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The Panasonic SC-GN01 gaming loudspeaker comes with audio cable with jack plug, as well as a user manual in different languages. The loudspeaker is designed to be worn on the back of the neck and the speakers virtually surround sound all around. Workmanship: The processing of the gaming speaker is very good. Everything is neatly finished and the buttons for operating the speaker have a good pressure point. At the back, the speaker has a flexible, rubberized area to bend the speaker up a bit and wrap it around your neck. There are 4 larger support points below the loudspeaker, on which the loudspeaker rests virtually on the back of the neck. The gaming speaker has a total of 4 built-in speakers that create surround sound. The Panasonic SC-GN01 is suitable for PC (Windows 10) as well as game consoles such as PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series S/X and the Nintendo Switch. Of course, the speaker can also be connected to a smartphone or tablet via audio cable, which I also tested. How does the loudspeaker perform in the test? I tested the loudspeaker on various devices and was able to get an idea of the system and show strengths but also weaknesses. The speaker is powered by a USB-A cable. The speaker sits very well in the neck area and is really very comfortable. Nothing is pressing or uncomfortable. It’s just perfect! The cable is pleasantly long enough at 3 meters to be able to connect it from the couch, e.g. to a game console. In my case, I connected the gaming speaker to a Playstation 4 Pro console. To do this, you have to connect the included audio cable to the speaker itself and to the audio input of the controller via jack plug. You then have to define the output range of the audio in the game console menu, or that it should be output to the full via the gaming system. It all works flawlessly up to here. The sound of the speaker is really good in all applications, be it in games, movies, music and even podcasts, and you have the feeling that the sound comes from all sides, just like a surround system. The different sound settings of the gaming speaker can be adjusted using the side button. Among other things, there are 3 gaming modes (RPG/FPS/voice) but also modes such as cinema, music, etc. The individual sound images differ perceptibly and ensure a really good sound. The sound is really good and I was actually able to perceive and differentiate movement from different directions in games. Although this didn’t look quite as good and resolved as with my expensive gaming headset, it was sufficiently perceptible to respond to it in the game. The gaming speaker has an integrated microphone with noise and echo canceling, which reduces or eliminates ambient noise and echo effects. The built-in microphone actually works perfectly and the voice quality is very good. There is no ambient noise or echoes on the other side. A really good system up to this point which I really like and because it is directly under the ears makes for a great listening experience. However, I noticed a fact that unfortunately I cannot approve of because it bothers me. The loudspeaker is really quiet. I’ve tested it on various devices, smartphone, PS4, Xbox One X and PC, but the speaker is relatively quiet on all devices. At the highest volume that can be set on the speaker, it’s still so quiet that you think you’re using a speaker for children whose volume is rapidly limited ex works to protect the ears from injury caused by excessive volume. I can’t imagine that this was Panasonic’s intention, because the alautsprwcher is not explicitly designed for toddlers, but rather geared towards teenagers or adults. If Panasonic could make that up and raise the volume a whole lot, I would give the speaker the full 5 stars as it is really good, but the really low volume bothers me so much that I unfortunately have to subtract 2 stars. Nevertheless, the Panasonic SC-GN01 is a really great gaming speaker that has a very good sound and is incredibly comfortable to carry.

I had already tried a few things, but I haven’t had a shoulder speaker with me yet. The Panasonic SC-GN01 gaming speaker is wrapped around your neck and the connection is made via Bluetooth. ” Contents “ – Panasonic SC-GN01 gaming speaker – audio cable with jack plug – instruction manual ” Workmanship and quality “ You know Panasonic, so it was also clear to me that you can expect good quality here and that is the case. Everything is well made and the buttons (buttons) are great to use. So far, comfort has also been surprisingly good and you are sparing your ears a little, which are particularly burdened by masks and large shell ears. This allows you to enjoy the sound more than you would otherwise hear it. That’s actually a different feeling than you would have expected. ” Works with all current consoles and computers “ According to the manufacturer, this shoulder speaker works with all current consoles and computers, but unfortunately I don’t know whether it also relates to Win11. Of course, you can also use the audio cable to connect your mobile phone to it and play music. If you are sitting in front of the console and need longer, the three-meter cable, which has a good length, helps you. You can also use the Echo functions and much more, but that doesn’t always work out so well. But talking or listening with the shoulder speaker is really good and it’s really fun to deal with. However, it can sometimes be too quiet because the speaker is rather quiet in comparison. Unfortunately, I don’t know why this is the case, but it works normally. But if you really want to have the volume up and really feel the music, then it’s rather wasted effort, which I think is a real shame. ” Conclusion “ I like it, although it has small weaknesses (the maximum volume is too low), this shoulder headset has worked really well and the price is still ok in my opinion. It’s just a completely different feeling of perception, which I really enjoy while still being able to fully perceive the environment. I also save my ears, otherwise they will always be covered for a very long time and they can also take a break from time to time. If you want to try something new, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here.

So this is basically a wearable surround sound system that sits on your shoulders. Aimed towards gamers , these are light weight and flexible making them good for a long stint on the console. They come with 3 gaming modes , rpg, fps and voice mode. They also feature a noise cancelling and echo cancelling mode, perfect when gamin and talking to others. It is wired and you have to connect it via usb so it’s only good for gamers who are sat closer to their monitor. No good if you’re wanting to sit on the sofa and play from your tv. The surround sound is good and i enjoyed trying these but i do think that headphones give you a better atmospheric feeling.

