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Over the past year, attacks on LGBTQ people, especially trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and double-minded individuals, have been increasing in legislative bills across the country. Oklahoma has been one of the most volatile states in the attacks, ranging from banning trans babies in sports and the state’s primarily banning abortions to passing bills that would allow students to pass on to their parents. And if they will reveal their identities to the school counselors. Oklahoma legislative violence against bizarre people continues with each week of the 2022 legislature.

Although I have lived in California for a long time, flying between Los Angeles and New York City as a child actor, I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is why the Govt. The legislature has raised me. Watch List and now, the state’s attacks on the LGBTQ people have directly affected me as an extraordinary person.

Learning about organizations like Freedom Oklahoma, a statewide LGBTQ advocacy organization that tracks state bills and provides public education in the legislature, provided me with a connection in which I look at Oklahoma’s work. Was able to keep While the news focuses on other major states like Texas and Florida, a lot of the reporting about Oklahoma comes after the bill was passed in the State House and goes to the state table. At the moment, it’s usually too late. So I started using the Bill Tracker database that Nicole McAfee, executive director of Freedom Oklahoma, compiles during weekly legislative sessions, when my heart stops reading about the SB 1100.

The SB-1100 bans third-party markings (alias, X) on birth certificates and refuses to modify birth certificates, thus exposing Oklahoma’s trans, non-binary, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming communities. Erases As it made its way through the committees and quickly began the legislative process, it was largely ignored by the national news agencies. Only trans and non-binary people seemed to be talking about it, including Oklahoma State Representative Maury Turner, the country’s first non-binary state legislator and one of the few non-binary people in American politics.

Roe has fallen in Texas, and this is just the beginning.

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As soon as I added the points and realized that I would be directly affected by this bill because I would never be able to match my birth certificate to my personality, I panicked. How will this affect my passport change? What if I have to provide my California driver’s license and my Oklahoma Birth Certificate every time I book a job and they don’t match?

This has been a truly terrifying and stressful time for Oklahoma’s all-sex community. But in trying to sound the alarm and build strength against the SB 1100, I encountered a virtual silence outside of the strange and trans people who knew what the danger was.

While I’ve been out publicly as a non-binary since 2018 and he and he use the pronoun (basically he used, but he was fine here and there), the epidemic, my dad in August 2020 The sudden death of, and as a result of this trauma, I re-examine my identity and relationship as gender expands. I felt like I was holding on to ideas of sex that didn’t serve me – and hadn’t served me for a long time. I was just gripped by the fear of professional reaction (of which I had already experienced a career reaction that is publicly emerging as a form of bisexual and non-binary). In fact, life is so short that you can’t actually live as you really are, and in my youth, I was not given the words and resources to find and discover my identity.

With the incredible support of my colleagues, my representatives, and my network of friends, I let go of that conscience and now only he / she uses it, and I began to consider caring for gender authentication, which I also include the process of changing my documents to reflect my personality. In California, the ability to self-report gender changes is a recent development. Prior to self-report, a doctor or physician had to sign a change of gender mark for a driver’s license. California is also one of the handful of states that allow gender reassignment on both birth certificates and driver’s licenses or state IDs. The day I marched to DMV to change my gender on my driving license when getting my real California ID was one of the best days of my life, and getting my brand new ID with “X” in the mail There was a day. I was full of ugly crying and it was as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

Then I discovered that the opposite would happen in Oklahoma.

Although I now consider myself a native of California, I still have a strong connection to Oklahoma. My parents both live there, and while they were alive, my father was a well-known lawyer in the state. He was once named “Oklahoma’s Terrible Attorney” for his work in workers’ compensation and corruption, as well as for his work as a multi-state arbitrator, and even for his class actions against pedicure screws and gun makers. Published for his work on the back. I’ve always watched Oklahoma politics because when people want to write it as a “red” state, in fact, the state has progressive pockets that want a better society, and in those pockets are incredible organizers and the community. Are in favor of making

While the Biden administration announced on March 31 – Trans-Day of Visibility – that people would soon be able to apply for the X-marker on their passports without medical documentation, there was little relief. That same week, SB 1100 passed the Oklahoma House Committee, and then in late April, Stitt signed it into law. Turner Tweeted, “Have you ever voted your colleagues on your personal documents, which will ultimately affect how you appear, in front of your eyes and you are not told anything about it?” ? ” It was a gut punch.

Shortly after Stitt signed into law SB 1100, the Oklahoma Legislature passed the country’s strictest abortion ban, which Stitt signed about two weeks ago. While people are incredibly binary and sex when it comes to reproductive rights, access to abortion is life-saving health care for all, and with SB 1100, eliminating gender diversity Those who have a uterus are incredibly harmful and cause mental dryness.

But one thing I do know about Oklahomans is that we are flexible, especially the weird, trans, and sexually explicit Oklahomans. We know we are fighting a difficult battle, but we have people with us. Oklahoma is most likely to face lawsuits for discrimination against trans and non-binary individuals, including a ban on transports, a ban on gender change, and other bills attacking trans youth and gender verification care. Will have to face. We will continue to build strength against them. We just need people who say they are allies to be attentive and present to work.

This is not a “difficult voting” situation – Oklahoma has some wild disinfection and voter suppression tactics. This is a situation of organizing the community, and power can be built anywhere, even from 1,500 miles away. In addition to Texas and Florida, keep an eye on Oklahoma and other states. At some point, legislation that attacks trans people, such as the shocking ban on gender verification care for trans youth in Alabama, will pop up, and we need to collectively call on our communities to stop these attacks. Power is needed.

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