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I had been looking to get a projector for a while. I am one of the few people who still enjoyed 3d at home, and projectors are pretty much the only way you can get that. I didn’t want a ‘cheapo’ and i didn’t have the money to drop for one of the extreme ones, this one came in right where i needed. This is also a true 4k picture, whereas many of those out there take 4k input, but don’t display 4k, only 1080p. The 3d is only 1080, but that is a limitation of the format, not the device. A few things i did not know to look for, but would seek out. – blutooth connectivity for sound. I had to buy a blutooth transmitter to go to my blutooth soundbar. This was a necessary thing as the sound settings built into this projector are horrible. At its lowest setting it was still too loud when playing games.

Easy setup, great picture quality, definitely need aftermarket speakers but thats a given with any projector.

I’m upgrading from a 1080 benq. I was expecting some improvement of course but i was very surprised with the quality of this 4k uhd projector. I had to upgrade my cable and i got a really good 15ft hdmi uhd 4k. It connected immediately and recognized the new cable and whala, 4k.It works great with win10 and all my icons and text where automatically enlarged to suit the new 3840×2160 resolution. The picture quality is superb, especially with 4k videos. They are so sharp and detailed and the colors are beautiful. It’s definitely worth the price for what you’re getting. Very happy with my purchase, thank you. I just hope it stands the test of time.

Originally had the optoma hd131xe, the bulb somehow managed to last roughly 10 years of use. Fairly sure the projector still works, but decided to to upgrade instead of replace the bulb. Couldn’t be happier with the uhd30, using it as my main screen for tv, movies and gaming. Use it in broad daylight with no issues, though the darkest of scenes can be difficult to make out details. May be improved with the dynamic black on, which does look good, but have left mine off due to it causing the projector to run a bit harder and the fan a bit louder. Image is otherwise great, with 4k and hdr looking even better. Only had one small issue from using hdmi for video and an optical cable for audio. The sound would only come out if the projector unless the internal speaker was muted. However, when muted, an icon is displayed in the top right corner showing it is muted, and does not go away. Discovered a work around was plugging a normal 3.

The picture is simply beautiful on my 100′ screenmy previous projector was a casio 1080p 3000 lumens laser. The dynamic black mode (optomas most economic lamp mode) is brighter than the casio full brightness mode and brighter than the optoma’s eco mode which is middle of the three brightness modes. The casio had a strong rainbow effect from the color wheel, i haven’t seen any rainbow effect on the optoma. The 4k picture is amazing plus the upscaling of lower resolutions is spot on.They say that it doesn’t have lens shift but it is in the menu and appears to work. My projector is one foot off of dead center and the lens shift fixed it fairly well, not perfect but good. Also by playing with the optical zoom and focus you can place the projector a nearly a foot further back than what the specs claim which is what i did. The 3d feature for me is absolutely great because the only time that i see 3d is with 3d movies (i have a lazy eye that only works when it’s forced to work and the 3d glasses do just that). The first 3d movie that we watched was avitar and it was awesome.I even got a wee bit of vertigo watching them running from floating rock to rock.

Optoma Uhd30 True 4k Uhd Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time –

Very happy with this projector while it worked, but the bulb that came with it died in less than 4 months of normal use. Be aware that optoma only offers 90-day warranty on their bulbs, and even if yours dies at 100 days (like mine did) they won’t do anything about it except charge you another $250 for a new bulb (which itself only has another 90 days of warranty). Be sure to include in your calculations the cost and risk of having to buy a spare bulb to keep around and expect that it could die at any moment for no reason, possibly every 4 months, and that optoma support thinks this is totally fine and normal for you to live with as their customer.

Pros:-crystal clear at 4k, even 1080p (at 150′ projection)-easy to setup, for the most part-very brightcons:-optical passthrough does stereo pcm only. This is the reason i dinged 1 star, as i was counting on this for my surround sound-mounting holes are a bit to close for my universal mount. I made it work but its not hanging at its center of gravity. Also needed to buy longer screws because the ones that came with the mount were too short-center of gravity is not in the middle of the mounting holes, its a couple inches backother thoughts:-no auto focus, manual focus is easy enough but can squeeze out that much more clarity with autofocus-‘mechanical 4k’, so i read about this in the manual. This dlp chip doesn’t actually have 4k pixels, only 1080p. The way it accomplishes 4k is by its fast 240hz refresh rate and ‘shifting’ the pixels between refreshes using a mechanical actuator. This would result in the pixels slightly overlapping and would also reduce brightness. Anyway, it looked bright and clear enough when i used it, though i could only test at 30hz as i don’t have a 60hz source.

