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The Panasonic TX-43JXW604 impresses with a crisp 4K HDR image and modern smart TV features, so you can almost do without optional extensions via streaming stick. The sound is good for a TV but it doesn’t knock me down. If that’s not enough, you can of course simply connect a sound bar or sound system. HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), eARC and optical connection are all included. You only have to do without an Ambilight or retrofit it separately. ► Connections and functions Internet functions: DLNA, HbbTV, Smart TV, built-in web browser Digital tuner: antenna (DVB-T), antenna (DVB-T2 HD), antenna (DVB-T2), cable (DVB-T2), cable HD (DVB-C HD), satellite (DVB-S), satellite HD (DVB-S2 HD) recording functions: timer function, USB recording (PVR ready), time-delayed television (Time Shift) Comfort features: EPG, HDCP decryption, HDMI ARC (audio return channel), HDMI-CEC, hotel mode, child lock, sleep timer, voice control, subtitle support, teletext, automatic channel search, eARC, integrated speakers, integrated media player, multilingual OSD network features: Easy mirroring, swipe & share, TV Anywhere, integrated WLAN and LAN connection (1x) Connections: antenna connection, headphone output Number of HDMI inputs: 3 USB connection: 2 x USB 2.0 Number of common interface plus (CI+) slots: 1 digital outputs (optical) : 1 ► Advantages and disadvantages razor-sharp image vivid colors even in sunlight light (easy to wear alone) easy installation Firefox OS based SmartTV (easily install thousands of apps from the PlayStore -> even VPN software) fast response of the Menus HDR, 4K and full array LED TV with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa economical in terms of power consumption (the new EU label does convey something else, but this TV would be an A category earlier without any problems) HDMI ARC HDMI2.1 KNX capable gaming mode , integrated WLAN and LAN connection Voice control USB recording function good sound even without a sound system thanks to Compact Surround Sound Pro & Dolby Atmos (but of course even better with a soundbar or sound system) 🟡 Automatic switching from Fire TV to the HDMI input does not work no ambilight sound is ok, but if it is not optimal settings sound very bad no AirPlay out of the box separate microphone required for Alexa cumbersome menu navigation Remote control is unusually bad and inaccurate ️ Conclusion The Panasonic TX-43JXW604 offers almost everything you need or want. The menus react quickly and smoothly, giving you an almost unlimited choice of apps and options. The image is very colorful, vivid and above all razor sharp. My girlfriend immediately noticed the difference to our old TV in the same series. The sound is also pretty good for such a small TV, but of course no comparison with the soundbar and co. Overall, a really convincing and modern TV with a lot of technology and all that at an absolutely fair price-performance ratio. Buy recommendation? — I hope my review was useful and was able to help with the purchase decision? Thank you very much!

The Panasonic TX-43JXW604 108 cm LED TV is packed in a cardboard box that is severely damaged. It looks like “dropped off the truck.” The labelling on the box is clear and easy to read. The technical information can be found in the product description. Instructions for use are included. The TV is lightweight and easy to mount. Image and sound are in average. The television is enough for just watching movies, but it doesn’t impress with exceptional picture and sound quality. The remote control looks old-fashioned and is a bit difficult to use. The product is fine, but not thrilled. Limited buy recommendation.

