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This has replaced our old yamaha soundbar, which didn’t really have the richness or depth of sound (or, if i’m honest, volume) for our high-ceilinged living room or my slightly deaf husband. This one, in comparison, is amazing. When watching drama or documentaries, every word is audible, whereas before we sometimes had to resort to putting subtitles on. For music, the sound is rich and glorious with an excellent bass response due to the wireless subwoofer. There are presets on the tiny, slightly fiddly remote which are deemed suitable for ‘cinema’, ‘music’ or ‘standard’ – try these and see which sounds best to you. You can also adjust the bass response independently of the volume control, which is useful on occasions. Setting the soundbar up with our jvc/amazon fire tv was not entirely straightforward. The manual doesn’t tell you very much beyond how to unpack and connect the soundbar, and it took some rifling through the tv manual before we found the reason why we weren’t hearing sound despite having connected the arc-compliant hdmi lead correctly – for the record, we needed to go into display settings and turn our tv’s hdmi cec device control toggle to ‘on’. (you can also connect the soundbar via optical if you wish, but the sound quality won’t be as good). However, once all connected, the tv remote brings the soundbar to life as well, and controls its volume.

Bass is too boomy at times and cannot be controlled down sufficiently.

Purchased this to go with my panasonic oled tv which has rear mounted upward facing speakers (sort of atmos) but not all that good. Connected this up paired with the tv and dvd player, what a difference. Good clear sound plenty of base this is not atmos but more than happy with the results. You can pair any bluetooth device and play audio. The remote is somewhat disappointing although it does do the job.

On first impression both the sound bar and the sub woofer are quite neat and slim line unlike some bulkier speakers. Both need access to mains power which for myself was a bit of bother as i needed an extension cord as i already had full ports for my tv and sky box etc. On the whole though that was a minor detail. The sound bar was easy to connect to bluetooth and played music very clearly from my phone and other devices. It came with a small remote which could control volume and gave options to change the sound with cinema mode, music and sports etc. When connected with the sub woofer this did change the effect and minimised the bass from the speaker. The sub woofer itself had a very ‘booming’ bass to it and when increased using the remote was very powerful. I did like the ability to minimise that as living in a flat i didn’t want to upset neighbours with a very strong bass. Admittedly i struggled with connecting it to my television, but this may have been due to not having a hdmi arc cable or an optical cable available as no additional cables were provided with the speakers. I found the instruction manual very vague therefore had to use the internet for troubleshooting.

Panasonic Sc-Htb490ebk Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar –         Fantastic Soundbar.  It transforms your living room into a cinema.

Really easy , super easy to set up. You just download the app, plug it in and i was able to set it up in minutes. It also co ordinated with my existing alexa products. Linked up to spotify to and the first time i have linked a speaker up to my smart tv and it worked straight away. The bar is very long , so please measure it . It’s really sturdy , solid and property heavy. It comes with a separate speaker. I had a very well known brand sound bar previously and thiis much better in sound. You can easily adjust sound settings , through the app and it has a light up display that gives you info. Overall it is experience but the sound quality is excellent and set up very easily.

I am amazed by how clear the sound reproduction is, and the 3d surround effect fills the room. Spreading the sound across eight speakers over a long soundbar makes for brilliant clarity. The soundbar easily paired with both my android tablet and phone so that i can play music from those devices as well. A neat little remote provides all the functions for the soundbar, together with the clear display mounted behind the front grille. Overall, the appearance is very sleek and smooth, with an unobtrusive black finish. The big advantage of a soundbar over a surround system is that there are no trailing wires. The initial setup of the soundbar, including connecting to the wi-fi is via an easy to download app, which is accessed by a qr code in the instruction booklet. Once set up on my tablet, i was guided through the installation process which took only a few minutes. What took somewhat longer was installing the software updates which were offered the moment the internet was connected. I had hoped that connecting the hdmi output from my blu-ray player to the soundbar input one and connecting the hdmi output from the soundbar to the tv set would be the way to go, but with my equipment i only got sound from the soundbar and no picture on the tv.

Does what it says on the advert.

