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5 inchesthis one is entry level hologram fan. It is low profile thus makes it easy placement. The softwere need bit more touch up and work done for general public. Other then that it is a low price starting point so dont expect 1080p or 720p quility. Steps:on the side of the fan thre is a microsd card. Take the card out and place in you pc using the card readed provied in the boxopen the sd card under my computerlook in the folders and find (3ds-player v. . ) click in it and open the application 3ds -playeron the top right next to the wifi icon there is a drop down menue in chinease ( click and chose sd-224) this works for 12. 5 inch fanclick on file encode and chose the file form you pc that you wnat to uploadthen it will ask you where you want to save it.

In america i have never seen one of these before until i saw it online and purchased it. I’m so glad i did it’s awesome. Do yourself a favor and download a few apps to help you turn gifts into good quality png‘s and such. The resolution is much better than you would imagine it to be. 4” version and the motor is very powerful and it spins incredibly fast. If mounted improperly it could definitely hurt someone, so use common sense and keep out of reach of curious children. If i was a child i would absolutely want to touch this thing, it’s really really cool and you are guaranteed to have never seen anything like it before. It gives my apartment a very unique look.

Overall this is a good product. It is one of the few products that have 4 blades for an inexpensive price. I do recommend buying different anchors than the ones provided if you’re going to mount on a wall. Like most, the software is in chinese so if you don’t speak chinese you may want to use a translator to translate filenames. The software included to make new videos is not easy to use but that seems to be the case for most of the holographic fans. I like the product and would recommend buying the product.

Using this product for halloween decorations. There was one stock 3d animation that came with it that worked, and a few i added from my own computer using their software. It is challenging to remove files that i don’t want on the card mostly because i had to use google translate to translate the filenames to english and try to figure out which ones were which. The translations weren’t always super descriptive so i’m still struggling with it a little bit. I also wish the library of images was a little bit more robust. This is the sd model and image quality isn’t fantastic, but from about 10 feet away it looks pretty good. I probably wouldn’t have spent more for higher quality given that i’m only planning on using this for decoration a few nights each year. For the price i would say it’s worth it, but expect to spend the morning doing a little trial and error to load your content and get it to play.

I really enjoy this product, i had a bit of trouble setting it up and they were nothing but helpful on their end. Gets a lot of head turns and wow effect.

Missyou 3d Hologram Fan –         Good quality and fun

The fan works great once set up…however, i am a computer tech and i also have spent many years in graphics. I was able to figure out the conversion software and can create my own custom graphics and then convert the mp4s to the required bin file. I don’t believe most would be able to figure out these processes as easy as i did. But if all you need is to use the videos that are available for download and not need customized graphics converted and loaded…it should be easy enough for most people.

I bought this just to see what i could do with it, i wanted to set it up with some of my figurines as a changing back drop. However it was bigger than i expected and didn’t fit where i wanted it so i am working on getting the software down its kind of touchy and doesn’t like some of the videos i tried. However the seller does live up to the promise of 100’s of videos.

The media could not be loaded.  pretty cool low cost hologram fan. I would like to have more options for videos and images. I wish i could get access to the images i hear about from others. I can change it out on my pc with microsd card. If the support sees this or anyone else who knows of a free stock library let me know here.

I couldn’t find the tf card in the fan. I emailed and received a response back in almost no time. This morning i’ve been emailing with customer support back and forth as quickly as though we were on an instant messenger. I haven’t dealt with such kind, patient, and immediate customer service in a very long time. This fan is going up in our office and after giving myself a little bit of time to learn how to use it correctly, i’d absolutely buy this again and i’d recommend to anyone looking for a hologram fan to go with this one.

Using it as a pinball machine topper. Got the 43 cm version and couldn’t be happier. Seller goes above and beyond helping you get files if needed. I’ll be buying a second unit later this week. Looks 10x better in person, since videos show the fan blades during movement, but you can’t see that in person with the naked eye.

Was able to add my own videos and images easily. It does make more noise than i would like but it is in my arcade room and isn’t a problem there. May make a plexi cover for it but it is high up on the wall so not urgent.

Takes a good deal of ‘learning’ as the instructions are pretty terrible. It says its wifi but it isnt (or its not working) and i am not sure why you’d download the software as i dont see how to make that work for this if there is no wifi. Got a picture to work but not sure how to make 3d image of our logo without having someone make one. We used powerpoint with black background and slide animations and transitions which made this work pretty good as long as you use larger fonts. Wish there was a way to open their images and add words; maybe there is but again, terrible instructions.

