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I’ve tried different brands but the only way to get side by side is to go to the box and use the button. The device cannot be used remotely. This has worked great so far and displays up to 4k that the other didn’t. It was only for a few hours, but it was far superior to anything else on Amazon. Side by side distortion when selecting from remote. I found the workaround in the answer by going to the box and holding the “mode” button for 5 seconds and changing it to 2 identical undistorted pictures. It must be part of the remote control and you can change the aspect ratio by holding certain buttons. Also the device does not support Dolby Vision which is another disappointment and should be.

I had no problems with this. Connected a few weeks ago. Use all four input devices (dishes, desktop computers, notebook editing computers, and Chromecasts) and have them in your office. I feed the output to a hdmi splitter, then go to the office TV and the living room, study and bedroom TVs so I can broadcast everything going on from there to another TV. Eventually the second input would come directly from the security camera system, but now it’s just another output from a camera-only desktop computer. I like the ability to quickly switch between displays while displaying all four inputs.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want auto switch hdmi switch. I want to choose what is displayed. This device is the best you can find without spending $1000 on professional grade equipment. I use it on my arcade console. There was a resolution issue and I couldn’t change it on my TV. I have no clue how or how to change it in my game console. This little box covered me. Also, all cords are attached to the back. I hate having cords coming out of the front and side on these types of devices. A bit pricey for an HDMI switch, but well worth it.

Good quality product, easy to install and use.

I used this product and liked the switching function for broadcasting. There is no delay in the transition time so that the broadcast continues to work when switching between different inputs.

Orei Quad Multi Hdmi Viewer 4 In 1 Out Hdmi Switcher 4 Port Seamless Switcher and Ir Remote Support 4k@30hz 1080p for Ps4/Pc/Dvd/Security Camera –

It provides fantastic multiview at a much lower cost than the Blackmagic 4k multiviewer. Works great and is very easy to set up.

Very small and very simple to use.

This item solidifies the basics of multi-view. You can’t get 4k images because it doesn’t support hdcp 2. I’m not claiming it, but they say it supports 4k. 4 didn’t pass the 4k test, so the best I could get was 1080p. For 1080p devices, you don’t want to sacrifice surround sound audio. This device only supports 2-channel stereo audio. There are other devices on the market that support 1080p and 5. As a result, this gets moderate review from me and returns as a cheaper 1080p/surround compatible alternative.

Unable to load media. Photos are a quick pick with no screen and still no glitches. This is firestick, chromecast, ps4 (watchdogs) and directv.

Most of these hdmi switches are repairable, but we don’t recommend them due to some worrisome sound glitches and photo color issues. I have a roku 3, nintendo switch and sony blu-ray player all currently connected. I found major audio lag (at least 1 second delay) when playing youtube videos on roku. Connecting the roku directly to the TV solved the problem, so the hdmi switch was definitely the cause. I also noticed that 2 instances of audio temporarily lost volume and quality, but I switched to a different input and fixed it again. Except in these cases, the audio sounds normal. I also noticed that the picture changes subtly when running through this switch. The dark colors are a bit squashed, so the overall picture looks a little darker, more saturated, and more contrast. I tested this with all 3 devices (connected directly to the TV and connected via a switch) and this was most evident when playing Creed on Blu-ray. The shadows became darker, some details were lost, and the color change was immediately noticeable when I put my Blu-ray player directly back on the TV after reconnecting it. This means switching between inputs with the remote is fast and convenient, and the PIP split screen is neat. However, at $159, you expect a stable device with perfect, unaltered picture quality, so you might want to consider other options in this price range.

It does everything described, but it’s not for gaming. There is a 4-5 frame delay in quad mode. I split the console hdmi into tv and this multi viewer. There is a noticeable delay in the cursor. I couldn’t find a way to control the mod with the PC. l Via USB service port.

Can I say how much I like this machine like a device? I wanted to hook up 4 hdmi feeds to 1 4k tv and this machine has a ‘cool, it has a lot of display modes and handles audio as well’. Occasionally a device like this requires a bit of a look at the documentation, but not this one. Very accurate. Sorry if this sounds rushed, but I wasn’t expecting to hook up all the gear and the last thing I expected was that this machine was ready to go.

4k input – 4k output, simple well-made remote control, side bracket. Here are the specifications for: Orei Quad Multi Hdmi Viewer 4 In 1 Out Hdmi Switcher 4 Port Seamless Switcher and Ir Remote Support 4k@30hz 1080p for Ps4/Pc/Dvd/Security Camera:

  • Enter your model number to verify that this is correct.
  • Quad Multi Viewer: Supports 4 HDMI input sources to your HD TV or display, allowing fast, seamless switching in real time up to 4K @ 30Hz. HDMI switch 4 input 1 output, VGA output
  • Fully Compatible: This HDMI MultiViewer 4×1 Switch is compatible with game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox one, Nintendo, Roku, DVD, Blu-ray, player Amazon Fire TV, Cable TV, Chromecast and many other HDMI devices.
  • Audio Support: LPCM 2CH only. Not supported: Dolby Digital and DTS. No plug and play drivers required
  • 5 Display Modes: 4 in 1 out HDMI Switch – Designed with 4 input ports and 1 output port, this HDMI switcher allows you to select HDMI signal source with an IR remote control and front panel buttons.
  • 1-year full warranty with ORI support. Included: Hd-401MV switch, power supply, remote control, manual

Orei Quad Multi Hdmi Viewer 4 In 1 Out Hdmi Switcher 4 Port Seamless Switcher and Ir Remote Support 4k@30hz 1080p for Ps4/Pc/Dvd/Security Camera –

There is no noticeable loss of quality.

