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Long-distance projection projector with no lens shift. If it offers short range or lens shift, it will be in the top three for gaming and movie projectors of 2021.

There weren’t many reviews of this particular projector. We wanted to upgrade to 4k, but we didn’t want the price tag too big. This was a decent price for what we were looking for. I compared the uhd38 and uhd50x with this projector. The only thing I noticed a big difference was the lumens and the price. This is only 400 lumens over uhd38. And everything else had the same function. The difference with the uhd50x is that it’s easier to fine-tune image alignment with a 5-15% vertical lens shift and a wider one. I have pretty much had a set of previous projectors (1080p HD projectors) and it was easy to set up this projector.

It’s pretty good considering the quality for the price. The only thing I don’t like about it is that my Apple TV doesn’t turn on via HDMI. Otherwise, it’s amazing. It also looks great on flat gray walls.

The projector itself is very nice and can perfectly handle the 120″ projector screen with great brightness and sharp images. But it will only be 60-80 inches if you only have 10-11 feet of space to work with. If you are in a small apartment I would advise against this projector. For 100-120″ screens, there must be at least 13-15 feet between the projector and the screen.

Update: I left the original review below for optoma fans to read. As for me, the problem occurred almost the same day I wrote the review. The projector started flashing a solid color and did not respond to turn the remote off. It turned off by itself after about a minute. After that, the blue and red LEDs indicating the status started blinking together to form a ‘purple’. I had to unplug the power cord after the lamp had cooled down to restart the unit. I looked at the forums to see if others are experiencing similar issues. A few did and one suggested blowing out the lamp compartment with compressed air. It didn’t seem like a good idea, so I contacted optoma. The description was very short and concise in his answer.

To provide a reference point, I upgraded to this projector after owning an optoma hd26, a 1080p projector for several years. Happy with the hd26, I wanted more image clarity, more lumens, darker blacks and brighter colors. There are so many dark scenes like in movies like The Dark Knight that I rarely see them on hd26. I use the projector for about 6+ hours every day, it’s ceiling mounted in my living room, and it’s the only living room view option. The hd26 was a flagship and has replaced at least 6 light bulbs and 2 color wheels in 6 years. It would still work great if it hadn’t been dropped from ceiling height to the floor during removal. The optoma uhd35 was mounted on the same bracket I installed for the hd26 using a different mounting plate. You get the exact same screen size you enjoyed with the hd26 without changing the mounting bracket positions. Throwing is perfect for my scenario. Once I turned on the projector, it ran out. The instantly recognizable image quality is great, even at 1080p.

I had to return it because the projector speakers are activated when using a soundbar connected via the s/pdif optical output. I called optoma support and confirmed that this was not the expected behavior. Otherwise, it works as advertised.

Optoma Uhd35 True 4k Uhd Next Generation Gaming Projector | 3600 lumens | 4.2ms response time at 1080p with improved game mode | Lowest Input Latency on 4k Projectors | 240hz refresh rate | HDR10 and Hlg

Introducing the UHD35 with improved brightness and contrast in Optoma’s award-winning family of 4K UHD ultra-fast 240Hz projectors. Take your gaming to the next level on an extra-large screen with the 3,600 lumens, 4K UHD Optoma UHD35 home entertainment projector. Project images up to 300 inches with stunning detail, vivid colors and exceptional input response for the ultimate 4K HDR movie and gaming experience. HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 support ensures connectivity to the latest 4K UHD devices and allows motorized screen control via 12V trigger. Lamp life of up to 15,000 hours can be used for years with minimal maintenance when using dynamic mode to lower total cost of ownership.

It’s bright, 4k, and has low input lag. Great for both gaming and watching movies. I can’t say I have any real complaints about it. The documentation doesn’t give a lot of information, but you can figure it all out in the menu. Perspective transitions aren’t *best*, but you should be fine with them directly against a wall.

I was reading about a projector with a short throw distance. But the picture quality is amazing. Make sure you have enough space to make the screen big and a really sturdy stand big enough to hold the screen in place.

The projector provides good lighting and picture clarity, but after running the projector 3 hours a day for several days I had to adjust the colors due to the strong red and orange hues. The product also claims to have a throw of around 120 inches. It’s 13 feet away, but you need at least 15-16 feet away.

Noisy projector if you don’t use Eco or Eco+ mode. I have a darkroom so there is no problem with brightness and this projector has enough brightness. The lack of lens shift is a hugely negative setting for this. I’ve known since I was born that there is no lens shift, but I didn’t realize how important this was. Not only do you have limited throw distances, but if you’re hanging from the ceiling, a really sturdy and fully adjustable mount is a good idea. Luckily I did it. But how painful it is to fine-tune it. Again, if you have a permanent mounting location like mine, check the throw distance. I creaked from edge to right along the distance. Depending on the screen size, you can play from a distance of 12 inches.

I don’t know much about projectors, but this does everything I need. The image is tilted upwards so it can be placed on a table and projected upwards towards the screen, or hung upside down from the ceiling to project downwards towards the screen. Mine sits on a high shelf, so I had to make a little stand to lay it upside down. Otherwise, it will protrude above the roof.