Beautiful picture, easy to setup. One snag is that if you’re using the optical out for audio, that you need to have the internal speaker ‘on’ for the audio to work and to avoid having an annoying graphic on the top right of the screen that indicates the internal speaker is off on the projector. People who buy a 4k projector probably aren’t using the projector’s internal speaker. Turning off the internal speaker shouldn’t cause it to continually display a graphic that shows an ‘x’ over the projector and a speaker symbol. You can avoid this graphic by leaving the internal speaker on and turning the volume all the way down to 0. However, the optical output’s volume is also 0, so if you’re using that for your audio, you would have no sound.

So first off this projector is not as bad as most are putting it i assume most of the bad reviews are out of the box settings reviews. I own a lg c9 oled so it’s hard for me to judge pictures cause i’m so used to the oled but this projector is good for me and the price. The two different color sides or the line down the center as people are putting it is an issues with different source devices and hdmi cables. My apple tv and xbox have had issues with this but my shield pro has not had any issues at all i am replacing with a better hdmi. If you run into this issue just turn the source device off and back on it has worked for me. You also need to adjust the settings to your liking as well. I’ll include some photos i took when i got it looking better this is not professionally calibrated and i’m not the best photographer its just me messing with settings. The screen is a $40 dollar 150′ i got off amazon so not top quality. Game lag i use on 4k not enhanced and it’s amazing so far. One last thing if you have projector issues seek a replacement cause could be you just got a bad one.

The projector has a great picture quality, very quiet while ceiling mounted 4 feet above our headsbrightness is good enough to watch on a 1x gain screen with every lighting except direct sunlight on the screen(can’t think of any projector that would outshine the sun. The zoom does not give one many size option @ 12′ from the screen. We can’t quite get to 110′ (the size of our screen. I would buy another one in a minute. I’m hoping that our issue with the stuck dlp mirror that is projecting a very bright ‘white pixel’ almost dead center is not widespread. I also hope that the thermal dissipation is designed adequately to mitigate that being the reason that the dlp broke. We will be able to comment on customer service shortly as we need to return the projector while under warrantee to have the dlp chip replaced.

There are a few issues though. The most frustrating issue is the split screen. Basically at times half of the screen will have an entirely different quality than the other. It’s almost as if it’s to demonstrate what a setting would like like compared to your current setting. It tends to go away though after cycling through other visual settings. The only other issue i have is the colors are very off and it’s pretty difficult to resolve. I ply a lot of animal crossing and in order to get the colors back to their proper state, i needed to set it to “reference” mode and adjust some contrast/brightness/etc. It took a while to get it right but i’m mostly pleased with what i found.

The uhd30 refurbished from amazon is an amazing steal. I was looking at projectors in similar price ranges like the epson 3800 and the benq ht3550. Before it came in, i was concerned about color accuracy and the brightness in a dark room. Colors look great after calibration, though slightly more washed than an ht3550, and the contrast has some left to be desired (along with black levels). Input lag is amazing for this price point if used for gaming on console or pc. If you’re considering between the uhd30 and the uhd50x i highly recommend the uhd30, as i do not feel the lens shifting is worth the extra $200 – $300 if you set up the projector correctly. Colors will not be more accurate than an benq or epson, but latency for gaming is amazing and brightness is very good for rooms with ambient lighting. I’ve read many product reviews about a split line issue, but i believe it can be fixed with a firmware update or strong hdmi 2. (update: to fix the split line issue, just press resync on the remote)this 4k projector priced at $1299 (or lower if refurbished) is a better bang for my buck than comparable projectors such as the benq ht3550 (or tk850) or the epson 3800.

I found i can push up to 5k with this projector using my pc with a gtx 1060 6gig. The card is rated to support up to 8k to my shock with raytracing, so i’ve tested this projector as far as i could push it. As i said, i could display 5k with this projector, but there was some screen. It was like some of the image was hidden outside of the display area, but it technically could do it. Anyway, i’m using it at 4k, 240 htz, pushing about 90+ fps in baulders gate 3, temtem, hardspace, etc. Or 70 fps, depending on the game. I had to fool around to color match what i was used to seeing on my pc so my colors werent off, but that only took some minutes to figure out. It’s def quieter than my veiwsonic was by a lot. Here are the specifications for the Optoma Uhd30 True 4k Uhd Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time:

