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Very sturdy, easy to install, but the included screws and their labeling in the instructions are a bit misleading. Nevertheless, the mount is easy to install, a drilling template is also included, and it also holds our 55 inch television perfectly. You can turn and turn it in all possible directions, even upright, and you can easily rotate it 90 degrees to the wall, as the bracket can be extended extremely far! Clear purchase recommendation!

Assessment This is probably the most massive wall mount I’ve ever had. It is really super heavy and robust. The attachment/assembly is pretty easy. I’m super happy with it. Conclusion I can highly recommend them and I hope I was able to help you with my experience. Was that helpful?

Gone are the days of stalling and never moving anymore. Bring on the flexible television. Whether forward, backward, right, left, forward or back – no problem now thanks to the massive TV bracket! The massive TV bracket comes in a rather heavy package. But also rightly so: after all, weights up to and including 60kg should be cushioned and that with an extension of up to 100cm (!) (Leverage says hello). Everything has to be stable here, too, otherwise you’ll break more than it’s worth. Everything is included for assembly and is also clearly explained thanks to the operating instructions. After some work, the thing is standing and the TV is assembled. The entire bracket can be swivelled exceptionally smoothly, so you don’t think that there are a few kilograms of electric on it. Quality is 1A here – everything is solidly built and I can’t find any defect. Not cheap for 160 EUR, but fair in terms of functionality and quality.

It is a very stable stand, it allows you to stretch your arm up to 1 meter without losing stability, also compatible with all vesa anchors of monitors and televisions from 32 inches to 75 inches, supporting a total opening weight of 60kg perfect for an apartment with living area and kitchenette allowing a complete turn from the living area display, includes plugs and necessary hardware. It is very good quality, something expensive but very necessary to be able to rely on holding such heavy teles, important if you hang on Pladur look for the metal areas of the Pladur to withstand the weight.

The Nanook wall mount comes with everything you need for installation. The included screws and dowels are of good quality and there is no need to use your own (branded) goods. There is even a mini spirit level for alignment, whereby I have used my own (larger) model here. The assembly is well described in the enclosed illustrated operating instructions. Various screws and spacers for different TV types are also included. The Nanook makes an excellent impression in terms of quality. Velcro strips are also included for clean cable routing. We use the bracket in the bedroom where a small 43-inch TV is attached to it. The Nanook wears this without any problems. It can be pulled in or out. Even when fully undressed, the Nanook does not cause any problems. The TV hangs straight and horizontal and the mount is stable and secure. Apart from the steep price, I find nothing to criticize here. The quality is right, installation is easy and the TV is secure.

The Nanook TV wall mount is very well made. It has a high quality feel and all parts are neatly finished. Nothing looks cheaply made and the wall mount also feels very robust and stable, so it can easily carry even heavy TVs. Mounting it on the wall was no problem for me. The wall bracket hung directly on the wall and nothing jiggled around. Mounting my television was also no problem. Despite the decent weight of my TV, the wall mount swivels very well. Nothing gets hooked and yet everything still feels stable and wobble free, so I don’t have to worry about anything breaking off at some point. I can now swivel my TV very easily and also pull it out very far forward, which I personally like pretty much. Swiveling sideways also works well and the wall mount does not look like it is very heavily loaded. Personally, however, I find the price of €220 too high. As I said, the quality is great, but there are also comparable wall mounts that are significantly cheaper. The price should definitely change something again. Conclusion: I am very satisfied with the TV wall mount. It is very well made and assembly was also easy. In everyday life, the mount does its job very well and it keeps my TV safe. I only find the price too high, which is why I give 4 stars.

This is a wall mount that is suitable for flat screens between 42″-75″ with up to 60kg. The universal fit supports the most common VESA formats. The double arms of the wall mount can be swivelled 180°. However, it should be noted here that the larger the screen, the less tiltable it is, of course, limited by the wall. The assembly took me just under 20 minutes (including drilling). As described, assembly is totally simple and problem-free. With drilling template, spirit level, Fischer dowels and screws included in the scope of delivery, the bracket is fixed to the wall. The assembly instructions are very well structured and illustrated, so you don’t feel left alone here. The scope of delivery includes all required materials such as dowels and screws. However, please pay attention to what the respective wall consists of and, if necessary, use special dowels and screws for the respective wall material. Assembly by two is also much easier than alone.