The sound quality is fine. My normal speakers and headset have better quality. I expected a little more here. I have a problem if I should only have sound from the right. It is then extremely quiet (or not audible at all). I can’t rule it out being a setting (but couldn’t fix the problem after a few hours of searching). This is often not even noticeable. As soon as sound comes from everywhere, it is also normally loud on the right. But in some situations (e.g. sound testing where you only want sound from the right), it’s extremely quiet. The micro is really great. So at least compared to that of my headset and an expensive camera. I will probably return it anyway, because I would expect to hear the same loud sounds from right and left for 180 euros in surround sound. It’s also really important for shooting games to estimate the distance.

I would say the panasonic sc-gn01 is unlike anything i’ve tried before. There are some definite positives but also some real improvements that could be made. You can see from the box that these are targeted at gamers. This makes sense as there are not a lot of other scenarios where i would see these working. But gaming has to be one of the few that make sense. The box seems a little cheap in all honesty. From a brand with the size and history of panasonic i would have expected something a bit more plush. The box seemed a bit weathered and the padding inside is just a cheap plastic insert so not the most premium feel.

Panasonic Gn01e Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System –         Great concept, Sounds great, just missed the boat…

Ok before i ge technical i think it’s really important to include the human touch before getting all techy. Wearing headphones often hurt my ears after a long period of time and the obvious headphone hair are a thing of the past with this ergonomic headset and mic that does not give any time delay. To non gamers ie parents the price may put you off but any gamer woul tell you these are worth the money, panasonic a good branded name you can have confidence in. These speakers are ergonomic in design and function, comfort is very important to gamers who can spend hours in their gaming zone. Voice quality is very clear and comes with echo cancelling microphone. This is a very unique design so you will be a leader amonsgt your friends with it’s 4 channel surroud speaker you aren’t going to get better than this. These speakers have been tested using ps5 and x box one using mulitude of games and each time the quality has remained crystal clear. These woud make a ideal gift for any gamer and they will appreciate the quality of such a gift.

As someone who uses a headset at work and also headphones while gaming, trying the neck speaker for the first time took a bit of getting used to. Fortunately, this state didn’t last long, because nothing is worse than an uncomfortable feeling when you have to concentrate. The speaker comes well packaged in a thicker packaging box with a plastic insert. The weight is moderate, not that it weighs nothing, but also not so heavy that it presses on the shoulders. Unfortunately, a USB-C cable for connecting to game consoles was missing, but that is now standard. I was able to try out the speaker with the Nintendo Switch and PS4. I was able to find a very good sound experience for me on both consoles. Of course, unlike in-ear or attachable headphones, the sound goes almost anywhere, which is why a voluminous sound is not necessarily possible, but the loudspeaker is completely sufficient for my purposes. It’s different, and I have the advantage that you can also have someone listen in during gaming or the conference.

Personally, I didn’t even know about such a variant of gaming speakers before and was a bit sceptical about it. Now after several weeks of active testing, I am more than positively surprised and really impressed by the neck speakers. Of course you start by asking yourself whether you actually need such loudspeakers and the question is absolutely justified, especially with today’s selection of cinema-ready gaming headsets. Surely such neck loudspeakers become completely obsolete? And I say NO, because the gamers among you who also like to daddle deep into the night for an evening will love the neck loudspeakers. Because I’m certainly not the only one who cares about good sound when gambling and who gets pain in my ears when playing with the headset for longer periods of time and also gets really hysterical because it makes you sweat a lot. That’s why I find this solution to carry loudspeakers comfortably on my shoulders so ingenious. Sure, the sound isn’t as crystal clear as other headsets, but it’s definitely better than the sound from the TV. (unless you have a soundbar of course ) I also have a wee little review, namely the sound from the speakers, which is partly too quiet. But still, for speakers that are not directly attached to the ears, the sound is really good. The speaker is not too heavy and is very comfortable to wear thanks to the rubberized flexible neck collar. Installing the neck speakers is super easy on Playstation 5 (I tested the one for that too), just plug the built-in USB cable into the front USB port of the PS5+ the AUX (headphone cable) into the PS5 DualSense controller and you’re ready to go. By the way, the PS5 console recognizes the speakers directly and is accepted and accepted without any decency. You can switch between different sound modes (using the sound button on the speaker), RPG (for role-playing genre), FPS (for the shooter genre), voice (chat voices are highlighted), music (especially for music), cinema (cinema mode for movies) and last but not least stereo (classic stereo edition). This speaker also has a built-in microphone that allows you to communicate clearly with your online friends just like a classic headset. And all without delay or delay (gameplay sound+chat) More buttons on the speaker in brief: In addition to the aforementioned “SOUND” button, there is also the “MIC MUTE” (mute the microphone), “MUTE” (mute the entire sound) and the “VOL + -” (volume and down) button. And every button+commissioning is accompanied by a friendly female voice. The bottom line is that I love the Panasonic – Sound Slayer neck speakers and can only recommend them to any gamer.