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • TRUE 4K ULTRA HD: Experience high-quality home cinema feel with 4K Ultra HD with 8.3 million distinct addressable on-screen pixels
  • LAG-FREE GAMING: Introducing the ultra-fast 240Hz gaming projector enabling blur-free visuals and unparalelled smoothness––combined with Enhanced Gaming Mode to produce a 16ms response time, or 26ms at 4K UHD for the lowest input lag on a 4K projector
  • HDR & HLG COMPATIBLE: Enjoy brighter whites and deeper black levels for an enhanced viewing experience of images and videos, enabled by HDR10 & HLG technologies
  • CRISP, COLORFUL PICTURE: UltraDetail technology ensures enhanced image sharpness with a higher frame rate to deliver a crystal clear picture; RGBWRGBW 8 segment color wheel increases the color ratio for richer, vivid and cinematic image
  • DYNAMIC BLACK: Dynamic Black technology provides more depth to the image by smoothing lamp output to create a high contrast ratio (500,000:1); bright scenes appear clear while dark scenes remain detailed
  • EASY IMAGE SETUP: Whether ceiling mounted or placed on a table, get the picture just right with 1.1x zoom and ±40° keystone correction
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT: Enjoy 3,400 lumens of brightness in your home theater room, family room, gaming room – or even outdoors for backyad movie nights
  • VARIETY OF INPUTS: Connect with most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 support, HDMI 4K, USB, VGA, and more
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: Enjoy up to 15,000 hours of lamp life, enabling an average of two 2-hour movies every day 10+ years
  • STANDARD THROW PROJECTION: Project a 100″ image from approximately 11 feet away; project a 120″ image from approximately 14 feet away; UHD30 projects up to a 302″ image

Optoma Uhd30 True 4k Uhd Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time –

Projector has great picture quality and plenty of adjustments. 1 manual zoom leaves something to be desired, manual focus adjustment ok. Keystone adjustment is digital and also ok. It lacks hdmi arc or even hdmi cec. Cec would be great to reduce the number of remotes needed and is a standard feature that is completely missing. Overall, it’s a bare bones 4k projector. I wouldn’t be recommending this one if you want to put it anywhere in a room because the optical zoom is limited.

Purchased for 4k gaming primarily. Lag is non noticeable whatsoever. Gears of war 5 looks incredible. Not as bright my as my qled but much preferred for the 120 inches of screen. A little loud but not an issue if you have surround sound or headphones. Mounting is a bit more work than it would be with the uhd50x but for $300 savings as i was happy to deal with it. Works very well in ambient light environment.

I bought this projector as an upgrade over hd143x. It was better, but marginally. Considering that i paid less than a third of the price for the 143x over two years ago, i don’t consider this projector to be good value. The 4k did not make a difference for me. I have an xbox series x and i can’t say that game play or graphics were noticeably different. I only play fifa 21, so, take my opinion with that in mind.

I read some issues about the split screen issues which made me reluctant to purchase this projector. However, i decided to purchase this projector as i was able to acquire it for less than $1000 on black friday (refurbished + amazon warehouse promo) and have experienced this issue, although seldom. When it happens, all you need to do is toggle between viewing modes and it resolves. The fan is kind of loud but only when using in non-eco mode. Even in non-eco mode, the color is bright and sharp. You’re probably wondering why, despite the split screen issue and the loud fan i’m giving this a 4 star review. Well, even with the issues, the projector looks fantastic. Again, the split screen issues don’t happen often, in fact, i use it daily and the last time i had that issue had to be over a month ago. The fan is no longer an issue because i run it on eco mode. I’m using it to play call of duty on xbox one s and it is amazing.

I bought this projector to upgrade my old 1085st after i got an xbox series x. There are a few things people should know before they buy this projector for this purpose. First of all, the amount of settings and adjustments you have to make to switch back and forth between 4k hdr and 120hz 1080p are vast and more than a little annoying. Having to manually switch these settings is a feature lack that just can’t be ignored. First of all, you cannot get the 16ms touted response time at 2k 60hz. So in order to get 120hz 1080p @ 16ms, you have to sit in the menu and make many changes before achieving this. Then you have to go back and change the settings again, when you want to watch a uhd movie. What optoma should have done, is allow different user profiles for each mode so a person can switch back and forth with the push of a button. So be aware that if you are going to use this projector for both uhd movies and 120hz gaming, your going to spend a lot of time in the menu. Secondly, the xbox series x is capable of showing a 120hz 4k image.

Had this projector for a little over a year and right after the year mark, it begin to cast little white dots unto the screen. Unfortunately i was beyond the manufacturer year warranty. Luckily i chose the extended warranty from asurion so they are trying to fix it. If it wasn’t for the extended warranty, i would be sol. I was satisfied with the projector up to that point. I won’t be purchasing another one of these brands.