█ Positive ️ Very good picture ️ Reacts quickly, almost instantaneously in Smart TV mode (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video.) ️ 4K and HDR ️ Stable Wi-Fi connection ️ Good sound █ Negative Brightness too bright even with the lowest brightness level Not optimally implemented as a Smart TV Only fewer apps available, as there is no Android operating system No Bluetooth remote control Operation a bit cumbersome █ In detail The setup of the TV is very simple. The stand simply screws onto the TV with four screws. The base has a classic design and is not obtrusive. The narrow frame makes the TV look beautiful and makes a good impression in the living room. The ports on the back are easily accessible. However, I can’t understand why the power connection is on the right, where all other connections are on the left. This means that you have a little more effort to bundle and hide the cables. After setting up the TV, you land on the TV screen. We don’t have an antenna connection because we do everything via WiFi. This means that every time, you have to press the home button and arrow up to get to the “Smart TV”. Unfortunately, the start page cannot be set in the menu. I find it very impractical. In addition, the icons on the Smart TV page are very small. These are displayed in two lines at the bottom of the screen. That doesn’t even take up ¼ of the screen. The remaining ¾ are simply black. From my point of view, the concept of smart TV was not understood here and it was completely misimplemented. Furthermore, an operating system based on Firefox OS is used here and not Android OS, as you can read in some places. That’s why you have access to relatively few apps. Panasonic made a big mistake with the carelessly designed media site (Smart TV site). I argue that most people now stream what they want to watch and less watch the “normal” TV channels. Therefore, the Smart TV side should be the central point of a smart TV. But what you have to say positively is the fact that the apps load quickly and you can navigate through the apps quickly. I am thrilled by the picture of the Panasonic television. The colors are strong and black is also really black. It’s a real pleasure to watch something on this television. A small minus point that was noticed with the YouTube app, for example: When you are on the start page, the screen is much too bright, even at the lowest brightness level. But as soon as you play a video, it gets better. The sound is absolutely fine. As with most televisions, bass is also lacking here. Most people will use an external soundbar or sound system anyway that value good sound. █ Conclusion For currently €448 (as of 12/16/21) you get a well-equipped classic TV with a great picture and good sound. There are weaknesses in the area of smart TV and operation. If you watch a normal TV program, you will be happy with the television. All those who often access online content will be a bit annoyed by the operation.

Incredibly good black levels for a backlight LED television. Have compared an OLED TV and the television with the Panasonic at home and I am very positively surprised that such an inexpensive Panasonic television has such a good picture. Although I have also read here in many recessions that the picture should be very good, except for a few people who are not technically savvy, who because the RTL SD image is pixelated, pushing it to the television, the television can’t do anything about it if the picture quality of the channel is extremely compressed. The colour and viewing angle are great. Viewed from different angles, the picture is viewed and are super satisfied. Although I’m an extreme nagger when it comes to image quality. Especially with televisions with LED technology, which display the black levels in grey, I was not satisfied with the image quality, which is why we also have an OLED TV, but I can’t find anything to complain about with the Panasonic. The TV should be set to dynamic energy-saving mode to minimum and you have a perfect picture. Oh yes, contrast to 90 instead of 100. The sound for 2 x 10 watt speakers is okay not bad and nice super, a solid medium. Comparable televisions from other brands in the price segment below €500 have no picture quality nearly as good as this Panasonic television, you can tell that Panasonic has come under pressure and offers good quality at a reasonable price to attract customers. In the past, Panasonic had to pay at least double, if not more, for such good quality. Such a price-performance ratio deserves the full 5 stars. After three weeks of use, I am very satisfied with the TV, the apps run smoothly, the menu is fast and you can put together individual menu items in a list of favorites. It’s super convenient.

The Panasonic with a screen diagonal of 108 cm is delivered securely packaged in its original box and makes a perfectly finished impression at first glance. There are no visible defects in the material or on the screen. Everything necessary for installation and operation is included, including a detailed, comprehensible user manual and a remote control that takes a bit of getting used to. If the TV is not intended for wall mounting (VESA 100 x 100 wall mount required), the stand must first be fixed with four screws, which turns out to be a bit fiddly as the lower screw holes are difficult to access. Overall, the TV measures approximately 97 x 61 x 24 cm, stands securely and does not wobble, but cannot be rotated or tilted. All connections (3x HDMI, 2x USB, satellite, cable, CI+, LAN, optical digital output, headphone output) are located on the back panel and on the left side. The television was connected to the in-house cable system, and the CI+ module with HD+ card was immediately recognized. After switching on, the installation process starts. You don’t have to do anything else except follow the individual steps that are shown. The Wi-Fi network was found promptly and remains stable. The station search is relatively fast. In principle, I find the menu navigation a bit cumbersome and annoying from time to time, as does the remote control, which sometimes reacts unsteady. The image quality, on the other hand, is quite convincing. There are also various setting options with which the view can be adjusted to your own taste. In HD, the image content is reproduced clearly and colorfast, no blurring or distortion, no banding or clouding. In contrast, I find the sound of the Panasonic rather average and not particularly outstanding, yet clear and clear. Nevertheless, I recommend using a sound bar, if you value a separate, real sound experience. The world of apps is large and numerous, so it is important to discover them bit by bit and use them for yourself or not. By the way, streaming works perfectly and without problems. I can’t judge the “gaming behavior” of the Panasonic, which by the way has no recording and no 3D function, due to the lack of equipment and interest, nor the collaboration with Alexa. All in all: In my opinion, the Panasonic TX-43JXW604 can definitely score points with its image quality. In addition, it offers a number of possibilities that go beyond “normal” television. The Sony has so far been running flawlessly in terms of its functions, but the power consumption is at the highest level, namely in energy efficiency class G.