Bought as an alternative to the headset while gaming. Having headphones on all the time is annoying in the long run. Watching TV while playing daddles hardly works. You also have to take the thing off your head all the time if you want to talk to someone outside of the game for a short time. The positive features are that the piece is very light, hardly noticeable when worn. The installation is simple, plug in and good, the right settings selected and as a headphone replacement, the thing is really good. The cable may be annoying. But I also had that with the headset. What really bothers is the microphone quality. Everyone has confirmed to me so far: sounds tinny, choppy and a lot of noise. In the meantime, I was able to reduce the noise because the microphone was over level in Windows. The sound quality, however, is not. Since I play with voice activation in Teamspeak, it doesn’t always respond immediately and doesn’t always seem to react immediately to the spoken word. Since I didn’t have these problems with my headset, it can only be due to the microphones. I will probably send the part back, because it is just too expensive for me to replace headphones and use the alternative of a pure shoulder speaker and a separate desk microphone,

The neck loudspeaker is a good alternative to the headset. The wearing comfort is good, it is easy on the shoulders. The workmanship is good and the connection cable has a good length. It is recommended for games where precise position detection based on the sounds is not so important. It’s not like a good 7.1 headset though. So I wouldn’t use it for first-person shooters. Let’s get to the sound, that’s good with the mic coming over a little bit softly. It’s good for playing with the Switch or Playstation because it has better sound like my son’s TV and he doesn’t have to make it as loud anymore, which is very pleasant for us as parents. The spread over a headset is also that it does not strain the ears so much. I find it a bit too expensive despite the good workmanship because there is a little lack of sound quality.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality and volume of the small part. If I were to turn up the volume of my system, the neighbors would all be there alive. I was even more impressed by the quality of sound localization in games. It is clear to hear where a noise comes from, which even saves me from having to turn around first in some raids. I can dodge by ear! ! A clear recommendation to buy if you want real surround sound on your laptop/PC for at home or on the go without disturbing anyone (if you don’t have the device on your shoulders, it is taken quite quietly, the volume is primarily caused by the proximity to the ears – how it behaves now with people who have extremely long necks can I but don’t say. will probably be a little quieter then). Watching movies is also a real experience. You can even switch to the voice profile and then hear the conversations much better that are otherwise often swallowed up by the music or the effects. Installation is quick and uncomplicated – plug the USB into the PC/laptop, install the latest firmware if necessary (no longer necessary with 01e, it seems to be on it right from the start), choose a suitable output device ((!!) (GAME) (!!)) and off you go. Games that have the appropriate support for 3D sound offer a new experience because you are really in the middle of it and are not misled by possibly incorrectly positioned satellite speakers what the noise source is about. With the sound button, you can switch between the individual profiles RPG/FPS/voice/music/chinema/stereo. I have the subjective feeling that anything that is not an RPG/FPS sounds best with Chinema. Negative: would be bad if there wasn’t something to complain about. As far as the sound goes, it would probably be the bass. which is a bit weak on the chest and secondly starts to clink quite quickly. Here I would have liked to have placed something else in the free space between the speakers for the lower tones. This weakens the system as a whole when it comes to music. But I have better alternatives for music in the form of high-quality headphones. It is not noticeable in games, they are mixed in a completely different way. A design error or omission would then be a lack of transport for the loudspeakers – you wouldn’t necessarily have had to include it, but at least you could offer a hard case to buy for those who want to take the thing with them on the go. It would also have been nice if the USB cable could be removed at both ends (if only for transport – or replacement in the event of damage). IMPORTANT: But I would also like to say something about the technology and some reviews I’ve read here. It is really important to have read the manual for the product. at least the settings part! The balance of the sound can be changed in 3 modes DIRECTLY ON THE DEVICE: 1. volume difference front/back (if you feel that the sounds from the front or back are louder than they should be) 2. Balance left/right (you also know so far from stereo headphones) 3. Volume difference between chat and game sound – Either turn the chat up and game sounds down, or turn it upside down. All 3 modes can be shifted in a range of -3 to +3 db. If you have played around with one of the 3 settings, you will not get this clearly regulated again via the settings in Windows etc. If you are unsure, you can also reset everything to default using a key combination. (see manual) Furthermore, you should only use the included audio cable if this is really necessary. This is not necessary for audio on PC/PS4/PS5. Anyone who uses the jack cable on PS4/PS5 (as I’ve read it in some reviews) is simply doing something wrong, the device is recognized and used as a USB headset. Connecting the jack cable as an audio source kills the sourround sound! It is also important to note that you should use a USB 3.0 connection as far as possible. If you use a USB2 connection, there is not enough power and the speaker is very quiet. On the PC/laptop, you have to note that you really use “Panasonic SC-GN01 (Game) speakers” as an output device and not as Windows sets it by default – the standard is on the “Panasonic SC-GN01 headphones (chat)” – this audio channel is separated and actually only intended for voices – runs on it the The sound of the game sounds Babar out of round. The device (chat) must be set in programs such as Discord that are responsible for communication, only then does the separate volume control for game/chat work. By the way, all of this is also in the enclosed manual. But what some people apparently haven’t read when I judge by the reviews that you can read here from time to time. ! Final Fantasy XIV! Anyone who plays this game has another important point to be recommended: “Spartial Audio” can be switched on in the game. This is a service that you install separately in Windows and to which you send a biometric photo of your ear cup so that it then mixes the sound for an optimal sound experience. In addition, you should set the in-game sound output to 100% character (the Camera <-> Character slider) and lower the volume of your own sounds to just under 50%. This gives you the best result for noise location. Note on operation on the Playstation 5: For some reason, you can only connect the speakers after starting the Playstation – if you switch on the Playstation with the speaker connected, then the audio channel is missing and you only have the micro (I guess that the PS5 has the HDMI output for audio prioritized). Improvement of bass on the PC: by trying around, I found out that you can improve the quality of the sound and also the bass a bit if you set the speakers for the front and back to “full spectrum” in the Windows sound settings (see pictures). This makes everything sound a little fuller and the bass come into its own better – but don’t expect miracles

The sound quality is good for the size of the speakers, the design is comfortable and lightweight, you do not notice that you carry it on your shoulders and the best thing is the real 5.1 surround sound that in my case I use for computer games.