The Nanook long sleeve TV wall mount is quite cost-intensive, but it is also absolutely robust and high-quality. With a little manual skill, the installation is not rocket science and if you have done everything right, it will also hold rock solid. It can hold up to 60 kg with a TV and can be extended up to one meter forward. The mount is easy to move and swivel to the position you need individually and we are satisfied with the product (except for the high price of currently €199.44).

  • It’s OK – BUT
  • Good TV bracket

Nanook 4100 Long Arm Tv Wall Mount For 42-85 Inch Screens, Extra Long Extension Up to 40 Inch, Heavy-Duty Tv Mount Holds Up to 176 Lbs, Full-Motion, Swivels Up to 180°, Max. Vesa 600×400

From the manufacturer

Nanook LONG 4100 A+
A+ Nanook LONG 4100
4100 2080 2100 2120
Nanook LONG 4100 | Extra long extension up to 100 cm Nanook LONG 2080 | Extra long extension up to 80 cm Nanook LONG 2100 | Extra long extension up to 100 cm Nanook LONG 2120 | Extra long extension up to 120 cm
Screens 42-85 inch 32-75 inch 42-75 inch 42-75 inch
Max. weight load 80 kg (176 lb) 60 kg (132 lb) 60 kg (132 lb) 40 kg (88 lb)
VESA compatibility 200×200, 200×300, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 600×200, 600×300 and 600×400 200×200, 200×300, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300 and 400×400 200×200, 200×300, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300, 400×400, 600×200, 600×300 and 600×400 200×200, 200×300, 300×300, 400×200, 400×300 and 400×400
Maximum extension length 100 cm (39,37 inch) 80 cm (31,50 inch) 100 cm (39,37 inch) 120 cm (47,24 inch)
Swivel Swivels up to 180° Swivels up to 180° Swivels up to 180° Swivels up to 180°
Tilts down 15° 15° 15° 15°
Tilts up

The product was made available to me as part of a test program. This is a TV wall mount 42-75 inches. Max 60 kg weight Vesa up to max 600 x400 Extendable up to 1 m, swivels up to 180 degrees. Perfect for large TVs It’s a top wall mount, no question about it. But the price is just as awesome, 200 euros for a TV wall mount . But qualitatively devinitively mega.

It costs a bit but is robust, versatile and functional Robust, easy to assemble. Correct displacement. I recommend it. Thank you.

Great and sturdy TV stand. I was looking for a support with a 120 cm extension for a long time and I am satisfied with the purchase at the moment. Very robust and stable. Maybe the price is a bit high even if I took advantage of a promotion that allowed me to buy it at a lower price. Recommended article

What can I say, great product, very robust, not even a game between the joints, easy to turn in every sense, I mounted it on a corner of a wall to be able to watch the TV even when I’m sitting on a sofa, it turns (in my case) 150 degrees. Placed on a reinforced concrete wall with 8 mm bars. (I wanted it), dowels supplied very important as all the accessories supplied. Possibility to hang the TV even if it does not have the classic standard size on the back as the kit is included with various attachments to make up for TVs that do not use the aforementioned measures. I am satisfied with the accuracy of the construction.

The package once you arrive home is really very heavy which is rather surprising at first glance, once the box is opened we meet quickly enough that we are entitled to quality equipment. The model I have in my possession is capable of providing an arm extension of 100 cm for a maximum weight of 60 kg, which is very decent. The bracket is suitable for televisions ranging from 42 to 75 inches. The design of this arm, strongly resembles a hinge that once folded it returns the television to its original position. Conversely, once the TV is unfolded, you will find yourself at an approximate distance of 100 cm from the wall, all of which can be rotated left or right, the same for the television, it can be rotated 90°. The support can be fixed to a brick wall, a block or a wooden formwork, the whole thing is to put the screws and the dowels adapted to the situation and the work plan. This TV stand is impeccable, it gives a real feeling of confidence and ultimately, it is very important, because it supports a television that sometimes could exceed 1000€, so it is important to buy good equipment, and I think this product is part of it, it is a big yes for me.

In order to mount our 75 inch television, we need an appropriate arm. This has a decent weight, so that you should be aware of which wall the arm should be attached to before mounting. The assembly works flawlessly. The arm can be easily assembled and attached to the wall. No special knowledge is required for this. The arm allows the TV to move flexibly. It has a 180° angle, making it possible to set the TV optimally.