The media could not be loaded. The image in person looks seamless, while the cell phone video makes it look choppy. The first fan that i got, when i popped out the micro sd card to download the software, then i couldn’t get the card back in. I sent a message to the vendor, and was advised to try it a few more times and they would replace it if that didn’t work. I printed a return label with amazon to drop it off at kohl’s and then contacted the vendor who said they would have just shipped me another one, but it was easy to drop it off at kohl’s anyways. I got a replacement a couple of days later which works great. The vendor gave me a link to a large library of 3d videos, which is cool. The other caveat for the 16. 5 inch fan is that if you want to play your own images/videos, you have to convert them to. Here are the specifications for the Missyou 3d Hologram Fan:

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Support app- 3d hologram fan Support Android and Apple app mobile phones to upload video,Fast, convenient and safe
  • Cool hologram projector-3d hologram fan holographic fan display, aerial imaging makes you feel completely in the air, and creates the best attraction for your product or event
  • Rotating hologram projector- high-resolution 3D visual effects with realistic holographic effects can help you effectively transform passive audiences into real buyers.
  • The content displayed by the holographic fan display can be uploaded using TF card and mobile APP. Our company provides many materials. After purchase, you can contact us to provide or customize materials
  • It can clearly display the hologram video of the product and flexibly change the advertising content. Custom video and mode editing, support memory card and mode editing software. After you purchase, you can contact our company. We will send the gifted holographic video as soon as possible. There are many types of gifted videos, such as digital products, company logos, catering, etc. We also support customized videos

Missyou 3d Hologram Fan –         Good quality and fun

Overall it is a great product. Here is a little detail about the product. 7 inches and well as the 12. 7 inches:510 lamp beads- if you price it only on beads then missyou product is the better choice ( example $199/520 beads=0. 38 per beads)there are other brand that offer up to 1000 beads and the picture quality would be much better since its more beads but they charge upwards of 0. So for starting point and price missyou would be a better choice. 5 since its more beads but the motor barrel is longer. 5 the back barrel is about 1. 5 the back barrel is about 4 inch ( this would stick out too much for my design )=========how to use 17. 5========1) once you assemble fan blade a to a and b to b the product take out the micro sd card form the fan and put it in to you pc. 5 click on 45-f44) click on decode video5) select the file picture or video form you pc that you want to display / decode to bin format. 6) put a name for your file and click common. 7) use you mouse wheel for zoom in or out the center point which will be displayed on the fan. 8) click on start decoding9) once finished close the application and you should see a bin file on you desktop with the name that you put. 10) grab that file and put it in the sd card where all the other bin files are.

5 stars is what i wanted to give it but just for the simple reason it doesn’t have a on off switch. So its a plug it in and when you want it off you have to unplug it. It really does look like holograms just jave to have the background black. I love it i make my own videos now. A big hit is the doctor strange shield that i made for my son.

The media could not be loaded.  this was a great purchase and the communication was very prompt and easy. The fan is easy to put together and the direction and instructions are easy to follow. They even have a video for it. I got this for trade show purposes and the seller even helped take our logo and create the 3d hologram for it. Outstanding and highly recommend it.

I bought this for my son as one of his gifts for hanukkah. I’ve tested this thing out and it is amazing. Picture quality is excellent, bright vibrant colors, fan functions smoothly with barely any sound coming from it. Not only good for advertising but just as good for a game room, man cave, or kids bedroom. You can upload video, images of your choice which is an awesome feature to this fan. Remember to take safety measures because you do not want to touch this thing while in operation you just might lose a finger or two. Overall great buy happy with this purchase and i know my son will be happy too. I will update my review in the future to reflect on the wear of the product over time. Until then everyone have a great and blessed holiday season.

The media could not be loaded.  at first i thought this one may be malfunctioning like my first one i purchased and sent back but no to my surprise the sd card was not fully inserted. After watching the included video on the sd card i was up and running. After my first failed attempt my second was successful and have been happily uploading ever since. I warn if you are not computer literate or text savvy you will have a lot of difficulty in locating the files you want to install on the holigraphic projector and then encoding them into a dll file and then uploading onto the sd card which will be inserted into the holographic projector so if you’re not computer literate or text i have you find someone who is and get real friendly with him.

So far people that saw it in person thought it looked great ‘w0w’. Are some of the reactions i got. I had to tell them don’t reach for it you’ll lose a finger (not really but they would get hurt and ruin the fan although it looks pretty durable it did hit the cord once but survived.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good quality and fun
  • Great hologram effect

Missyou 3d Hologram Fan –         Good quality and fun

Hi therethank you for the words of encouragement in the help and support because my english is poor and the google translation is not enough to understand the operating instructions in the brochure. I was hoping that the hologram fan show would be an entertainment party for the kids. But because i don’t understand how the hologram fan works, the show will be one day. So i hope you understand my situation, as i may contact you with many questions. Then are there educational videos about the hologram fan. Thank youraad abu shamamay/31/22.