We didn’t have high expectations for these neck-mounted speakers, but we are extremely positively surprised. For gaming, especially first-person shooters where accurate opponent location is important, we would still recommend a reasonable headset, but these neck speakers can be an alternative for casual gaming. Opposition works reasonably well and the sound is surprisingly full and detailed. At the very most, a little quiet but maybe fundamentally fine and we would definitely prefer average to good PC soundbars or speakers. The spatial impression is much better with these speakers and you don’t get “hot ears” like with most headsets.Here are the specifications for the Panasonic Gn01e Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System:

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 3 Game Modes to Fit Whatever the Style of Play – Role play game mode, first-person shooter mode and voice mode
  • True MAGESS with 4ch Surround Speakers – Best Gameplay with an immersive feeling
  • Unique Wearable Design – Enjoy hours of gameplay
  • Microphone – High performance echo cancelling
  • Wired Specifications for Minimising Sound Delays – Comfortable gameplay with less delay
  • Game and chat speaker modes available

Panasonic Gn01e Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System –         Great concept, Sounds great, just missed the boat…

Super comfortable to wear • High-quality workmanship • playing top • listening to music unfortunately flop workmanship The neck speaker is well made, feels valuable and is super comfortable around the neck without the feeling that it is tweaked, squeezed or uncomfortable somewhere. Operation/Ports On the operation side, the device has a volume control (+ and -) and a mute button on the right side to mute the speakers. On the left is a microphone mute, a button to access different sound profiles (stereo, RPG, FPS, voice, music, cinema) and a 3.5 mm jack input to power the device via its own sound card instead of the built-in USB sound card. Sound experience in games Sound technically, the device cuts a very good figure in games for me. I’m currently playing Amazon’s new MMO. New World. You have a really good gaming experience with the speaker. When cutting trees, for example, you can hear the tree falling slowly from left to right, strangely enough, I never really noticed that with my Bose Companion speakers. I actually feel like I’m even more in games than when I listen through my desktop speakers. That’s ultimately because the 4 speakers are very close to the ears. I definitely like it a lot and you finally don’t have to rely on headphones anymore. Microphone microphone is OK so far and I was tested with 3 buddies in discord as well as teamspeak alternately and asked them how I got across from the language. All three of them said that I could come across clearly, but there was always some kind of little noise on the side. Let’s get to the things I liked less. • For the price, you could have expected a wireless device. The cable is very long and well made due to its braided design, but somehow it does somehow get a bit of a nuisance in the end. If you have to bring beer to the fridge or pee to the toilet, for example, you can simply have the appliance moved. • Also, the USB cable is not removable, which is actually a small minifaux pas for me. Because the fact that you can also control the loudspeaker via AUX makes the USB cable superfluous here. Nevertheless, it continues to hang unused on the device during operation. Unfortunately, Panasonic did not think to finish here at all. • Unfortunately, the device is not really recommended for listening to music. The sound was not able to convince me at all here. not even with the “music” sound profile activated. Very flat bass and thin mids and highs. Honestly, I was wondering here because everything sounds very good when playing so far. But in the end, game sound and music are probably two different shoes after all. • The maximum volume could have been a little higher and the control buttons a little wider. But both whining is at a high level. Conclusion If you’ve always had no desire for headphones and still want to feel like you’re in the middle of the game, snacking with your buddies while playing via discord or teamspeak is in good hands here. Sound experience (in games) as well as wearing comfort are both really excellent. However, due to my listed criticisms, there are definitely no 5 stars in it, but the device is too expensive with its 180€ and the deficits are simply too much in number. I therefore give a scant and fair 4 stars for the innovative idea that is a lot of fun when gaming on the PC, the good wearing comfort and the high-quality finish.

I really like this idea. Unfortunately, the implementation was not so good. It is a long way from surround sound. The bass is missing, of course, but you can also clearly hear the sound coming from below. The speakers from my iPad Pro are much better. The speaker can be connected via USB or AUX. Unfortunately, the USB port on the speaker cannot be removed. So if you want to listen via AUX, the other USB cable always dangles from you. Which is very positive, it doesn’t bother. I find headphones a little more uncomfortable in the long run. I find the price of 180€ really intense. Conclusion: For movies or games, I prefer to use a headset or stop the system.

I thought it was going to be another gimmick product cater to getting gamers to buy. The sound is superb the feel of the bar around the neck isn’t to strenuous and is pretty light. The options are just by the neck and super easy to access. It is usb wired but the length is decent and does make for seamless sound.  good product follow me on here daily reviews and/or answering questions on the products reviewed.

I’d never come across anything quite like this ‘wearable’ sound system so was keen to try it. Unfortunately it leaves me a little confused and disappointed. The packaging is smart and makes it obvious the product is aimed at gamers. There is one badly translated bit of text that did have me double checking that it was indeed a panasonic product. Better quality control is needed. Out of the box this panasonic offering weighs much the same as my sony bluetooth headphones, so having it hanging round your neck is not an issue. The designers have managed to make it quite comfortable to wear for long periods. However there are other design choices which seem quite poor. Firstly why is this a wired product?.I can only assume it’s for greater compatibility or to save having a battery on board?.

fantastic speakers, full and round sound, excellent balance between treble and bass I mostly use it for gaming when I can’t use computer speakers. Very easy to buy, fast delivery, I’m completely satisfied.