Optoma Uhd30 True 4k Uhd Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time –

I got this for gaming and for 4k hdr tv watching. Does both pretty much perfectly, and is bright to boot. I just don’t think there’s anything else out there in this price range that’s going to beat this. That said, here are some nitpicks that don’t really affect my score:i get that it’s kind of ‘budget’, but it doesn’t come with a lens cap?there’s some kind of firmware bug where if you change the image mode, the next time you boot it up half the screen is reset to the standard. Changing the image mode fixes this, but it’s annoying so i just leave it in cinema at this point. Muting it puts a permanent mute icon on the image?. You can lower the volume to zero though, so it’s not an issue.

I purchased this projector for use in a home theater setup i was building in my basement. Here are some of my thoughts. Construction:i found the uhd30 to be well packaged in foam and arrived in good condition. After unwrapping the unit i found it to feel well built and not overly heavy in construction. Attaching it to my ceiling projection mount was a simple task. Installationsetup:there are two hdmi ports and only one is 2. 0 which supports hdr and 4k together. This was not an issue as i ran my projector to my surround sound receiver and added my additional connections through the receiver. I ran a 10′ monoprice cable to my receiver from my projector which was inexpensive and worked perfectly with no issues. My main source is my apple tv 4k which allows me to use plex to access my home video server (over 1000 movies and tons of tv shows).

When my uhd60 bit the dust i saw this as a potential replacement. So far it seems like an improvement in every way. It’s about half the size and half the weight of the uhd60, and it’s cheaper as well. It has an rgbrgb color wheel and the colors just seem deeper. I haven’t really played with the gaming mode so i can’t speak to that. Keep in mind it doesn’t have any sort of lens shift capability, so you’ll need to plan out your placement carefully.

It is somewhat feature lacking. I’d love to see more controls, get at the same time it’s full of controls that i don’t need. It’s my first projector so if this is part of it, fine, but i am not a big fan of the enhanced gaming, i feel this is misleading. It downgraded the image to 1080, i haven’t seen terrible lag on 4k. It struggles with video of a person in front of a blue background. It adds a little rim around the person. You won’t be blown away and you might not be disappointed, for the price it’s tough to beat. I’d just say if you want an amazing image look elsewhere, then again you might not want a projector.

There’s some problems with finding image source when changing from non-hdr to hdr. I had to change the firetv settings to always sending hdr signal or else when a video starts or ends you will see a few seconds of dark screen trying to find source. Sometimes you have to change inputs manually just so the signal can be understood even though i only use the hdmi 2. I only use for movies so i don’t have a review for games.

Let’s start with the positive! An excellent 4k HDR gaming projector! Perfect Gaming Mode 16ms Perfect 4k HDR film! Negative: Need a very good color calibration, contrast, the modes are just extremely not beautiful out of the box. But then it’s perfect. I create 3 calibrated mode. 1080p/4k dark room, 1080p/4k Daylight and 4k HDR. Tip: buy a light gray canvas gain 1:1 or 1:0 or paint your gray wall. Negative: defective or not the she has a question. Unable to have a cell function close to the projector because it makes it open the projector menu in flash in the screen without stopping. I can’t listen to anything. The reason for my return/refund/exchange of the device otherwise everything is perfect.

Optoma Uhd30 True 4k Uhd Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time –

I upgraded from an epson 1040 home cinema projector that i purchased a year and a half ago. I am thoroughly impressed with the video quality of this unit – it is like being at the theater now. My main reason for purchasing this was for ps4 pro gaming and it did not dissapoint. Next to no video lag while i am playing modern warefare warzone. What i am most impressed with is the low fan noise on this unit. My epson was constantly loud and i can barely hear this unit.

Just connect the projector to an onkyo 4k stereo and works very well. The picture quality is amazing, the blacks are not so good as expected:1. The colors are vivid and the image options are very good. Good performance in 1080p and 4k hdr2. Blacks not so good but will depend also on the source. Refresh rate for gaming its so amazing. Little bit noise (fans) but nothing to get worried.

The image is beautiful, good brightness, adequate contrast, realistic colors, low noise on the other hand the installation is not very versatile.

I’ve had a couple of projectors in the $2-300 range. I feel like i just got my first grown-up projector with this one. The colors pop and the 4k resolution and hdr are excellent. I project mine on a big sheetrock wall painted grey (there’s a setting for that) next to a window, and it’s pleasant viewing all day with the blinds drawn. Slight light leakage around the frame of the picture, not quite enough optical zoom for my particular room, but these are small complaints. I would totally buy this again, and wish i wouldn’t have bought the other two cheaper projectors (both of which have died).