The wall mount made a good impression but it was deceptive! The stated 60 kg can never be used! My TV weighs 39 kg and the arms of the wall mount sag and get twisted! The horizontal adjustment of the bracket cannot be tightened 100%, but this is a small advantage as the TV needs a different angle when folded open than when folded down! In short: much too expensive and not recommended.

All right, very good, robust and reliable product Great wall support. Excellent quality We had so far shied away from the price of such a robust TV bracket and last year at work by the father-in-law himself welded and built a swivelling bracket made of stainless steel. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity and there have also been some rework so that everything was as we wanted it to be. For this reason, I can definitely understand the price for such a long pivoting TV mount, which can also withstand 60 kg. The Nanook wall mount is really very robust and solid. Our 68-inch curved TV hangs there just as securely as on our self-made bracket, which was once again much more massive. In the end, I wouldn’t do the effort to build such a mount again just to save the money and I would clearly advise you to buy it. ► Advantages and disadvantages very massive and robust 60kg load capacity TV does not hang through even when swung out Price ️ Conclusion The bracket definitely convinced us. After buying the TV and the idea of mounting it on the wall, I was not yet convinced whether it was really going well. Our do-it-yourself construction was already very good and satisfactory, but there was still a need for optimization at one point or another. The Nanook mount has no discernible weaknesses and the TV hangs securely, straight and can now be easily pivoted in both directions. The investment is definitely worth it. Buy recommendation? — I hope my review was useful and was able to help with the purchase decision? Thank you very much!

  • It’s OK – BUT
  • Good TV bracket

Nanook 4100 Long Arm Tv Wall Mount For 42-85 Inch Screens, Extra Long Extension Up to 40 Inch, Heavy-Duty Tv Mount Holds Up to 176 Lbs, Full-Motion, Swivels Up to 180°, Max. Vesa 600×400

According to its description Wall bracket for large TV, easy to mount, easy to attach to the wall, allows you to rotate the TV as desired, up to 60 kg of load support

really a good product, resistant and easy to assemble Outstanding product that is sturdy, easy to assemble, well worth the cost.

The extendable and adjustable TV wall mount can be swivelled, tilted and extended. What struck me immediately, the wall mount has a great stability and a very good workmanship. Dowels are included in the scope of delivery for installation. The double-arm construction also ensures safety and a high load capacity. The wall mount covers several standards at the same time, as it is equipped with multiple hole spacings. What I really like the wall mount allows us to choose the desired height individually, which was not possible before. With the TV wall mount, we were able to save a lot of space and use it for other beautiful decorative elements. Please always remember that the load-bearing capacity of the wall must always be ensured before installation. In addition, there should be no electrical wiring or pipes behind the wall. “We are satisfied.” What we could complain about is that the wall mount is a bit stiff, but it can be done without tearing down the TV.

Excellent bracket but certainly not cheap, I strongly advise against using the supplied dowels, (unless installed on a solid wall), I used 10×50 fischer duopower dowels, 5 in the upper part and 3 in the lower part on a semi-solid brick wall, otherwise excellent product.

This wall mount is designed for TVs up to 75 inches, very useful to save space in the room where we want to install it. It is a mobile stand, we can separate it from the wall up to one meter, making it a great choice for large living rooms or even outdoor areas where we place the TV while enjoying a barbecue or a family meal. Support up to 60 kilos, so I don’t recommend using it on TVs over 75 inches, safety first and foremost. It includes everything you need to leave it properly placed on the wall, even for solid concrete walls. It is easy to connect, although before attaching the TV, I recommend checking that the connectors are not very close to the bracket, as it could hinder its placement a bit. In my case we have put it in our living room and it allows us to turn it when we are with the family in the dining room, I recommend it.

Half an hour’s work. It took me longer to calculate the right height to mount it on the wall than to drill the holes. I replaced the mounting dowels with other ones from Fischer that are more suitable for the load and the tuff substrate. Good mounting equipment and very robust. A really good buy.