Easy to set up with the single hdmi to tv and then my cable box and bluray linking directly to the soundbar. The subwoofer is very lightweight and links wirelessly to the main unit. The main unit has a really good weight to it, the speakers within are of the highest quality and make a superb sound. The range and quality at volume is the best i’ve heard from a soundbar in this price range.

The item is neat, and sounds good, a bit expensive, but i think the sound makes it worth the money.

This is not a full review, but people say it has no pass through for hdr10+ or dolby vision, that’s true, ‘but’ panasonic players or players that includes hdmi audio out only port too, just simply plug the other end into that, and plug hdmi main video, output, of player into arc hdmi of tv, ‘hey presto’ hdr10+ and dolby vision achieved, all depends on players and tvs that includes hdr10+ and dolby vision, of one of them. Older generation tvs and players may only support just hdr10 ‘not’ the plus, or dolby vision. So it doesn’t matter about getting the new picture formats through the sound bar, as long as the player also includes hdmi audio output, as well. If a sound bar settings menu is needed then plug another hdmi cable into hdmi 1 or 2 output and tv just for the menu set up, maybe change that tv hdmi channel’s name to sound bar settings. Suspiria 4k disc, is a good film for its atmos sound the heavy breathing sounds travel around even at the heights too. Deepwater horizon, and ready player one, and the indiana jones 4k box set are other great dolby atmos movies to watch with it, crimson peak and howard the duck for dtsx, also with 3d surround turned on, for atmos or dtsx. A reviewer from homecinemachoice. Com says it does not do sounds from height, but so wrong they are for saying that, as they may have forgotten to turn on the 3d surround on for atmos and dtsx.

Punchy subwoofer – great overall soundbar.

Bought this as a replacement for an existing panasonic soundbar/subwoofer system that was proving to be incompatible with a recently upgraded tv & sky q box as i was experiencing drop out of sound, loss of volume level display etc. This “expensive” unit was simple to set up, link directly to a single remote control and has restored all the functionality that was missing. The sound is very good & easily & infinitely adjustable to suit your requirements although, despite all the new additions of atmos etc. Not discernibly different to the old system but still tinkering with the options. The quality is up to panasonic’s usual standard although this is not reflected in the remote control which is on the flimsy side but will used only rarely once set up. The subwoofer is on the big side and the sound bar is best suited to sit alongside a 55” tv or larger so check your dimensions. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic Sc-Htb490ebk Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar:

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Cinematic Experience: Enjoy cinematic sound with powerful and heavy bass – An exceptional home theatre Soundbar that delivers a powerful, rich sound from all directions so you can enjoy an optimum cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.
  • Total Output of 320W. With an immersive home cinema experience – With two full-range, forward facing, speaker units (4.5 x 12cm) the soundbar alone achieves an impressive 240W total output. Bass reflex ports enhance the sound performance further. HTB490 produces a powerful sound that’s far bigger than its compact dimensions would suggest.
  • Bass Reflex Ports: Heightens the bass which creates a more immersive experience – HTB490 enhances it’s sonic performance with two bass reflex ports – positioned adjacent to the full-range speakers to emphasise bass tones. With this compact soundbar you’ll hear all the rich, dynamic and involving cinematic sound – so you’ll feel closer to the action too.
  • Wireless Subwoofer: For impressive room filling bass – HTB490 comes with a powerful wireless-subwoofer for deep and clear bass. A separate subwoofer creates deep, convincing bass for a true cinematic experience. The subwoofer connects wirelessly via Bluetooth – so you can place it where it best enriches your movie experience
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: Pair your devices – The powerful 240W (120 W sub, 120W main unit) speaker system has Bluetooth, so you can listen to music from your smart devices wirelessly. Track selection and volume control are controlled from the device itself – so you can easily listen to your tunes. Even connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled TV.
  • Connector Type: Optical
  • Output Wattage: 320.0 watts
  • Power Source Type: Corded Electric

Panasonic Sc-Htb490ebk Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar –         Fantastic Soundbar.  It transforms your living room into a cinema.

