didn’t disappoint this time around.

    Meghan and Harry kept a low profile meaning we didn’t get to see them much.

    But to the Thanksgiving service at St Paul’s cathedral, she wore a Dior dress coat with an oversized collar.

  • Meghan ‘was nervous’ during the Jubilee

    The jubilee festivities saw the duchess out in the British public for the first time in two years.

    Meghan and Harry now spend most of their time in the states and rarely travel to the UK.

    According to a body expert, Meghan was nervous to be here.

    Jesús Enrique Rosas, a body language expert, noted Meghan kept touching her left collar and suggested this was a sign she wasn’t confortable.

    He said: “When I was checking the footage, I noticed everyone was mentioning Meghan fixing her collar and it was always the left side…something has to be said about pacifying gestures. 

    “We do this kind of gesture to calm ourselves, it can be fixing our clothes or touching our faces, or in the case of Harry, touching his [wedding] ring.”

  • We saw little of the Queen interact with Meghan and Harry

    Granted we saw little of the queen herself.

    It’s said the Queen was watching the festivities from the comfort of her Windsor home due to mobility issues.

    Though Harry and Meghan came over specifically to celebrate her though, we didn’t see them interact.

    Perhaps she was too busy, or perhaps it’s due to the changes in their relationship.

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