Very stable, perfect for extending/pivoting! the screws are too weak to prevent the TV from twisting. The TV can be rotated despite the strong tightening of the screws. I fitted a small sheet of metal myself – now nothing happens anymore

highly recommended, great mount with plenty of room to move. My TV 55″ 30Kg is now looking around the corner into the kitchen :-). Very sturdy, there are many mounting holes, but only a few screws and dowels for wall mounting, so not all mounting options can be used. There is no lock for the horizontal if you don’t want to rotate the device. Or you can offer it in 2 versions rotatable on upright or even star. It would also be helpful to lock it into the state in which it is folded against the wall (small resilient metal ball, for example) so that it does not attempt to unfold independently due to the weight. In addition, the turning mechanism cannot be attached at will and cannot be changed, because then the mounting slots are the wrong way round and it is no longer possible to hang the television correctly because the weight hangs in the mounting hole of the screw and does not slip into the holding area as usual, because it is then down :-(. All in all, it takes 2 people for the heavy television to hang it up and attach it there.

I was looking for a TV stand with a very long arm to bring the television closer to the sofa, and I opted for this Nanook product driven by the positive reviews. As soon as I arrived, I immediately noticed the quality of the materials: the whole support looks extremely well-groomed and robust, with a matte black finish that is also pleasing to the eye. Not only that, the assembly instructions are also very clear, and the screws are even divided into small sachets to separate the different types, a sign of great attention to detail. Mounting the support was simple, the same procedure as a very common support. Once mounted, despite the extreme length of the arm (a good 120 cm in my case), the whole system is very stable and relatively easy to move. I’m using it to hang a 50-inch TV by about 15 kilos, and the arm doesn’t seem to show the slightest deflection, and the movement doesn’t make any strange noises. The price includes three removable cable ducts and three Velcro straps for cable management, very practical. I mounted it today, so I can’t guarantee durability, but as far as I’ve been able to see so far, if properly fixed on a wall capable of withstanding heavy loads, it shouldn’t have I’m having trouble supporting my TV. It probably even really manages to hold 40kg TVs, as stated by the manufacturer, but if you really want to use it to mount such heavy televisions, make sure that the wall holds: it’s much more likely to give way to the wall first than the arm. This article costs a lot, my version has cost a whopping €230, almost half of the TV that is connected to us, but I am completely satisfied, I think it is an adequate price for this type of product. I hope Nanook continues to produce quality items like this, really rare to find in less-than-famous brands.

Nanook 4100 Long Arm Tv Wall Mount For 42-85 Inch Screens :         It’s OK – BUT

Where should the television go best? I often don’t know and have taken an example of Grandpa’s wall bracket, which he uses in a caravan. I think this principle is really good and was now able to imagine it in large size. In my opinion, this is not only a bracket, but also a rather flexible frame if you want to “change” your television without obligation or want to execute the position as you might need it right now. ” The wall bracket “ I received the model up to 60 kg, which in itself is quite enough if you want to change the positions of the TV with it. It comes with simple instructions, dowels, screws and of course the bracket itself, which is damn heavy before you can install it. Here you should also be prepared for something when you receive the package. Not only can you use it to push the box forward, but also sideways so that you can cover a much larger area. The wall mount itself is very robust and allows the TV to “slide” easily and smoothly. I don’t know how far, but the arm can safely pull out a good one meter. The whole module can be moved to about 180°. ” Conclusion “ Sturdy wall bracket with easy installation and simple operation, but at a hefty price and I don’t know if you want to dig so deep in your pocket if you “only” have your flicker box on the wall and can turn it back and forth a bit with it. Otherwise, I can’t complain about the quality and ease of installation and operation.

In a nutshell, the long sleeve TV wall mount set is incredibly massive and heavy and not even built on the fast. Once you have what I think is the most difficult part of the set-up, you can only be amazed after the TV has been mounted on the frame. What an upgrade!!! However, I feel the RRP is quite high

So, i fitted this quite a few months ago and can now offer a glimpse into the future for you. Pro’s:pretty sturdy and i personally think the ability to rotate the tv is an absolute must. I believe that any of these long-reach brackets will sag to some extent when extended and the ability to tilt the screen avoids that niggle you will experience when your screen isn’t level when viewing. Con’s:only one – its not really as robust as it looks. My tv is well within the weight capacity but the first swivelling section (the one that attaches to the wall plate) has now developed a permanent droop that prevents the tv from being stowed as flat as it should be against the wall as the bolts now foul on the bottom of the frame. It’s only 5mm, but enough to cause a problem and can’t be adjusted. In conclusion, it does do what i needed it to do but i do think the design should include a diagonal brace on this first section.