Not having a real television can be cumbersome at times. I have an ultrawide monitor that I use as a gamer. However, it does not support 4k and is not large enough to watch the show via streaming. So I decided to take the leap and buy a projector. The first thing I bought was 1080p with 4k support. It wasn’t clear enough to me. Sure, it was cheap, but you got what you pay for. I did some research before purchasing this product and found this product to be the best choice. Once I received it and tested it, I was amazed at the sharpness of the picture. I’ve read reviews saying there is no horizontal keystone adjustment.

There is nothing bad about this projector. It’s bright and looks amazing in 4k and plays games with less lag than my old TV (I didn’t know how much lag there was until I used the projector). The colors are great, the movies look fantastic, the games look better than ever, and you can get a slightly more expensive model that allows for horizontal and vertical keystone control. I had to tweak it a bit (maybe someone bumped into it somehow) and having a ‘4 corner’ control is incredibly easy. I love this projector and it’s really amazing what you can get at this price these days.

What I don’t like: Smells like burning plastic. Automatically search for sources whenever the loading screen appears. What I like: Great picture quality.

Optoma Uhd35 True 4k Uhd Next Generation Gaming Projector | 3600 lumens | 4.2ms response time at 1080p with improved game mode | Lowest Input Latency on 4k Projectors | 240hz refresh rate | HDR10 and Hlg

I like the fact that you can switch from movie mode to a game that offers a brighter screen.

Bang for the money, it’s awesome and replaced my vivitek with 4k. The only things I don’t like are the fan noise and the amount of light coming out of the fan area, so the ambient lighting and sound of darker, quieter parts of the movie in the room I have.

15 feet large screen; faut 22 feet de recul.

The lack of edge masking is a glaring omission that prevents proper screen scaling.

I don’t regret buying it as an upgrade from my 3 year old optoma hd27e. The 4k image density is unmatched on a 100′ screen when compared to a regular 1080p projector. So in bright mode, it’s a bit too bright for a movie, and the fan noise is quite obvious (but still acceptable as with hd27). It is recommended to set the brightness mode to dynamic when playing a video. Contrast is improved. The projector is very quiet in this mode. Enhanced game mode is perfect for me as I don’t need to adjust keystone correction. Provides real 4k gaming with very low input lag. Comparing the input lag of my Dell s2721dgf gaming monitor, there is not much difference.

Crystal clear picture quality and easy to use. There is a slight delay when powering up, but it’s well worth the price compared to the quality.

I just upgraded to this from an Epson 8350 1080p projector. I have about 6 weeks and love it. I have a private theater with only one window with blackout curtains. This projector is much brighter than my Epson and unlike Epson I can easily see it even with the window open. hdr is the biggest upgrade on my old projector. The colors are vibrant and vivid. A bit louder than my Epson, but not bad.

I love this projector. Everyone I saw in our house was impressed with the quality. Set to project on a 120″ fixed frame projector screen. Picture quality is good even with the lights on (it was installed in the basement with minimal natural light in the theater area, but I can’t speak for the sunny rooms). For whatever reason, you’ll have to play around with the settings to get nice rich colors that aren’t standard lighting settings.

This new proyector from a very old epson proyector exceeded my expectations. Great and very fast shipping. Only 3 days home from Chile – a world record.

Optoma Uhd35 True 4k Uhd Next Generation Gaming Projector |  3600 lumens |  4 :

The only problem is that the sound output port is not hdmi.

Features and Specifications

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  • TRUE 4K ULTRA HD: Experience the high-quality home cinema feel in 4K Ultra HD with 8.3 million unique addressable screen pixels.
  • Lag-free gaming: Super-fast 240Hz gaming for blur-free images and unparalleled smoothness, combined with Enhanced Game Mode that produces a 4.2ms response time at 1080p for the lowest input lag on a 4K projector and a 16ms response time at 4K UHD.
  • HDR and HLG Compatible: Enjoy brighter whites and deeper black levels for an enhanced viewing experience of images and videos enabled with HDR10 and HLG technology.
  • Ultra-Bright: Enjoy 3,600 lumens of brightness in your home theater room, family room, games room, or even outdoors for backyard movie nights.
  • Vivid color photos: UltraDetail technology ensures improved image clarity at higher frame rates to deliver crystal-clear photos. The RGBWRGBW 8-segment color wheel increases color ratio for richer, more vivid and cinematic images.
  • DYNAMIC BLACK: Dynamic Black technology provides greater depth to the image by softening the lamp output to produce a high contrast ratio (1,000,000:1). Bright scenes look sharp, but dark scenes retain detail.
  • Easy image setup: Whether ceiling-mounted or table-mounted, you’ll get accurate photos with 1.1x zoom and ±40° keystone correction.
  • Multiple Inputs: Connect with game consoles, PCs, Macs and mobile devices, Blu-ray players, ChromeCast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick and other streaming devices. Input options include HDMI 2.0 input with HDCP 2.2, HDMI 4K, USB, VGA, etc. This includes.
  • Long lamp life: Up to 15,000 hours of lamp life, providing an average of 2 hours of movie viewing per day for over 10 years.
  • Standard Projection Projection: Projects a 120-inch image from approximately 13.1 feet away. The UHD35 projects images up to 300 inches.

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