The sound bar and subwoofer come in one, odd shaped box, but are well packaged. It’s a smart and tidy-looking package, which looks good. The sub woofer is wireless and can be placed where you want it, out of the way, which is a real bonus. The sound bar has two lights that is supposed to show the setting being used, however, even looking on internet, i have been unable to find anything to actually which colour and light combination is used for the settings. There are five different sound settings, but only three buttons on the remote control to change between the five settings, which makes it hard to be sure which setting is being used. A text box on the sound bar would be better. The remote could certainly be clearer and easier to use and the lack of information on what button is changing what on the remote and on the soundbar is decidedly unhelpful. Couldn’t find any further explanations from their website either. Setting up the sound bar is quite simple, although the sound is affected on where the sub-woofer is located. When the sound bar is set up using the optical digital audio cable the sound is quite poor and not as good as my previous sound bar, which is at least five years old.

The sound quality is very good, but the menu system is somewhat tedious. If i select (say) ‘3d surround’ for a film it might come up with ‘not valid’. Then i have to find which sound mode was last selected and turn it off before i can select 3d surround as i have the soundbar matched to my new panasonic tv it would be really good if the sounds menu came up on the tv screen.

Lovely just what i was looking for. Works great with my new toshiba tv the sound is crisp and clear.

Over the past 2-3 weeks i’ve tries several soundbars, lg, phillips, sony, all disappointing. The last one i had was a sonos beam gen2, which was ok when playing dolby atmos or dolby 5. 1, but when watching channels like itv hd via sky the beam was horrible, it simply couldn’t handle speech, i’m unsure if the thing was vibrating internally, or the electronics just couldn’t cope, but it sounded terrible. So despite sonos saying this wasn’t a ‘fault’ & just a ‘feature’ of the beam. ? it went back & was replaced with the panasonic sc-htb600, and what a great piece of kit it is. All the stuff that sounded horrible on the beam sounds fine on the panasonic, atmos & dolby 5. 1 are fantastic, voice is clear, bass is tight, surround sound is impressive, i’m a happy bunny again.

Controversially, i am not using this with our tele, but as just a mammoth bluetooth speaker in our dining room, which doubles as my music room. We live in an edwardian terrace, so although the walls are pretty thick we can still hear next doors tele through the walls of our dining room. As we are nice, kind and considerate neighbours (), i feel like i couldn’t really set this up and use it with our lg 4k tele as i would always be conscious of whether our neighbour could hear every sound through the walls. Explosions, gun shots, etc would sound great in our house, but probably not in theirs. As this is bluetooth though there is nothing in the instructions stating: hey, you have to use this with your tele. Being quite old i am a ‘physical formats’ kind of guy, so i buy a hell of a lot of vinyl plus the odd cd here and there. I do use spotify to stream music and also use deezer so i can listen to some radio stations such as lbc. My sony turntable is hooked up to my hifi separates, but as it is a ps-lx310bt, it has built-in bluetooth capability. I easily hooked up my turntable to the sc-htb900ebk and it sounded out of this world. Setting up the soundbar was pretty straightforward, even for me, who has never owned a soundbar in my life. Well, only a £20 usb one from tescos. The box is massive and heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, but i finally cleared some room and unpacked the thing. On the rear of the soundbar there is a recess – a pretty tight one too – where your physical cables connect, so you have three hdmi connections (two in, one out), an ethernet port plus optical input. Note the lack of a physical aux socket, so you won’t be able to plug in a non-bluetooth stereo/ipod, etc using a standard 3.

This sound bar exceeded my expectations. The powerful subwoofer is thunderous in a smallish room and enhanced the cinema experience when connected through my 4k blu ray player. Highly recommended and worth the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fabulous, great sound and Dolby Atmos
  • Superb Dolby Atmos Soundbar and Subwoofer – go for it you won’t be disappointed!!
  • Excellent

Panasonic Sc-Htb490ebk Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar –         Fantastic Soundbar.  It transforms your living room into a cinema.

At first, the setup between google home and the soundbar os was slightly tricky, but once the firmware update was made everything sounded great.