The mount is very well made and also looks really solid. A template for drawing in the drill holes, instructions and mounting material are available. Assembly is done without much effort due to the template. With my old bracket, I had to remove the mounting plate to properly mark the holes, it’s very easy here. Align the template, attach it with adhesive tape or similar and you can easily draw everything in. dowels, screws, etc., everything was there. Of course, you may have to use special dowels during installation, depending on the wall properties you have. I myself have been relying on Fischer’s own dowels for years. I was a bit disappointed with the cable routing. Internal cable routing is a must at this price. It just looks neat and I’ve been using it for years without any problems. Hanging the TV on the other hand was no problem. Aligning the TV is also very easy and can also be secured so that it is no longer always crooked. Thanks to the long extension, it is possible to rotate it in different directions, in my case towards the dining table, even with large TVs. This is very smooth. At this price, an internal cable routing would be a must for me. Without that, the mount is far too expensive in my opinion.

Great arm with a great extension, very robust. The supplied mounting kit is very well supplied, there is everything you need for fixing various TV models, including template and wall plugs. Used for a 55-inch, full extension arm shows no signs of flexibility, fluid and not at all difficult movement. Excellent adjustments, it also allows the 180° rotation of the TV. A great buy even if not particularly cheap.

I was looking for a TV mount that is fully movable, as I stay in various places in my living and kitchen room while watching TV. With the help of Nanook’s wall mount, you can rotate and tilt the TV in all possible directions, and since you can extend the long-arm bracket wide, the monitor can also be rotated 90 degrees to the wall. I did not test the specified size of a maximum of 75 inches because my TV is smaller. In any case, you should make sure that the holder is anchored correctly. Instructions are included. Otherwise, the holder is sturdy and robust.

Only stand I found with such a long arm to open the screen. It is very important to have it well riveted because it does a lot of leverage at this distance. It moves very smoothly, it is not necessary to force it to move it.

In our new building, we decided to hang the TV on the wall because it simply looks nicer and the special wall bracket here makes it even easier to tilt the TV. The mount here supports up to 60 kilograms, which is more than enough for our TV. In addition to the bracket, the scope of delivery also includes instructions, dowels and screws. The bracket is solidly built and therefore it has a decent weight. Mounted, the mount is simply ingenious, the TV can be easily given as a gift and you can pull it closer. Just perfect for our living/dining room and we don’t want to miss out on this great bracket anymore. Conclusion: A very stable and great wall bracket that comes with all the important mounting materials. Everything fits so far very well here, only the price of €200 unfortunately has something to offer.

Is the supplied Nanook 2100 long sleeve TV mount for 42 to 75 inch TVs with an extra long extension of up to 100 cm possible. It is an extra strong and fully mobile TV mount, it can be loaded up to 60 kg and has a very large swivel range of up to 180° and a maximum VESA standard of 600×400 mm for the TVs. Installation is relatively simple, but it is only possible if the wall is also correspondingly firm; only a pre-wall installation on a simple plaster wall is impossible due to the weight. Of course, hanging our 65 inch TV was only possible with 2 strong men, but it was worth the effort. The TV can be filmed in a wide range, moving it out to 1 meter is not necessary, but it is better to have this option, as you never know what else will happen. The holder is very stable, as there is no tilting or lateral tilting, as with the much thinner sheet metal holders, a compartment top. The price is not entirely without it, but quality is there and this part stays on the wall forever.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • LONGER and STRONGER – Extra long full motion TV wall mount with a truly impressive reach and excellent robustness. Compared to conventional TV mounts it gives you so much more freedom to position your TV, both when in use, as well as when stored against the wall.
  • ENJOY FLEXIBLE VIEWING – Packs an impressive extension range of up to 40 inches and features multiple pivot points. This results in total freedom to move, swivel, tilt and rotate your screen. Find the perfect viewing angle every single time
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT – Compatible with most television brands and sizes ranging from 42 to 85 inches. Thanks to the huge extension you can even position your large TV perpendicular to the wall
  • THE NO WORRIES MOUNT – Comes with clear instructions and drilling template, as well as the required mounting materials for the wall (studs and brick/concrete) and the TV. It can carry a weight load of up to 176 lbs and we back it up with a 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • EXTRA HEAVY DUTY QUADRUPLE ARM VERSION – This version of the Nanook Long Arm Series adds 2 additional arms for the ultimate in strength and stability

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