Panasonic Tx-43jxw604 Tv 109 –

The image becomes pixelated when moving quickly and the sound is poor. Ordered the device for a senior in the dorm. He is very happy with it and thanked me

After testing the 43-inch version of the device for almost a week, I came to the sobering verdict that the cinema mode is the only usable picture mode, since all (!) other image modes are plagued by forced sharpness filters (despite setting sharpness to zero) and more moderate color settings. Unfortunately, these proverbial missettings are not presets or similar settings that can be adjusted for the user and instead appear to be permanently connected to the respective image mode. This is particularly annoying in the game mode as it is the only one that has noticeably lower input lag. As far as I can tell, Cinema Mode is the only picture mode where you actually feel that you can adjust the image to your liking with the various settings, but it is very unfavorable for gaming use or with a computer due to the high input lag. The sound is not overwhelming, as you would expect from a device of this type, so I think this television should be combined with a smart system if possible. Due to the considerable lack caused by the problem with the picture modes described, this device is really only suitable for purely passive watching of movies, series, etc., provided that you value reasonable image quality, as the cinema mode can display the strengths of the display there. On the other hand, gaming or similar types of use where low input lag is relevant are unfortunately clearly a weak point of the device due to the software shortage mentioned, as the image quality suffers massively. Personally, I am actually considering sending the device back because I am more inclined to use a television in the long term and in many ways and such weaknesses in this price range are unfortunately very annoying and actually avoidable. However, since the image quality in cinema mode is clearly convincing (especially considering the price range compared to similarly equipped devices such as the Sony Bravia series, which do not have the software problems with the picture modes mentioned, as I have been able to determine several times), it depends heavily on whether I use the can now actually use the device more often with more latent-critical applications. I would probably hope that a software update from Panasonic will remedy this.

The Panasonic TX-43JXW604 arrived at my home safely packaged. My first impression of the TV was pretty good. It makes a high-quality impression on me and nothing is really badly processed here. Visually, I like it pretty much. The edges of the screen are quite thin and only at the back it is quite thick. There are certainly thinner and also nicer backs, but since I usually don’t see them anyway, I don’t think it’s so bad now. Assembly was easy and mounting on the stand was quick and easy. I didn’t have any problems setting up the TV. The usual processes such as connecting to the WLAN caused no problems and setup was therefore quickly checked off. The operation with the remote control is quite okay. The keys are sometimes not that precise, but otherwise everything works perfectly. The user interface is clearly structured and my apps such as YouTube, Prime Video, etc. can be found quickly. The performance of the television is also very good. There are no stutters and the apps also load quickly. The most important thing with such a television is, of course, the picture quality and I’m definitely satisfied with it. With a 4K resolution, the image is of course razor-sharp and never pixelated or blurred. The colors look very realistic and I also really like the contrasts. But they are not unnaturally strong either. The black levels also look pretty good and I haven’t been able to detect dead pixels so far. The TV’s built-in speakers are definitely satisfactory. They can get really loud and the sound never sounds bad or tinny. Of course, you can’t compare the speakers with my real sound bar or a sound system, but the sound is definitely solid for watching soccer, normal television or playing games. Movies also sound good, but I prefer my sound system, which of course sounds much better. Conclusion: I’m very happy with the television. I like it visually quite well and the setup was also no problem. There is no stutter during use and the image is also crisp and the colors are well matched. The speakers are solid and usable, but not the highlight of the device. Overall, I can recommend the television.

Positive: + very good image quality + high contrast + extensive selection of apps such as Prime, YouTube, etc. + TV with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa + excellent sound experience with clear dialogues + Smart TV with access to streaming services and media library + TV set with integrated WiFi + top sound + perfect colors + many entertainment options + optimal motion display + flexible reception satella/cable/antenna + price-performance very good + simple operation negative: – efficiency class only G

In itself, a great TV with a sharp pleasant picture (I use “of course”) and good sound. Installation is child’s play and the remote control is easy to operate. Unfortunately, the pre-installed apps are missing DAZN, Disney+ and SkyQ. These apps cannot be downloaded from the Internet because the Panasonic myHomescreen operating system does not allow this. If you value the apps mentioned above, you should buy a Samsung or LG TV. You might be able to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick, but the Sky Q app is missing, but I’m still happy with the TV because it’s my second TV in my bedroom. In the living room I have a 55-inch UHD 4K Samsung with all the apps I need.