I’ve been musing on this review for quite a while now, hoping that time would make me love this more than i actually do. It’s telling that at one point the unit switched itself off and we didn’t feel the immediate need to press a couple of buttons to turn it back on again. I was expecting great sound and ended up decidedly underwhelmed, an expectation of great things meeting a reality of fairly average. So, fairly plug and play this, which is great, although it has many specific features it might take you a while to work your way through using. Check the measurements of the sound bar, it was a lot wider than i was expecting, out fairly large stand was only just wide enough. Nice solid bar that felt well made. Unlike the very basic remote control. Sub-woofer looked underwhelming but actually produced a solid bass. You can read for yourself the many technical aspects and capability, but it comes down to one thing. Does it make your sound spectacular and suck you into the atmosphere, and is it worth the money for that experience?.

All good , brilliant sound and it’s my 3rd panasonic sound bar and all 3 have been brilliant.

This is the first soundbar i’ve used that has a separate subwoofer, and boy is it effective. So much so that we generally have it on the lowest setting when watching movies so we don’t wind up the neighbours. The subwoofer is wireless — connecting to the soundbar painlessly via bluetooth, which is then connected to the arc hdmi port on our philips tv, at which point, we can use the philips remote to control the volume of the soundbar system. Sound quality is excellent – certainly on a par with my recent bose, and it brings new life to an existing tv. We found ourselves using the included remote control, in addition to the tv remote, so we could control the sub-woofer settings as, depending on the streaming/tv service, it could sometimes be a bit overbearing. At the current price of a shade under £200, this is the most cost-effective soundbar i’ve tested. Comfortably a match for soundbars costing three times as much.

This is a review for the sc-htb900ebk not the sc-htb600ebkthought i would update my old panasonic soundbar to dolby atmos & dts:x and after a lot of research i went for the sc-htb900ebk as i had no problems with my old panasonic the reviews were good and it was a good price from amazon. Firstly, out of the box this is a well-made solid piece of kit and was surprised how heavy it was. Getting down to the nitty gritty and why we buy a soundbar in the first place,the 3d surround was fantastic and the berliner philharmonic hall mode which needs the new firmware update does fill the room nicely but…. And this is a big but there is no bass whatsoever. This is so disappointing and have tried everything i can do to improve this. My old panasonic had 1-6 bass, plus bass boost, this unit has 1-4 bass and that’s it. I had to put my hand over the speaker to check it was working and when you switch it of you do not even notice. The sound is fantastic so clear and crisp but if like me you want to feel the explosive moments then this is not the soundbar for you. I am so disappointed and somewhat amazed that the 250w subwoofer delivers next to nothing bass and for this its going back and i’m back to square one. I only give this 3 stars for the sound because of the bass but the sound apart from this is fantastic so if you live in a flat and do not want the neighbours complaining this would be perfect.

Much better than the sony model we had previously.

Panasonic Sc-Htb490ebk Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar –         Fantastic Soundbar.  It transforms your living room into a cinema.

I upgraded to the sc-htb600 from my old panasonic soundbar which i’d had for about 4 years. I thought it was about time and straight out of the box this feels like a different beast than it’s predecessor. The sound is fantastic listening to music. I’ve only watched one movie so far (made sure it had dolby atmos) and it blew me away. The only problem overall is the ‘optical digital audio’ lead is in such an awkward space it’s really hard to insert the cable correctly. Mine’s sort of holding in there, but one nudge and it will come straight out. It says in the manual to insert the tip correctly but it’s virtually impossiblethat’s my only gripe though.

So much better than my old sony surround system. Great clear sound, excellent base and easy to setup. Sounds great with films and the dolby atmos is pretty good considering. After looking at various products including bose, sony and polke this certainly value for money and gives amazing sound.

Great sounding soundbar, and remote sub. Various inputs so should connect to any tv. The wireless sub has its own mains lead, and nothing else which is a massive plus point as theres no trailing cables to the sub. Works with hdmi and optical. I ran an optical cable and it doesnt have any dead time – my old soundbar would mute for about a second if the sound went quiet, the panasonic does not suffer from that. The remote control is small and simple. It works well without any issues. In conclusion, its not cheap and its not perfect – the bass is a little bit boomy for my liking and the sound is delayed by maybe a tenth of a second compared to the tv (our tv is also a panasonic) – our old soundbar was a sony and there was no sound delay with that. If you have both the tv and the soundbar on it sounds like theres a small echo. We therefore use the soundbar only, and we dont have the tv volume on at all.