I was looking for an HDMI switch that I could use to switch between computers. I tried the switch to toggle it, but every time I switch it loses my computer’s monitor and the new computer’s monitor appears as a new device. On each computer, the window reconfigures the monitors and rearranges the rest of the monitors. Also, the transition took about 2 seconds or more. With this switch the computer didn’t see the monitor leave and Windows didn’t do a rebuild. The display will switch instantly. I recommend this switch.

I’m a bit disappointed that this device doesn’t support audio profiles above pcm2. 0, but I’m very happy to have the ability to project 4 sources at once. It was nice to know that I could switch to the proper aspect ratio mode by pressing the mode button for 5 seconds. I have 3 rokus and 1 chromecast connected to this device. This will be useful for ncaa basketball tournaments, new year ball games (including rose parade), olympics, college football saturdays.

I’ve put 4 firesticks here so you can watch multiple sports on the 120″ display. I tested the basement before it was finished and it didn’t disappoint. The image is pretty decent. The only downside is that the 1 large image on the left is squished to fit the screen when the 3 small images on the right are stacked.

It’s time to see how difficult it can be to find the hdmi switch on the back of the device where all the connections are. I wonder why every switch there has cables coming out of all sides of the device. Obviously it’s not that difficult. Since it was on top of all the connections on the back to which the original connections belonged, there is a separate button on the front of the unit for each input and a button to cycle through all the on-screen display options and resolutions. . I also used regular green LED lights that don’t blind you. They are perfect for dark basements with subtle brightness. You can do all sorts of screen combinations without dazzling even when all the LEDs are on, and literally four game consoles can be connected and displayed on the screen at once. You can then select an input in each section of the screen by pressing the numbered inputs until you get the layout you want. I’m seriously looking for something negative and can’t find one. Others have mentioned that the micro USB port on the front should be ugly or missing. They are too far from the truth.

This multi-viewer does a great job of combining 4 video sources into one. And the fact that it supports 4k (up to 30fps) is really nice, especially on output. Because you can see every detail from 4 1080p sources on 4k monitors. It’s nice to be able to view individual video sources full screen, and in addition to multiview mode, it can also act as a source selector. The only significant downside I’ve found is that it doesn’t seem to support 1080i video sources for some reason. I tried several things but none worked. Today it’s not as big a problem as it used to be, but there are still some older video sources that can’t do full 1080p output. Most devices you can connect to (laptops, streaming devices, Blu-ray players, cameras, etc.) are fine, but it’s a good idea to ensure that the source you’re using doesn’t output only 1080i.

Orei Quad Multi Hdmi Viewer 4 In 1 Out Hdmi Switcher 4 Port Seamless Switcher and Ir Remote Support 4k@30hz 1080p for Ps4/Pc/Dvd/Security Camera –

I was able to see my local TV, computer screen, DVD player, and security feed all on the same screen. The really cool part is that you can choose how you want to split the screen layout. There was no significant difference in the quality of each picture, but there was a loss of quality. Overall, the device itself is very well built with a metal case and a well-placed remote control. The company’s supporting materials are top notch. You can watch the demo video and run it.

I’ve tried a lot of hdmi switches recently but they all fell short. All the switches I tried for under $60 (about a dozen) worked fine until different refresh rates or resolutions. This has no problem getting data from non-identical sources and displaying it on the screen. But can it do much more picture-in-picture? Power lines don’t just plug in here. Once connected, they are screwed into the case to prevent accidental removal. and audio output for monitoring. (This is just stereo, so you can use it for any audio, but the 5.1 surround sound is wasted.) The picture quality is amazing. The sound (via HDMI) does not lose any quality. This is an excellent s switch.

I chose this to be able to switch between multiple inputs on my workstation. I wanted a setup that could take inputs from my workstation and test computer and connect them all to one monitor without having to unplug the cables. This splitter/joiner/switcher works very well in that the switching is almost instantaneous. When connected to this device, all displays can remain active and there is a ‘combined’ type of mode. The 4way mode heats up this device quite a bit and I found a ‘lag’ that occurred after a while. However, this shouldn’t be a big deal unless you have low latency and are actively using multiple screens at the same time. Split mode was my favorite because it allows you to use two screens at the same time, but it’s a bit squishy. I hope this was 4k as it hurts to have to put everything in 1080p once you get used to 4k.

Orei Quad Multi Hdmi Viewer 4 In 1 Out Hdmi Switcher 4 Port Seamless Switcher and Ir Remote Support 4k@30hz 1080p for Ps4/Pc/Dvd/Security Camera –

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