For: comfortable much better than headphones, you can hear the door if someone knocks, great for music and movies in surround, best quality mic for webcasting etc, very lightweightagainst: not knowing how long the batteries will last, hopefully for a full movie at least, not wireless.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Don’t have super high expectations, but.
  • Does not hit the mark for me.
  • A Very Different Experience

Panasonic Gn01e Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System –         Great concept, Sounds great, just missed the boat…

When I ordered this Panasonic “speaker system” I didn’t know what to think, it seemed a really bizarre idea but I hoped to be proved wrong, especially given the price of 150 euros (at the time of this review). Unfortunately, I can’t say that I was wrong, given this bizarre speaker I was not satisfied in virtually any aspect. Starting from the “comfort” factor, an important point of the product, I can’t say it’s uncomfortable. The speaker is light and you quickly get used to it; the real problem is the fact that it is wired: this thing alone destroys the sense of the product a little, making it uncomfortable and creating the risk of stepping on the cable or trip over it. The same could be said of a pair of wired headphones, but this product is being touted as revolutionary in its convenience — and it’s not. Another important point is the audio quality. Unfortunately, I think this is the aspect that disappointed me the most, not satisfying me in any of the most common usage scenarios: music, movies/games, voice chat. I start by saying that the speaker produces a very “kneaded” sound on the middle frequencies, while the bass are practically non-existent and the highs are overwhelmed by the mids. The device has different modes (in fact, music, gaming, voice) but in all honesty I did not notice any appreciable differences. Spatial audio is quite noticeable, and it’s probably the best thing. In the documentation there is no indication of the frequency response, something else that made me turn up a lot of nose, especially given the way in which the product is advertised. The quality of the microphone is what you would expect from a similar device, without infamy and without praise. The device has volume and mute keys for both the microphone and the speaker, and can be connected both via USB and via aux cable supplied in the package. Unfortunately, I cannot give more than two stars, considering that the price is really out of measure for what these cases offer.

I purchased this to be used on a sim rig instead of having to have speakers set up. I’ve tried headphones but i wanted something a little less restrictive. This seems to do the job perfectly. Do not expect this to deliver the same amount of bass as your headphones, because it won’t. Its a very small speaker, much smaller than i anticipated, but still delivers decent sound. The directional sound also works a treat. Positives are its much smaller than i thought, very comfy and delivers good quality sound for what it is. Negatives are the bass levels and the fact it isn’t wireless. Overall i’m very happy with it.

Yes, I am probably above average audio afin, because everything that has only remotely to do with music is a secret for me, what I want to decipher directly This exciting toy from Panasonic is also an unknown way to enjoy music and games soundtechnically. This wired SC-GN01 neck speaker is therefore the latest and yet unknown achievement for me to pursue my passion and “listen” to music and video games differently And what I find extremely exciting is that the manufacturer advertises that this speaker is also excellent for long video playing times. Can I agree with that? For my personal taste and feeling? No! The sound, especially in video games, is extremely immersive because you actually feel right in the middle of it instead of just being there, but that sound is exactly the problem. When I listen to music with this neck loudspeaker for more than 30 minutes, my head starts to hammer slowly but surely, it’s a little different in the video game, but the basic problem remains. The fact that you’re practically carrying a loudspeaker close to the body means that you’re not only constantly trying to lower the volume, but after a short or long time you perceive the speaker and what it plays out as unbelievably intrusive. There is no volume “for me personally” that I can actually “endure” for more than 30 minutes at a time without being rewarded with a headache. This technology is incredibly exciting, because the neck loudspeaker is not only seemingly ultra light, but it is equipped with all important functions directly. Besides, and I didn’t think so, the sound is really very clear and therefore also delivers a great music experience! The quick and easy access buttons on the sides control volume, mute the device, activate/deactivate the microphone and control the sound that can be adjusted to your taste using the modes: stereo, cinema, music, RPG, FPS and voice. If you take into account the 3-meter-long cable, nothing should go unfulfilled, but the overall package is simply not complete, even if there is an aux connection to it. The feeling remains: the device is literally pushing itself up and you can’t really do anything more than steadily quieter or switch it off. And that really hurts with this ingenious technique, but I think you’re not used to having a loudspeaker right near your ears all the time, as if you have ghetto blaster on both shoulders at the same time. Not only did Panasonic really make an effort when it comes to design, but there is no reason to not just walk around with the speakers all day long because they are super comfortable over the neck and barely noticeable after a short time. The soft fabric stretched over the speakers and the plastic backing, which is still rubber padded, makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. And as I said before, the 3-metre cable provides carefree freedom of movement, even if you’re playing Playstation like me while standing And to be able to connect the headphones anywhere, Panasonic has also included a jack adapter in the package. Well, basically a really great product, which is guaranteed and definitely gets enthusiastic. Perhaps I am personally very sensitive with headphones close to my head, but for me this is one of the reasons why I never used the neck loudspeaker for more than 30 minutes at a time, otherwise Panasonic did everything right in my case too. Immersion is definitely guaranteed, because it’s not only the clear sound that makes for a great experience, but also the closeness with which you experience that sound fulfills the purpose; you’re really right in the middle of it!

