Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

An active memo calling for a group of residents to stop playing music was shared.

Signs were posted on the building’s communal bulletin board regarding noise levels from one of the apartments.

The memo instructed Unit 22 to stop the music.


The memo instructed Unit 22 to stop the music.Credit: Reddit

The memo said, “Stop your music in Lesson 22. We need a quiet environment to work or live in.”

It turns out that two other people agreed with the note taker.

They praised “good job” and “good job”.

A poster posted on Reddit read, “Sign on the bulletin board in my building.

A neighbor stabbed her husband to death... To me, he is the monster next door.
The fence collapsed and the neighbor refused to pay half.  What are my rights?

“But you can make whatever sounds you like? The real problem is that these days apartments are made of paper and soundproofing is scarce.”

This post got a lot of response from a lot of people with different opinions on the note.

Most people thought the note wasn’t very friendly and the tenants had a right to make a fuss.

One said: “Ha ha ha, that’s a big public outcry! The way sound is delivered is often a building issue in part besides living in a shared space, but whether or not it’s acceptable depends on the rules for the sound and “quiet enjoyment”. Depends on “rent.”

Most read in Scottish Sun

Someone else directed the original poster (OP) to write a reply “Use adult manners and talk to your neighbours.”

Another person said, “Technically, they can make any noise you want outside of a significant amount of time, but a decent person with a general curiosity won’t do that.”

Another said the loud music had broken relationships with neighbors.

They wrote: “I hate a neighbor who plays loud music. Why does it seep into the house next door? Is it because someone can’t respect it? Especially for long periods of time.”

In another dispute, word of mouth went on for a “geek” neighbor’s effort to keep visitors away from busy vacation rentals.

The man used paper towels hung from large A-frames to set up road blocks on the street, warning potential Airbnb guests to return.

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