Works great, everyone loves it. The wifi range is very low, however and i have great difficulty connecting to it from the pc in the next room. Also the unit will overheat and flicker/stutter before shutting down if left on for more than two hours. This surprised me, as you would think that the spinning motion would have been used to implement some sort of cooling mechanism into the electronics. It also means that you can’t really use this for a display in a business, at least not constantly.

Absolutely a great buy for the money beautiful 3d imaging and customer service was great whenever i’d run into something i didn’t understand and trust me there was several times i needed help, they were there immediately to help me i have to say this customer support is the best i’ve ever had with any company very friendly people to deal with i highly recommend this seller a-1 service you won’t be sorry.

The instructions are in another language but it’s so simple to assemble a first grader could do it. There are four blades, each labeled a or b and they go into place diagonally from each other then you use the included screws to secure the blades to the base. It’s beyond worth it to get the wifi version so you can add pics/vids straight from your phone no computer needed. Comes with some vids already preloaded but easy to upload or create more directly in the app. App is not hard to find in app store, plus they give you a qr code that takes you straight to the app on ios or android. If you are looking for a fun, unique way to advertise this is definitely it. So glad i bought this instead of a banner. Also unless you are mounting it to a wall you’ll need to purchase a stand separately.

Still figuring it out but seems easy enough. Will update as i continue to figure it out.

Cool device, using it i’m my son’s star wars themed bedroom. Quick delivery and works as described.

Missyou 3d Hologram Fan –         Good quality and fun

The instructions are very minimalist and need to be deciphered into proper english. I’m using this for personal room decor so i’m hoping that i will get access to a large lot of free bin files as promised, and that they are easy to download and upload into the device. Online support for obtaining these type of images is slow and terrible otherwise. Also hoping to learn how to convert my own images into this format to customize it.

Everyone who sees it is mesmerized by it. The video encoding/conversion software is pretty easy to use once you watch the included instructional videos (although many of the buttons need better english labels and some explanation as to their function). [to the manufacturer: i can help with translating/rewriting the instructions in more understandable & proper english if you are interested.

I was giving this 45cm device a 4 maybe a 5, until i hit a snag. So i sent an email, i got a reply so fast i was amazed, not only did the seller help correct the issue (software related not device related) but even after i was happy he wanted to be absolutely sure i was ok with everything. This is better customer service than i have gotten anywhere for many years. The device itself is better made than others i have seen, the balance is perfect, the design and constructon is spot on. Again others i have seen look nice but are not well designed. The app is better than any i have seen before and extreamly user friendly. If you are trying to decide between this and a similar product, pick this one.

The seller went above and beyond to satisfy our needs. We were very impressed with the level of customer service and patience to deal with our needs. Thank you for great customer service and hologram fan. We purchased the biggest fan they had.

The media could not be loaded.  5 stars came early, exactly as shown and described it was super easy to understand and run thr software on my windows 10 laptop. Easily add any black screen backdrop mobie by simply going into the program converter and clicking decode select your video. Crop it to a certain spot or full size. It even does good quality movies. I put the marvel studios intro 2021 on it and it looked great. Also contrary to people above this fan is practically dead quiet. You can hold it in your hand, and the instructions were easy to follow and my 12 year old was able to do it. So those saying it’s super loud or hard to figure out. You just have very poor computer skills. Also since it hasn’t said ‘delivered’ yet on this and my other product which is because the driver probably didn’t remember to tell amazon i’m not sure but as you can see from pic this is a confirmed purchase review.

I need help with the software. It doesnt connect at all which means im stuck with the same hologram videos which is bin only. Will update if i get a reply. Micro sd was already in the motor blade part. I didnt know, i thought it was missing. Just connect through their wifi through your phone. On the pc app, click decode & its simple from here & now. Thanx monky for the fast email replies & the help you gave me.

Missyou 3d Hologram Fan –         Good quality and fun

This product looks and works as described. I haven’t tried the app yet, but i was able to upload a video to the sd card, put it back in, and play it back no problem. Definitely a lot of fun and very cool.

The media could not be loaded. I’ll keep it loaded and ready for show time. But truly appreciate your patience with us. Not digitally savvy, but motivated. Your online support was outstanding.

This was purchased as a gift and as someone who is new to this kind of holographic technology, was cautious about the purchase. After receiving and testing, was pleasantly suprrised by the high quality of the product build as well as it’s ready to use status. Packaging was also nice and shipping time was excellent. The included manual is a bit challenging given that it’s more or less an akward translation of its original language, but with a bit of common sense, it’s nearly usable instructions for the average modern user. The product itself is entry level sd, not the pricier hd model, so the holographic visuals are correspondingly not as sharp in person as one would have hoped, but nevertheless the technology still impresses for newcomers like myself, and makes for an equally impressive gift for your tech savvy friends/family. All in all, a welcome gadget to technophiles on a budget.