My original soundbase developed a distortion so had to remove and revert to standard tv sound until a replacement soundbar was found. Until then we became used to the basic, unclear, flat and limited sound range of the tv. Eventually we chose the panasonic htb600 and we are very pleased with the choice. From first switching on the soundbar, the improvement over the tv sound is huge. I used the hdmi arc connection that allows the tv to switch on the soundbar and control the volume. After setting up we do not use the supplied remote control, which is small but for me that is a good thing because it can be easily stored or hidden away because we do not need to use it. The wireless sub-woofer is situated behind our sofa and just comes out of standby when the tv is switched on. The bass level can be adjusted to suit your ears, ours is on maximum now the sound, my original sound base was boomy. The standard tv sound was flat. This panasonic htb600 is incredible.

This soundbar from panasonic impressed me as soon as i got it out of the box. It seems well-made and looks modern and sleek – it’s understated looks mean that it can effectively ‘disappear’ nicely at the front of a room. It doesn’t have too much height, so sits nicely in front of the tv on our stand without blocking any of the tv. It was incredibly easy to get this soundbar up and running – i had no issues at all, which was brilliant. I’m no acoustic expert but the sound seems great and it also seems to do a pretty good job of making sound move around or come from different areas of the room. The remote that it comes with is pretty small and, to be honest, i don’t tend to use it that much. However, it is possible to do pretty much everything that you need to with it. Overall i am really pleased with this soundbar. It definitely adds a whole new level to the tv over just using the tv speakers and the ease of use is brilliant.

I have tried so many sound bars over the years from all the big brands , most have sounded terrible all bass and bright trebleso i thought i would give this a try and am glad i didi have it set on straight and sub on level 2 which is the best sound i get out of it ,the bass is solid the treble natural very good for music i listen to spotify through it al the timei highly recommend this soundbar don’t get a cheaper one go for this.

Panasonic Sc-Htb490ebk Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar –         Fantastic Soundbar.  It transforms your living room into a cinema.

A moderately large product that is supplied in an l-shaped carton. There are several incomplete elements to the product description that apply to the ‘panasonic sc-htb490ebk slim home theatre/cinema soundbar with bluetooth, powerful bass performance and wireless subwoofer 320w’ and it is recommended that potential purchasers visit the brand’s web-site to fill them as best possible. In general terms, its features are comparable to many others although it does not offer an aux input which can sometimes be useful with other devices, e. Mp3 players and some ‘phones. Unfortunately, it also does not include an optical or hdmi cable (hdmi will usually provide best performance) that may be preferred to bluetooth and one or both will probably need to purchased if needed. Although mid-priced, the soundbar only houses twin, slightly upwardly-angled 4. 5 x 12 cm speaker units that are claimed to be ‘full-range’, suggesting that much of its internal space is possibly vacant; it is the lowest spec model within panasonic’s range. A combination of mid-range units, tweeters and appropriate cross-over units would create the impression of better value and, potentially, improved audio performance; it is acceptable as-is although high treble is noticeably subdued. Similarly, the sub-woofer’s casing suggests that a larger bass unit than is actually used would be theoretically possible.

Great sound quality and a great price. Just another solid product from panasonic.

A good sound bar giving what it says on the box.

In my opinion, this is one of the best audio sounds on the market, at the moment. The soundbar is quite large. Its sound quality is crystal clear, and gives a similar effect to that experienced when you are sat at the movies. The subwoofer, that comes with the soundbar, allows for the lower frequencies of sound to be heard and felt, this creates an amazing effect when watching a movie, bringing every explosion, gunshot and passing car into the room with you. Each can be felt and heard as though you were there with them. Alongside the television connection, you can also connect your phone through the bluetooth mode on the soundbar, allowing for you to play/stream music easily into your living space. The soundbar is quite long, in comparison to some other soundbars, but it does have a much more indepth sound quality to it. I would however expect this for the price. The soundbar, looks expensive, and sounds expensive. Guests coming in, have commented on the sound quality given when the tv is on, and it is really loved by my teenage son, who says it has added a whole new dimension to watching his action movies.

Sound quality is excellent, however its let down by inputs there are no jack input for amazon echo units (unless you pair it via bluethooth) and no phono inputs so how can i plug my record player in?. The only way round this is to use a bluetooth record deck if you have one or usb to pc which means having to have the pc booted up. For this price range you would expect these type of inputs as standard.