First a cool idea: loudspeakers (with cable) to wear around the neck. A real all-rounder package thanks to the microphone. Well, you can expect something for just under 180 EUR. But I found it hard to find a situation in which the gaming neck speaker replaces the previous tools, so let’s make a comparison at a glance: *** As a headset in the home office After USB connection on the PC, the device is quickly recognized. If the microphone is not automatically selected as the default, you have to change it later in the settings. The quality of the microphone is good, though not outstanding. It is always comfortable to wear. As an alternative, I either have a free webcam, so I don’t have anything on my body and can talk freely, or a headset (usually Bluetooth), so I can also move freely and it’s also pleasant. I don’t see any added value here in investing 180 EUR (and it looks pretty funny in the meeting). *** It ‘s not suitable for on the go. There’s too much outside noise here. So the gaming headset stays at home for now. *** As surround sound replacement Philips succeeds quite well (compared to the size of the device), so here I have to praise the manufacturer. Less praise is given in the area of voices (unnatural and pale/hollow) and expandable bass. Especially when you’re playing an action game (which is what 99% of players who buy a gaming headset do), something is simply missing. Another reviewer has already noted that FPS play is very accurate in terms of space and even gives you the ability (after some familiarization) to locate players faster by finding the direction of a sound better and easier than traditional headphones. In total, sound quality is inferior to high-quality (gaming) headphones. A surround system anyway. In sum, Philips is deliberately taking a path of compromise here. So anyone who is not yet allowed to own any of the above can think about striking here. However, I stick with the respective devices for the purpose (webcam with stereo microphone for home office, loudspeakers for on the road/at home, surround system for action). I therefore do not see any sensible use of the product for me. Everyone should ask themselves these questions and then decide on a purchase. It’s a good product (though not perfect), but it should also be useful to use, otherwise the price is too high.

At the time of this review this sound slayer gaming headset is £159. Now it does seem expensive but it is worth it. It was really easy to setup straight out of the box with minimal to none instruction reading. It connected to a ps4 in seconds. No faffing about just connected. You have to plug in the usb lead into the playstation with the other end into the speaker. You then add the other wire into the game controller. The usb wire that connects into the playstation is super long so dont worry about there being an awkward wire dangling across the living room. The speak itself is bendy / bouncy at the back so sits around your neck and on your shoulders super comfortably.

I’d like to compare these shoulder speakers to a $50 gaming headset, professional $200 studio headphones, and a $200 condenser microphone. Installation: The installation is very easy. The USB cable plugs into the PC. An information sheet immediately appears that the Panasonic loudspeakers are connected. Now you can switch between voice, stereo, FPS, RPG, CINEMA, and MUSIC modes for speakers. Windows recognizes the system as headphones. Be sure to switch from “chat – headphones” to “speakers”. Otherwise, everything looks flat, as if from bad headphones (just click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner and switch). The speakers can also be connected to the Nintendo Switch without any problems. Just plug in the included aux cable. Unfortunately, power must be supplied via USB here. Either with power bank or wall outlet via adapter. Wearing comfort: The system is relatively heavy. When I was playing, the weight didn’t bother me. Only when you want to relax listening to music or watching a movie can this system be too heavy for one or the other. Ambient noise: The Panasonic only disturbs surrounding people to a limited extent. The sound of the Panasonic is a little higher than when headphones are open. Only when a person is in the same room could the Panasonic be perceived as annoying. The Panasonic does not provide as good a pair of headphone shrouds the other way around either. For this reason, it is important that distracting sounds or conversations are “removed” from other people while playing games. On the other hand, you still perceive the surroundings. So that you can still hear the phone or the bell when you play, for example. An open system always has advantages and disadvantages. Compared to listening to music: When compared directly to a gaming headset, the Panasonic looks more open, drier and more detailed. It lacks a bit of bass though – especially when compared to a studio headphone. The overall volume of the Panasonic is also slightly lower. Here a hifi headphone is more suitable in my opinion. Surround cinema comparison: Of course, the Panasonic cannot replace a good 5.1 loudspeaker system. But he’s not supposed to do that at all. In cinema, the spatial structuring is clearly noticeable again. The surround is very good here. On the other hand, it is noticeable that the voices sound a little “hollow”. The bass might be a little bit stronger, but it’s strong enough not to be negative. In addition, the system vibrates slightly, which boosts the bass a bit. Comparison when playing FPS games: This is where the Panasonic shows what it’s capable of. The location and location of opponents is very good. This is also where the detailed one comes into play. I feel like there is a strong equalizer under the FPS setting so you can hear steps and reloads better. In comparison, studio headphones sound more neutral, resulting in the stronger bass from the studio headphones drowns out the steps a little. I have to say that playing with the Panasonic is a completely new gaming experience. The 5.1 sound, which is also recognized by the game, sounds a bit diffuse and takes some getting used to at first. But after an hour you get used to it and can actually locate opponents better – for example, whether they come from the side or from behind. This can result in a faster response. Microphone: I compared several microphones in a video. The Panasonic has less noise than the gaming headset. However, a cheap condenser microphone cannot be used. The condenser microphone is also much more complicated to install and is quite problematic to install. The Panasonic is therefore much less complicated, especially when it comes to playing. Bottom line: Every headphone or speaker is a compromise. But with a loudspeaker system that costs just under 200 EUR, I expect more than just a good gaming experience. The bass and volume is not enough for music in my opinion. The microphone during the game is a little better than the gaming headset, but I would have expected a little more. However, anyone looking for an uncomplicated and unusual speaker system to play is in good hands here. Especially when you can play undisturbed.

