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Whenever a expectant mother says her baby’s name, the polite thing to do is to smile and whisper how sweet it is. Horrible.

That said, there are always exceptions to that rule. A woman was put in a very awkward position after she discovered the strange meaning behind a name her colleague wanted to give her son.

The woman 'sounds like' the name and fears that searching online will ruin the name.


The woman ‘sounds like’ the name and fears that searching online will ruin the name.Credit: Getty

She shared her dilemma on Reddit, explaining how she and her colleagues are currently expecting a baby.

Her co-workers see them as mates, but the woman admits that she works hard given the different approaches to parenting.

She explained: “We have very different birth plans and parenting plans. That’s fine on its own, but she almost ridicules all my choices that don’t match her.

“Helicopter parents who read a lot of books about childbirth and parenting, crunchy hippie moms who want to breastfeed, etc.”

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Admitting that she “doesn’t like talking to herself,” she explained how a colleague sent her a message last week to let her know that she had finally named her baby.

She continued, “She wants to name him (I’m not kidding) Mackoneum (Meconium).

“She said she heard the doctor talk about the baby’s first moments (first poop) and she liked the sound.”

Unsure of how to respond, the woman let us know in case it had a “cool meaning”.

The prospective mom said, “She said she wouldn’t go and hated having her googling names spoiled because there’s always someone who doesn’t like it.

“I really hope that there is someone in her life to inform her but I know she is very protected.

“I don’t think that’s my place. I think I’d probably be breaking boundaries if I said it was the medical term for a baby’s first poop.”

That said, moms say it’s worth intervening for the child, especially since it’s exactly the same as a medical term.

she asked: “Should I just take care of my business? It would be fine if we were better friends, but, as stated, our relationship isn’t very friendly…”

Naturally, the majority of forum members urged the woman to tell her colleagues what the name actually meant.

One said, “You [not be the a******. And there might be a great side effect.

“It’s possible she’ll get mad enough at you to stop talking to you!”

Another added: “What do you have to lose? You don’t really like this woman and telling her might save her child a lot of bullying in the future.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “Let her family handle this one. And the medical professionals if they find out about this!”

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