Sound bar takes a while to click in but when it does its amazing.

Panasonic Sc-Htb490ebk Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar –         Fantastic Soundbar.  It transforms your living room into a cinema.

A nice sounding sound bar with bluetooth connected woofer. We have had this hooked up to the tv via arc htmi connection though you could use an optical connection and even bluetooth with the right tv. The sound is nice and realistic, and you have the option to optimise for tv music or cinema, sound.

Easy to install and sounds great.

Positives: build quality is up to the usual high standard you would expect from panasonic. Sound quality is absolutely stunning.1 surround but it does a cracking job at hugely beefing up your viewing experience with good separation and deep grumbling bass. Coupled with my atmos compatible pana tv and watching netflix atmos content it really sounds superb. Subwoofer just connects via wireless bluetooth automatically so very simple and then a couple of hdmi cables from skyq hdr and then into my hdmi arc socket on the tv (i upgraded to 2. 1 compatible cables as well) to get up and running. Guess it helps that my tv is a panasonic as well so they ‘talk’ to each other easily. Take time to read the manual to get the sound you personally like (it’ll be worth it).

Good quality sounds good thickness just right.

Ordered the sound bar for the tv, it arrived quickly, was easy to set up (although i did need to order a new cable) but unfortunately broke a week later (the display stopped working). I spoke to the supplier, who arranged an exchange in next to no time.

The subwoofer is bigger than ones i have had before and neither it or the sound bar itself are particularly aesthetically pleasing, in fact they are quite ‘boxy’. It is very easy and intuitive to set it up and the wireless speaker connection is really good. The sound is good, as you would expect, but not great, as you might hope for. Overall it is a good system, not a great one and a little disappointing.

Out of box experience, setup & build quality===================================lifting the main unit out the box, it’s immediately obvious it has good build quality, with a solid feel. Sadly, i didn’t get that same feel from the sub woofer, which felt a bit cheap in comparison. The unit was easy to set up, and i liked how the wireless sub ‘just worked’, it didn’t require pairing. Setup was fairly painless, if you have a wired connection, just plug in it. If you need to use wireless, you need to use the google home app to configure the wireless settings. After that, it offered me a firmware update, which i mistakenly accepted, assuming it would be quick. 35 minutes later ,it was still going and at the end, it appears to lock up and i had to pull the power plug to reset it. Not a great user experience. After all this, it finally did come back, and then i could use it proper. In addition to the main unit and sub, also included in the box is an ir extender, in case your soundbar blocks your tv ir window, a remote control, and a pair of wall mounting brackets.

Huge improvement over my previous soundbar and it’s as good as my old onkyo esperares system but without the clutter. The audio performance is outstanding. My only criticism is the small cheap remote that is included with such a premium system. In saying that it doesn’t need to be used much as the tv remote is always used. Also the system is nicely calibrated so that you do not need to mess around too much with the settings anyway. I was skeptical that a soundbar could sound this goods, especially after experiencing separates. The audio really does fill the room with immersive, detailed audio.

Was apprehensive to purchase at first as i was tempted by bose, however i’m glad that i took plunge to get this, delivers on sound and the sub hits the mark. Would recommend getting a decent hdmi cable for arc connection.

(in fairness, this probably deserves 4 1/2 stars). I’m a big fan of panasonic vision – i have two of their gorgeous oleds in my home and have been a faithful advocate of them for a while. My system before this, however, was a samsung 7. 1 that is still going strong after a decade even though i rarely get the chance to truly experience its power. I’ve often been dubious of soundbars in the past having never fully been convinced by the balance of oomph and nuance they have; i always thought they were a space-saving device rather than a audiophile’s dream. Yet the panasonic 490 is seriously impressive – i’m a convert. The first thing to say is just how neat the machine looks. Subwoofers tend to scare some away as they take up valuable space, but this one looks sleek and attractive. The soundbar itself as wall mounting fixtures though can sit on a flat surface too. The bar has hdmi, usb and optical input, all which worked immediately.

Use it for my tv, and watching films and tv is brilliant.

Sound quality is excellent, relatively easy to set up.

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