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Very satisfied milk as well as protein shake always very creamy just like in gym Amazon as always very fast delivery

The device is great. I bought it for protein shakes, and the shakes are really like in the gym. fluffy, smooth, just great. The only drawback of this device is that you can not remove the whisk bar for cleaning. As a result, cleaning is a bit cumbersome. I would buy this drink mixer over and over again, even if it’s not exactly cheap.

However did not include the eu to uk adaptor. So had to waste another 10 quid on that.

I bought this milkshaker after my Kenwood gave up the ghost twice in a year and the customer service was far from friendly. This one works reliably and has a quite pleasant volume in its two speeds. What I particularly like is the front open base, so that when removing the mixing cup, the device is not sloppy. That was awfully solved with Kenwood. The insertion and removal of the cup is very easy. For me a purchase recommendation.

Bought this for mixing flavours into milkshakes and slush in my ice-cream van. Was fed up buying cheap blenders that would. Last a season and then burn out. Motor seems decent but does not mix as well as some of its cheaper alternatives. Very easy to clean though and will hopefully last a few seasons more.

Before I bought the device, I read all the recessions. What has been described positively is all right. Optically OK, stability super, noise no problem – the other kitchen appliances make my wife more noise. A set of turntable spare parts was included, which surprised me positively. Which would have been good if a small collection container had been supplied at the foot. So now there is a small cup underneath – look not quite as matching up, but if I find something suitable I buy it. Now for creaminess a milkshakes – and only for that I bought the blender and only that I judge. So at the beginning I was disappointed because my shaker delivered almost the same liquid results. Then I drove down the amount of milk and see because the result is SUPER. 200ml low-fat milk and 3 good measuring spoons of protein. Top Top Top! Now I’m going to hit the optimal amount. Also the seller has responded within 24 hours, which I catch well, even if the answer was more an evasive & #34; If and But & #34;. Amazon’s answers also showed me that I’m staying with Amazon because I’m in good hands. The whole logistic/invoicing process is absolutely error-free and this has been for years. Therefore, I can only recommend the device for the purpose I used in domestic use. Devices with lower wattage and therefore cheaper, I have not tested. Sometimes you have to invest and then have years of rest. I hope that is true of course. Does not mean that device has been worth it to me, hence also the 5 stars.

Unfortunately, this mixer left the shakes still liquid. It didn’t work. Tried everything. Still looks very classy and is very high quality in workmanship. Still too bad I wouldn’t buy it anymore.

When unpacking, I was very pleased at the first moment, the part makes a very stable and high-quality impression. But then. On. only at level 1 the device works. at level 2 it doesn’t work at all. it doesn’t respond at all. So you can’t expect a long service life. Expected for this money better quality. In addition, a few unbroken sharp edges on which I have cut and bled badly

  • very solid machine happy with
  • Good But Incomplete
  • good quality

Oneconcept Dm-B – Drink Mixer, Drink Blender, Mini Stand Mixer, Milkshake Maker, 400 Watts, Up to 16,000 Revolutions Per Minute, 650 Ml Capacity, Stainless Steel Mixer, Cup Holder, Silver

Powerful drinks mixer in a high quality metal design. For smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes, sauces and puree. Stable thanks to suction cup feet. The oneConcept Drink Mixer is an attractive bartender and a passionate drink creator but also a versatile tool in your hand. With its stirring bar, this mixer is the ideal partner when it comes to preparing smoothies, cocktails and milkshakes. Users can set the generous stainless steel container into the provided holder and enjoy maximum creaminess after the mixing process is complete. Even sauces and purees are made eady. The bartender uses its two-speed ball-bearing motor as a multifunctional kitchen tool. Welcome in any situation is the striking look of the bartender, with its heavy metal and brushed finish design. The suction cup feet solidify the professional impression: they guarantee stability, even at high speeds! • Ball bearing motor• Two speeds (1000 and 1500 revolutions per minute)• Suction cups for stability• On/off switch on the device• Power supply: 220-240V, 50/60Hz • 1 x device• 1 x Shaker• English manual (other languages: German)• 1 EU to UK Plug adapter(s) included • 20 x 49.5 x 22.5 cm (WxHxD)• Weight: 3.5 kg1 EU to UK Plug adapter(s) included • 20 x 49.5 x 22.5 cm (WxHxD)• Weight: 3.5 kg

Awesome!!! Mix 1 minute to 2 and the shake is like cream Looks nice. That’s it, too. Not recommended for protein shake, because of which the powder adheres to the edge, whichever is first put into it.