The media could not be loaded. 8 inch version of the fan and it’s amazing. The video doesn’t do it justice. The seller created 5 videos for me and it’s super affordable. I built a screen over it to protect the blades from materials at home depot for less than 50. The seller types fluent english and we didn’t have any language barrier when i was telling them what i wanted for the animations.

I wanted to use this for display but the quality of the image that is displays is very poor. Also, the brightness is very low and it almost looks transparent. This does look better at dark but that defeats the purpose of this since it is suppose to gather crowd.

The only issue i had at all was installing the blades as they fit so perfectly together. There was a perfect angle where it just fit perfectly and easily so be patient it’s easy once that angle is achieved. Onto the product i had my doubts and was willing to take a chance on the four blade unit for better resolution possibly. It’s very easy to use and has many built in options via phone app to not only play built in videos but to create some of your own especially 3d text with many font and color options. Obviously other more elaborate videos will be programmed on my pc but out of the box and iphone app will surely impress any techie types. ***** stars indeed truly a welcomed surprise.

The instruction manual tells you how to open the software, but not how to use it. Apparently the first step is to select the model in the dropdown menu at the top right. I got the 42cm model, which is model sd224, not that that’s listed anywhere. I just tried all the options til one worked. Then click on the icon next to file encode, select the file to encode, select the destination file, and your file will be displayed in a little window with a red circle to select what area to display. Once the red circle is where you want it, click the icon again to start encoding. Another little preview window will pop up, then it’ll go away and tell you it’s done. Bat file to the micro-sd card, and i deleted the rest of the.

This is a simple and easy to use product. As you will expect at this price point the features are limited and the loading of videos etc is via a micro sd card which is included with purchase. The image quality in daylight is very good and in darker conditions even better. Overall its a great product that we are using to engage people who see it.

The media could not be loaded.  the products price was good and i was using this for an advertisement at a gasoline station. The only problem was to change the images of the device. The software was hard to understand to program a gif file. But a great product great resolution and the quality and the packaging was excellent deliver time was also a+.

The media could not be loaded.  i got the 17 inch wifi version. The picture is amazing and you can easily add any custom images/videos (family videos, character loops, banners, etc. ) to display through the app. There is a whirring sound, but i’m usually playing music so i don’t notice it at all. Since it is a fan, it helps circulate air in my room, which is nice. I don’t regret buying it at all, and it truly emits a wow factor when it comes to livening up your space. With that said, i do have three very minor gripes (because no product is perfect). I’ll start with the smallest and move to the biggest issue. First off, putting it together was simple, but the tiny screw-threading was horrible and i was scared i’d crack the blades as i tightened.

I bought another one after this.

Yeah i decided to try this out for a doctor strange cosplay. Although i don’t have the costume complete or even started past this point i did load up some files for the fan to display and it worked perfectly. This looks so good people are amazed and don’t even understand what’s happening at first. Really great product would definitely recommend.

I bought another brand and it did not work right. This unit is the best easy to use and man they will send you all the hologram video you will ever need. The softwear that comes with the unit is soooooo easy to use. Seller is great and will respond to all your emails in a timely matter. Great seller and very easy to get along with.

The media could not be loaded.  after two weeks of trying to figure this machine out and at my limit and through a series of nasty emails the company finally contacted me about my issues and concerns. Admittedly i am not a whiz with a computerand my patience is short with computer driven devices. So when the product arrived and did not work correctly i was quick to jump to the worst. But to my relief a man in there customer service department by the name delin hou was patient and knowlegeable enough to point out some small probloms that really wernt problems at all just some mis understandings on my part of a new machine it is because of him that i recomend this product because if it wernt for him this would be a whole differnt review thank you delin hou.

There is a lot of reasons i could probably download this to four or even 3. 5 stars but i got to say ultimately for the price you’re paying you are getting a lot of awesome it’s cool it’s very cool and comparatively to other things in this price range you aren’t going to get much now i do have a few complaints a the screws are slightly too big and the driver they gave you to install them they got tore up the app in the packaging doesn’t actually link and it’s not a secure android app i did get a contact with their people and they sent me a new link very quickly like within a half an hour at 9:00 at night so i’m very appreciative of that but ultimately it’s cool it’s so cool and worth every damn penny even just the default graphics that come with it as soon as you get it going you’re like all right you know what i do think i have one blown led in it but i am thoroughly satisfied and it’s totally worth every penny that i put into it and it’s cool it’s just so cool.

Very quality product, very clear bright display, if looking to buy a intro level hologram fan go with this one over more bulky (they are very loud) fans the thinness of the blades make this one whisper quiet.

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