Panasonic Gn01e Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System –         Great concept, Sounds great, just missed the boat…

If headphones push too much or get too warm quickly or bother you in general, the Panasonic “sound collar” is a good alternative. The sound is good, speech intelligibility is great. You have to cut back on bass. Due to the design, there is hardly any pressure. The surround experience is good for that. The sound system is comfortable and does not interfere. It feels good quality. I used it in the home office now and it worked great. The microphone is also unobjectionable, at least nobody said anything negative about my voice quality. Feedback etc. was also not an issue. You are definitely not as cut off from life as you are with headphones, which I like. For gaming, you have to say that, the bass is already missing. you’re a little torn. Surround good but no bass. In addition, you might want to be sealed off when gaming. everyone just has to test that. The installation is a big plus! Get in the USB port and off you go! Great! Many greetings

When I thought that the world of gaming audio had already expressed its full potential through the latest generation soundbars or headphones, Panasonic launches this object, which looks almost like a something alien but that promises a small revolution in the use of sound, for gamers and simple users. It is a wearable system of speakers, to wear around the neck. Also convenient because it is very light, this sort of collar includes four four-channel surround speakers that allow an immersive, three-dimensional and realistic sound experience. The sound will come to us from every angle, for a revolutionary and unique experience. There are two built-in microphones. The device must be connected via an integrated usb cable or via a jack. You can choose from three preset sound modes: RGP, FPS and VOICE to optimize performance and customize them according to our activity. The side controls, located on the left side of the speaker, are very convenient to operate or change the microphone, select the mode (usb or aux) and on the right side to adjust the volume. The rather minimal packaging includes the device, the user manual, the aux cable.

I can’t say i really like this or understand the need for it over conventional speakers or headphones. All i can think is that it might appeal to someone who has sensory issues with regards to wearing headphones and requires a more discrete sound setup. What this does is make it so the normal tv speakers don’t need to be so loud, ideal for considerate play if you want to play late at night and not disturb people but don’t like wearing headphones. These can’t really be compared to headphones or proper speakers. The sound quality and bass if nowhere near equal. And the 3d immersiveness of the gameplay is just not as good as headphones. It seems pretty lacklustre compared to what i’m used to. Although these are so lightweight making them ideal for prolonged gameplay, the comfort is hampered by being wired. For use on my xbox it is aux to aux cable between these and my tv and a usb power cord into the console.

The media could not be loaded.  panasonic gn01e sound slayeri can’t say that its sound is exceptional enough to stand out above the rest, but it has a decent and crisp quality that lived up to my expectations. It automatically turns on once you plug it in the computer or ps. It has a welcome sound saying ‘sound slayer’. Instead of the traditional gaming headphones, these wearable speakers just sit on your shoulder. It gives a pseudo surround system with a rich and clear audio experience while gaming or simply watching a movie or listening to music. And since it sits on the shoulders, it has good noise cancellation. The only thing i am not fond of this product is the positioning of the control, which is quite far back from that at first, i find inconvenient. But after getting used to it, it is manageable anyway. I can’t find any reason to knock off a star, even though it could have been way better if it was cordless.

The Panasonic SC-GN01 gaming neck speakers have been an interesting experiment for me. So far I’ve only played with normal speakers but mostly with quality over-ear headsets. I thought the workmanship of the Panasonic loudspeakers was rather poor before unpacking, but right after the first unpacking I could tell that everything was better processed than expected. The soft material provides enough flexibility to rest comfortably on my shoulders/neck, the harder parts provide stability. The sound quality is also very good, of course they don’t really get an over-ear immersive experience, but they can compete with ordinary speakers because of the space savings at the desk. Of course, you can’t expect crazy bass here, but the overall sound quality is good. People in the surrounding area naturally listen to everything, just like normal speakers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t carry the loudspeakers for more than 3 hours because these constant “ambient noises” took away my concentration -> that’s probably more up to me than on the loudspeaker. The price is a bit steep, and could be cheaper in my opinion, so if you don’t have room for regular speakers and don’t want to wear a headset, you could have access here!

The neck speakers are very suitable for playing video games, especially for games such as Genshin Impact, because you can hear the surroundings well. The 4 channel surround sound and microphone worked well. I just had to plug it into my PC and it worked right out of the box. Unfortunately, the loudspeaker quickly reaches its limits when listening to music. But if you are looking for a good surround alternative to headphones for gaming which does not sound loudly to your neighbours, you will certainly find it here. They are very comfortable to wear. For the price, you could expect a little more sound quality, especially when listening to music in between. They’re a little weak on the chest. The delivery was quick and on time. For pure gaming, I recommend buying it.

Panasonic Gn01e Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System –         Great concept, Sounds great, just missed the boat…

I’ve use this speaker and mic combo both for listening to music and in calls whilst i work. I found the sound quality great, music has a decent tone to it and no complaints about volume, when at 50% the music could be clearly heard outside the room. I found that the cable pulled the speaker lopsided a little, but this was a fairly minor gripe really. My colleagues reported that they could hear me clearly but that the cable did introduce a bit of rustling to my audio if i moved too much. Worth noting that because the sound is clearly audible to everyone in the room, this may not suit in a busy environment. As such headphones are probably a better choice.

