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Assembly wasn’t that difficult, but you have to pay attention to the instructions. Sometimes photos will tell you more than text. Don’t be afraid to open the product. There are lots of screws and spacers, but that’s because you’re trying to cover any type of TV with your setup. The product is well made and great value.

I did some research and proceeded with this product. My TV is a 73′ Sony, which is slightly heavier than a regular 70′ TV. I was very skeptical of all the negative reviews from buyers of the 70′ tv who returned the product because of its robustness. I set it a bit low using the bottom part of the bracket and it doesn’t wobble and seems to hold the weight well. The rotate function works perfectly for my application. Assembly is very simple, but you will need a second hand to mount the TV to the bracket.

I’m not the most convenient person, and in most cases I’ve found this to be self-explanatory. Photography did everything for me. This isn’t a one-man job, at least in my experience when it comes to installing on a 65″. But I had no other choice, and with every goodwill grace managed to manage all of this. It looks beautiful and luxurious. When I touch it, it vibrates a little, which makes me worry. But otherwise I feel like I can definitely stand it, and I’m not interested in messing around with it. I just needed something to hold the TV higher than my setup. I’ll come back here to keep posting everyone if anything happens that needs an update.

I was surprised to see that the tilt function only tilts upwards. Not useful if you are on a table with a high mount. I don’t understand why someone would want to tilt the TV unless the TV is sitting on the floor, which most people don’t.

I have a 70 inch Samsung TV. Assembling the stand took some time, but was not difficult. When I connected the TV to the stand, I was disappointed to learn that there wasn’t enough space under the TV to accommodate my center channel speaker. Also, the TV’s weight of 70 pounds kept the TV in a tilted position. However, this stand looks sturdy enough and should work well with smaller TVs. I would choose a larger stand.

MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand –

I remember when the first flat panel TVs had a stand that was wonderfully well designed to stand the test of time. Gone are the days when you could count on large screen TVs and use them with professionally crafted, high-quality, sturdy stands. Both Samsung and Sony TVs today come with pathetic stands that feel cheap and baggy. To get a great TV stand, I had to buy two mount-up universal TV stands for 37-70″ flat-panel TVs for two 49″ Sony TVs. The TV itself is awesome. The accompanying TV stand is profound in every way. The two Sony TVs I brought come with cheap little legs that look almost designed to make an accident. I have cerebral palsy, so I’m a strong candidate for my TV to fall over in an accident when the stand is designed so badly. This TV stand is sturdy and heavy. Also, this mount-up universal TV stand, desktop TV is for 37 to 70 inch flat screen TV and doesn’t take up much desk space. This stand is almost overbuilt for my little 49″ Sony, but I like it.

I don’t understand why you listed a negative review for this item. Affordable, easy to assemble, arrived quickly and easily supports 70″ TVs. What’s more, it adds tilt and swivel capabilities you’ve never heard of at this price point. I only have it for a few days but so far I love it. Wall hangings were not an option for me.

As the headline suggests, use real tools when assembling this stand, not the trash wrench and hex wrench provided. That way you can make sure it’s better than hand-tightening when assembling. I assembled this unit a day ago, so this is my first impression. For reference, this is the 42′ lg lcd hand on this stand. First of all, quality: Since it is made in China, I am always curious about the quality of such products. This stand has a sturdy base and the steel support works well. The lag bolts spin very smoothly unless overtightened. Overtightening makes it fairly easy to recline slightly when the TV is on a stand. Again you can use a real wrench to tweak it to your liking in terms of angle adjustment. There are many height adjustments that can be made when these units are placed together. I already have the TV on a high shelf, so I chose the lowest height setting. Please note that this is not a TV that can be adjusted up and down once installed. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. That said, once you find the right height for your TV, there’s no reason to move it for the majority of people. It is easy to adjust the left and right angles and provides an angle suitable for the purpose. Does it move 45 degrees in each direction?

Here are the specifications for: MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand:

  • Enter your model number to verify that this is correct.
  • Height-Adjustable and Cable Management The desktop TV stand offers up-and-down height adjustment and 6 optional positions for different TV sizes. You can choose the perfect viewing height and save space for a good soundbar placement. Maintain a clean look with a built-in back clip system for better cable organization.
  • Rotate and Tilt for Selective Views Rotate +/ 25 allows you to watch TV in different areas, and tilt 5 prevents glare on the screen. With a single touch, the TV can be easily moved left and right for easy viewing from anywhere in the room.
  • International products are subject to separate terms, are sold overseas and may differ from local products, including fit, age rating, product language, label or instructions.

MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand –

MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand –

MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand –

MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand –

MOUNTUP Universal TV Stand –

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