I was clear a reasonable blender you do not get for 30 euros. With this blender we bought a product that will surely give us pleasure for years. He’s not loud and mixes excellent shakes. It is sturdy and also heavy, so it can’t tilt easily. I can only recommend!!!

I am delighted with the product! I once had a cheaper variant this one was extremely loud. This product here, on the other hand, delivers a great performance and is also very quiet. I would recommend it to anyone. Use the device mainly for creamy protein shakes and the result is easy to convince!

I’m completely satisfied. I was looking for a blender to make protein drinks creamy. The one can do that!! My protein yokebe and s.w. drinks are like in the studio. The cup is large enough to make a 450 ml drink from a 300ml soymilk + protein powder. Finally found what I’ve been looking for so long. Full recommendation.

The machine conjures protein shakes like in the gym! With 300ml of milk and 25g protein powder, this worked right off the bat. It is quick to clean and is now not so annoying by the sounds. The sound of a mixer is normal. Priced, of course, in the higher segment, but you notice that it is high-quality processed. However, I discovered them cheaper. That’s why the minus.

Was noisy, engine was not nicely stored, cup was rough inside, through two discs it was nich nice to clean. I sent him back.

I was donated a protein shake in the studio the other day because I helped the servicemaker, I have to say so far I thought the handshaker would be good to use, but because of the shake from the studio was so creamy that I got jealous right away and had to order a stand mixer. The blender isn’t cheap now, but it’s worth its money. The shakes get so creamy that’s absolutely no comparison to the handshaker. The processing of the machine is good and a spare knife is included, unfortunately, the knife is not easy to remove for cleaning. For cleaning, I can recommend leaking the stirrer in the empty part of the cup so that the residues largely detach from the stirrer thanks to the centrifugal force. I can’t understand the reviews about the noise level, of course there are sounds, but they are also not louder than with hand blenders, for example. Also not so great is the fact that the cup has no measuring lines. For preparation I can say the recommendation of the protein shakes are usually formulated in such a way that the shake also succeeds in the handshaker to achieve a good creaminess, I use twice the amount of powder, clearly it also works according to the manufacturer’s specifications, but so the shake is too thin for me. Just try and touch the right amount.

Best Mixer Have tried a lot, this blender makes protin shakes like in the studio. Super creamy and frothy. Great device. Could not wish me better for the preparation of the egg whites shake.

  • very solid machine happy with
  • Good But Incomplete
  • good quality

Oneconcept Dm-B – Drink Mixer, Drink Blender, Mini Stand Mixer, Milkshake Maker, 400 Watts, Up to 16,000 Revolutions Per Minute, 650 Ml Capacity, Stainless Steel Mixer, Cup Holder, Silver

I took it to make ice cream frappe. not bad, but the maximum speed is not that powerful. For example, protein shakes like in the gym (so tight) highly recommended!

The shakes taste like in the studio. It’s really worthwhile to pick up such a blender, if you often drink shakes.

My daily egg shakes can be prepared awesome with this super device. I got this device for my protein shakes. I am very satisfied and taste even better than in the gym.

Very nice and heavy shake mixer with great appearance. However, I haven’t quite figured out the trick with protein shakes yet. Unfortunately, some of the powder always sticks to the bottom with the edges, even if I prepare the shakes from level 2. When I put the liquid in first and then the powder, some of the powder usually sticks to the top edge. Can also be on the powder or milk. In any case, I haven’t managed to mix a shake with no residue on the edge yet. Otherwise, a spicy looking device that already makes a good impression by its weight. Volume goes like this, is definitely quieter than a classic mixer.

I am super satisfied with the quality. The volume is pleasant. Just a pity that the stainless steel cup has no ml display and a matching drip tray would have been great

I bought the drink mixer on Sept. 4, 2020 and have been using it every day since then (over 14 months). The delivery was quick and uncomplicated, typical of prime. Flawlessly packaged. The device still performs great. I mainly use it for protein shakes, and it gets them super creamy. However, the quality of the ingredients used also plays a certain role here. It would have been nice to be able to remove the blender for cleaning. But it’s not complicated like that either. If this massive device breaks down at some point, it will be the same again.