The neck loudspeaker arrived neatly packed in a box. The packaging of the speaker itself is optimally adapted to the size. Ecologically, that’s all right. The packaging contains instructions, a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm jack cable and the neck speaker itself. After unpacking, we went straight to the PC, and when plugged in, the soundslayer gives a nice and very easy to understand greeting. Just tried YouTube and started some music. There are several operating modes, including stereo, music and a few more. So first on stereo (the selected mode will be communicated acoustically) and start soundcheck. and unfortunately there’s not much to come. Volume is just enough, tonal very high and mid-stressed. bass? No report! So put the mode on music and hoped for more. and been bitterly disappointed. It got a little louder, the mids got a little more volume, but that was it. Well, with much less expectation, started a game and watched how the locating is, etc. You can hear the steps and shots well in CS, but the FPS mode produces such a diffuse sound that you can’t really tell exactly where it came from. It all sounds like it’s coming from the middle of my head. So changed the mode to RPG and noticed that it didn’t change anything. Cinema the same, only in stereo there is a real difference, but unfortunately not for the better! Coming to the built-in microphone. it works unexpectedly well, you can always be understood well, but unfortunately. my teammates listen to themselves while talking. You are therefore forced to use the mute button of the microphone again and again, which is rather suboptimally right in the middle of the game. Otherwise, all buttons are easily accessible and intuitive to use. The quality as a whole is quite convincing, it doesn’t seem cheap but somehow it should be a little more. The wearing comfort is ok and surely more comfortable in the long run than with a headset, but it does make you feel a bit strange to have this part around your neck. It just doesn’t feel right. But all of this is of no use. because let’s be honest, we have 2021 and. the soundslayer doesn’t have Bluetooth. You have to connect everything via cable. sorry Panasonic, but that’s not really possible today and above all, it would have opened up a much wider use for the soundslayer. My personal recommendation is. buy a good headset for the money. It just sounds better. The soundslayer is simply no alternative. However, if you are specifically looking for something like this and can live with the drawbacks in space and sound, you are sure to find the right thing here.

Panasonic has always had good name in electrical goods but this sound slayer has a few limitations. Not recommended for gaming due to the game sound over riding talk back from friends even though they can’t hear my game sound. Ok to listen to audio such as youtube and for film. The sound isn’t great just ok. The lead gets in the way because it is too long and believe for the pretty high price it should be wireless. The plus side is that it is very comfortable to listen for long periods of time. I like it but don’t love it.

I bought the SC-GN01 gaming neck speakers from Panasonic because I liked the concept. Since I work on standby duty now and then and therefore also have to listen to my mobile phone, my normal headset hangs at half past eight every time. However, as it is important to hear from which direction the opponents are coming from is important in many games, normal speakers are not suitable. The Panasonic neck speakers arrived safely packaged to me. The first impression was great, from workmanship to design. They feel heavier in the hand than they thought. Basically, you have two loudspeakers on the left and right, which are held on the neck with a flexible rubber. There are four rubber pads on the underside, which you put on your shoulders. With this concept, you have a loudspeaker in front of your ears on the right and left and right behind your ears. On the right side are the speakers mute and volume up/down buttons. On the left side, you can mute the microphone and switch between the 3 sound modes. The first test took place on Playstation 5. The speakers are comfortable to carry and are not perceived as a burden on the shoulders. The rubber that connects both sides is very flexible and should therefore fit around any neck. The USB cable is about 3 meters long, so you can sit far enough away from the console. The speakers work very well in the first-person shooter mofus, that’s how I imagined it. It’s clear which direction someone is buying from. Unfortunately, the volume isn’t particularly high, so outside sounds can disrupt the gaming experience unless it’s intended. The voice mode downregulates the music, which makes it easier to understand how to speak. This also works very well in voice chat. The role-playing mode or music/cinema mode is not that convincing. The speakers simply lack the sound/bass. I would definitely prefer to use a normal headset here. Conclusion: The speakers are great for first-person shooter games! Anyone who is dependent on extraneous noise, like me, has a great solution here. However, if you want to listen to music or watch movies, you should use a normal headset or a proper system. I give it 4 stars.

Interesting ‘wearable’ sound system so was keen to try it. Quite bendythe box as normal panasonic looks like a quality product and makes. Appealing to the gamer market all over the box. Really comfortable to wear for long periods. Though a bit confused as it way it’s a fixed wired product, surely it could have had both options. Even though the wire is fairly long, it does get in the way a bit, also you can quite easily forget you have it on after an hour or so. Nowadays putting in a bluetooth and rechargeable batt is standard. There are controls on the unit and a bit far back on the unit, but you soon learn where they are, a nice touch would have been to include controls actually onto the wire itself. Simple setup on both pc, ps4 was recognised and worked straight away. Plug and play at its best, instant sound however as with most things if your a bass geek, it’s not great, it’s fine for me, but you just feel it could do with a bit more at timesa few sound modes, slight differences to me , but nothing mind blowing but it’s a nice touch to have as people will hear different things i am sure.

This was absolutely a plug and play item. Once i had plugged it into my usb –c port on my pc it was up and running and ready to go. The sound is sharp and clear. There are seventeen sound levels that are adjusted by pressing the sound + and – buttons. In addition you can swap out the sound to suit the game you are playing. There’s an rpg mode, a first person shooter mode, a voice enhancing mode for chat a music mode and a cinema mode that enhances spatial sound and power. You can mute the microphone too for chat. As you change modes and mute, you will get a message to tell you what mode you are in and if the mike is muted. The speaker sound and balance can also be adjusted and how to do this is included in the instructions. The device itself is light and sits comfortably on my shoulders even for long periods of time.

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