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All I can say is that this is as good as the quality is not as good as the most expensive cables. I bought a Monster Premium Certified Cable, a Monoprice Cable, and an Amazon High Speed ​​Premium Cable. Together with the Monster and 8k single price cable, these seem to do the job perfectly. It’s hard to believe how good a cable can change picture quality. It all started when I switched to an Apple TV 4k and used an amazon hdmi cable. I had all kinds of problems. Now I’m very happy with all of these cables as these cables go from my Apple TV 4k to the onkyo receiver and I’m going back and forth between the monoprice 8k and the monster trying to see if there’s a difference in picture quality. I have one of the cleanest pictures I’ve seen on this TV since the day we bought it, and the frame rate no longer goes up all the way or people’s voices are out of sync. This cable is thick and of very good quality.

These pacroban cables support the latest standards so you can purchase with confidence that they will be compatible with your new device. 4k/60 hdr, zero glitch in 4k/24 hdr, all mods I tried on my tv. Don’t be fooled by marketing tricks. Because it carries a digital signal, there is no difference in signal quality between this cable or the more expensive one. This cable is compatible with all the latest standards (4k hdr, 18 Gbps bandwidth, dolby trueHD and dts-hd audio, hdmi arc, etc.) so you won’t have any problems using it with your device. However, there are two things to consider before choosing this cable. First, a lot of people (including me) underestimate the amount of cable needed. This particular cable is 6 feet long, so it should be long enough for installation. I often forget the cable length lost due to the twist/turn the cable has to make once it is connected to a device.

About 6 months ago I had a 55″ vizio tv and it worked fine with an lg soundbar and lg and my onkyo receiver until I noticed certain hangs. I suspected that my vizio tv’s firmware wasn’t updated, but I couldn’t solve it. I used the suggestion to change the TV to a 65″ samsung qled with all the hmdi inputs in 4k, but some hang issues remained. A new TV couldn’t have these issues, so I researched the issue and found that my hdmi cable wasn’t meeting the speed I needed. I searched several options on Amazon and found this pacroban cable with 8k capacity and all the problems went away. Both the sound of the bar and the resolution of the 4k hdr movie got better results with this cable. I gave my brother-in-law an old cable he needed. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to make recommendations in terms of price, distance, configuration, etc. For my part they have 5 stars.

I had another brand of 8k cable from my directv genie to my sony receiver and to my sony 65xbr930b. The cable from the genie to the receiver was jammed with artefacts?. Move horizontally across the TV. Switching the cable to a different input (satellite to video) solved the problem, but I felt the cable was faulty and decided to buy it after seeing reviews on pacroban to compare brands. You should love free returns. I connected the genie’s pacroban 8k cable to the receiver satellite input and the wow image just popped out. Will buy more pacrobans for my man cave 4k tv.

I bought this cable to configure my lg 4k tv, apple tv 4k, panasonic 3d uhd dvd player and lg soundbar with dolby atmos. I configured my settings using my old high-speed hdmi cable, 18gbs, and it didn’t disappoint. After changing to this pacroban super fast 48gbs the difference was when I ran the Apple hdmi test from scratch the results were good. It’s fine, unlike the previous cables. When using an Apple tv 4k and streaming 4k video from itunes to dolby vision and dolby atmos, the pictures and sound were automatically configured and the results were great. For best results on the site, you need to configure your Apple TV. I think this cable is expensive, but it’s the only cable you’ll find in good reviews, and it’s also ‘future proof’ for 8k if it proves popular on TV and movie studios. This cable is highly recommended.

Pacroban 8k HDMI 2 –

Perfectly saved over $2000 gaming monitors from laptops to Samsung tv 70′ cables.

Here are the specifications for: Pacroban 8k HDMI 2:

  • The new design and upgraded Active Chipped Fiber Optic HDMI 2.1 Cable supports all game consoles, TV models, projectors and speakers.
  • CL3 Rated Wall Safety Cord Slim, lightweight and flexible. The minimum bend radius is 20 mm (0.78 inches). HDCP 2.2 and eARC support
  • It’s not just HDR. This is dynamic HDR in HDCP 2.2. Dynamic HDR. Ensures every moment in 8K video is displayed with ideal values ​​for depth, detail, brightness, contrast and wider color gamut, scene by scene or frame by frame.
  • 48 Gbps bandwidth for uncompressed 8K content delivery. This cable also features very low EMI emissions. eARC simplifies connectivity, increases ease of use, and supports the most advanced audio formats and highest audio quality.
  • International products are subject to separate terms, are sold overseas and may differ from local products, including fit, age rating, product language, label or instructions.

Pacroban 8k HDMI 2 –

Pacroban 8k HDMI 2 –

Pacroban 8k HDMI 2 –

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