The processing is quite good, as far as I can tell, but the fact that you can not detach the stirrer from the device after use, I consider to be unhygienic. As a second point of lack, I must say that you can make the cup half-full at the maximum, otherwise it will foam over. Unfortunately not to use for my use at all.

Delivery fast and safe, device was super well packaged.from use also not very loud. It is best to clean the mixing rod with the stainless steel cup with half full of water.Shackes will be nice creamy and airy. Suitable for egg white shackes.

The shipping super fast, the goods as expected very stable, good workmanship, the only thing that is not so comfortable is that you can not remove the stirring rod to clean you have to stop with the rag above that bothers us but little because of us all 5 stars.

OneConcept Dm-B – Drink Mixer :         Good But Incomplete

I waited a long time until the price of the shaker fell a little. For a long time this stood at just under 140 euros. At the current now 119 euros I have struck. I was looking for a blender for protein shakes that are thicker in consistency than many conventional shakes. From experience I know that many cheaper models are very noisy for less than 40 euros, 2. with the protein powder often do not cope (lumps without end), 3. from the processing often look cheap. For me it was clear that if, then immediately invest the money in something decent, where you have something for a long time. However, I have to say that I was also disappointed that I could not find a qualitative mediocre between 50-120 euros. So my decision was made for the OneConcept. He arrived today, and I can only say: he’s worth every penny. High-quality workmanship, as quiet as this class of equipment is possible and the result of protein shakes is now really the way you know it from gyms. Also with me there were a few small lumps the first time, but just mix a few seconds longer, already that fits. I’m glad that I invested the money. Especially if you want to lose weight, you should buy equipment that also provides quality and is fun. This all helps not to lose the desire for the matter.

Good quality, no matter with water or milk makes the shake creamy and fluffy. Level one is more than enough for everything. I am super satisfied with a purchase recommendation. Full stainless steel and easy to clean.

A really good and powerful mixer. Makes great protein shakes Unfortunately a little expensive. I am totally satisfied, the device is quiet, the shakes are really creamy as in the studio. Just great, I’d buy that again.

In contrast to Amazon, shipping took longer than usual! I’m not happy with the blender though, the protein powder sometimes sticks to the cup! The returns I have requested have not been processed by the sender for over 3 days! What’s that supposed to do? So better stay away from the provider!

Very strong, even for my protein shakes!! Can only recommend! Super service On the part of the seller, I can attach to the device, the shakes become as fluffy and loose as in the gym – clear purchase recommendation

Sent back immediately. Can not understand the positive comments at all. We tried, but with our 30 Euro mixer from Klarstein the shakes get better. Not talking about the gym. No 10 euro worth.

Honestly, don’t understand the sometimes bad reviews. Not too loud for a spindle mixer. The gyms aren’t quieter either. Great performance, it beats wonderfully creamy shakes right away! I’m absolutely satisfied. Top device!

Blender actually not bad. Stands stable, I also find the noise level okay, my hand mixer is much louder in comparison. Unfortunately, you can’t make smoothies with the blender, as it says in the description; that was the reason for the return. If you just want to make simple shakes, I can recommend the device. Contact with customer service was satisfactory.

I wavered whether I buy a cheap one first or buy the one here for 100€ directly. I only use it for protein shakes (vegan powder) and they get super creamy, just like in the gym. For whom – like me – lots of lumps get stuck in the cup on the first try: First add a fraction of the liquid to the powder and stir it with a whisk or something similar (I used a Japanese chopstick because I just had nothing else), then put it in the shaker as normal 🙂

Features and Spesification

  • POWERFUL: The drink mixer is powered by 400 watts to rotate up to 16,000 revolutions per minute. This allows you to whip cream or egg whites until stiff in the shortest possible time. Whey, protein shakes and cocoa beverages can also be prepared quickly.
  • INTUITIVE: The oneConcept DM-B bar mixer features two different speed levels, which can reach 8000 and 16000 revolutions per minute, respectively. This optional connection of further performance simplifies the creation of delicious beverages.
  • SAFETY: The drink mixer has a glass trough to centre the mixing jug for added safety. The device is protected against overheating by a protective circuit. It features slip-resistant suction cup feet that ensure a safe stance during operations.
  • EYE-CATCHER: The milkshake maker comes in a stylish design housing with a silver metallic finish and a practical cup holder. Without wasting unnecessary space, the drink mixer complements your kitchen decor while acting as a practical assistant.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.

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