Let me start by saying i’ve had projectors for about 10 years now in several homes. Recently i switched out from a 7 yr old 1080p benq projector to the new uhd30. I wasn’t expecting much of a difference other than it would be brighter but i could not be more pleasantly suprised. The brightness was definitely there, but the contrast and sharpness of the image was so obviously different, it made my old projector look like a toy. I did get a new fiber optic 48gb hdmi cable so i could get the most out of the new projector as well. The only downside so far is that there isn’t much wiggle room in how far you mount it from your screen. Thankfully, it looks like the current ceiling mount i had for my old projector should be the correct distance.

4k/60 – great – it shifts a 1080p chip around 4x to give the full 4k, but it looks good with very little sde. Hdr : good – while it’s mapping to 709 it seems nice enough, it’s a projector anyways. If you want really good hdr you’ll probably want a 8k 4000 nit screen. Latency feels greatbluray 3d: nice – bright – high motion scenes do look a little odd in active 3d. 1080/120fps 3d for gaming feels great. (used fancy tricks can still get 3d vision working & projector recognized as a crt under windows 10 / modern nvidia drivers / gtx pascal cards. )gaming at 240/1080 with aa dt-hf302dtech fiber optic hdmi cable – which was recommended by optima started working after poking around at everything for a few hours. First started working while playing a dx11 game after switching out of 1080p/24/3d. Edit: i found that enabling the game mode and turning off 3d mode allowed me to set 240hz refresh through nvidia control panel. Sound is quiet compared to any other projector i’ve used. I recommend a fiber optic cable because the regular copper cables lose signal quality >20′ and fiber doesn’t seem to introduce any noticeable latency. Also, as far as being a pixel shifter, this projector seems to be nice and clear in 4k/60 from a 100′ screen.

Optoma Uhd30 True 4k Uhd Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time –

The pics with two identical screens are comparisons between viewsonic x10-4k(below) and uhd30 (above). Pros:- virtually no input lag- 1080p on 240hz is amazing for fps games- fairly bright & mostly great imagecons:- throw ratio of 1. 53:1 is not ideal for apartments with tight space. I got viewsonic x10-4k with 0. 8 throw ratio and that compared to uhd30 gives me a much bigger screen with much more flexibility in terms of installation- onboard speakers are not that good – most projectors don’t come with a good set of speakers and this is not an exception- switching inputs or refresh rate takes longer than the competing models- as shown in the attached pics, the image sometimes breaks?. It didn’t happen on the viewsonic with the same video, so i’m assumimg it’s uhd30’s software issue. Overall, i think this projector is great for the price. However, i’m going to try out the uhd50x which is much better suited for my current set up.

The guidelines for the airflow around the projector as shown in the manual need to be carefully applied. If they are not, there is a serious risk of failure that appears as white pixels.

I bought it for gaming, so know that you lose the ability to do much with the colors in gaming mode. You will need to use gaming mode with the projector in order to play, as the lag is too drastic without it on. The challenge with this projector is there really isn’t much in the way of correction to size of the image so you have to mount this at the proper distance and height for your screen. It’s much more difficult than other projectors i’ve used that have easy vertical and horizontal corrections and zoom functions that allow you to move the image as needed. But then again, for $1200 at 4k, hdr, 25ms lag time, that is a very minor quibble. My only other complaint is that you need to mute the audio by plugging in a 3. 5mm cable going to nowhere if you want to use optical audio passthrough from the hdmi. If you mute the speakers, you mute the optical cable.

The clarity of the output is top notch. Just be aware that there is no vertical lens shift in the uhd30 as opposed to the uhd50x. So if you are sure of the picture size and throw distance then you should be fine. Gaming on this is an absolute delight. The size of the screen and the low lag is perfect for the non-serious gamer. I love this projector and whole-heartedly recommend it.

I’ve had the optoma darbee 1080p gaming projector before i upgraded to this. The picture for 4k content on this projector is amazing. The only compliant i have is when the content is in ‘low light’. Watching some movies with low lighting scenes requires the brightness to be adjusted up a bit so as not to barely see what is going on. Don’t count on the hdr being like your qled/oled, but it’s better than the darbee was. Overall, i’m very happy with this purchase since it gives a great 4k picture, doesn’t break the bank, supports 3d, and has good input lag for when i connect my gaming consoles.

Optoma Uhd30 True 4k Uhd Gaming Projector | 16ms Response Time –

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