Image sound and price performance is OK. The only thing that is not so great is the programming of the channels from the satellite system. A pity

The device was unfortunately defective and had to be returned Unsuitable for the bedroom without a sleep timer. TV is going back.

The TV is well packaged and delivered quickly. The assembly is relatively simple and quick. In principle, only the foot has to be mounted. However, when set up with the included foot, the device cannot be tilted or rotated. However, this is the case with most devices. The television can be integrated into the home network either via WLAN or via a LAN cable. The remote control is not the force, but that is also the case with almost all devices. If you prefer control via a voice assistant, you can solve this well with Hey Google. Control via Alexa is not as extensive as it is via Hey Google. Switching between stations or changing the volume also works via Alexa. Since the TV can be connected to the home network, it is of course easy to access various services via apps. So you can easily log in with your Netflix account and stream the content. The same is of course possible with Amazon Prime Video or other services such as YouTube, etc. Let’s move on to the image quality. There are several presets that you can use. However, these preset modes cannot be adjusted and saved. That’s a bit of a shame, as the color settings and sharpness markings are not optimal in my opinion. You could get more out of here. Most users will probably not be interested in this who can be passively sprinkled with content, for example by watching a movie, a series, or simply watching the news, is still best with cinema mode. The image quality here is quite good. Anyone who wants to connect game consoles or work on them with a PC attaches great importance to a small input lag. This is the case here in gaming mode, but the picture leaves a lot to be desired here. In my opinion, however, this can be done with a software update. Panasonic should therefore add more here soon and offer an update. The product description also touts an excellent sound. But as with all televisions, it is really bad. When talking about Dolby Atmos, it means that the built-in tuner can output the sound in this format. You then need an appropriate device that can do something with this format and outputs the signal to the speakers. This is possible with a HiFi receiver. This is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. This is not the most optimal solution for the best sound, but it is the most used one. I would therefore recommend anyone who attaches great importance to good sound to use a very good HDMI cable. If you buy a TV for €650 and a hi-fi receiver for a similar amount of money, you should not connect the components with a €20 HDMI cable. I personally have a HiFi receiver from Yamaha connected to which several speakers from Canton are connected in turn. I get a pretty good sound like this. Conclusion: As an everyday device for watching TV, this TV offers a decent picture. If you value image adjustment or an excellent image, you should definitely wait until a corresponding software update is available. For good sound, I recommend using a HiFi receiver with appropriate speakers.

Panasonic Tx-43jxw604 Tv 109 –

The sound from the TV is really excellent. I even gave up my small sound bar because the sound is really great. I was also convinced by the quality of the picture. Smart TV menu navigation is a bit cumbersome. Adding apps is difficult. In addition, for example, there is no Disney+ at all and you have to call it up via the Internet browser. Furthermore, the Internet connection is not constantly stable. That can also be a bit annoying at times. Technically not yet fully developed. What a pity. Please let me know if this review was helpful to you ️

I was allowed to take a closer look at the Panasonic TX-43JXW604 for you. So much in advance – there is light and shadow in this small and new version of a Panasonic LED TVs. I have to mention in advance that this is the first Panasonic product I have in my hand. The plus points Sharp UHD for the narrow thaler. With the JXW604, Panasonic has launched a low-cost variant that really impresses me personally in terms of image quality itself. This is really strong in terms of price-performance ratio. The image itself features 4k colour engine, 1200 Hz refresh rate through interpolation for moving image smoothing, HLG, HDR10 & dynamic Dolby Vision. All of this results in a sharp picture that gives me less of a headache personally than the sharpening options of other providers. This is also a clear pro. Anyone who is a fan of Alexa and smart homes will also get their money’s worth here. The smart TV can be navigated and selected via Alexa and voice control. Personally, I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to controls and prefer to use the remote By the way, it takes some getting used to if you have never dealt with Panasonic before. As a final plus point, I would like to add audio quality. I find it unusual that a TV offers quite good sound by default and, above all, many options. Audio system is equipped with “Dolby Atmos” compatibility. There is a game mode including ALLM. Top sound output can be guaranteed with the desired audio hardware. Even for music. The minus points The low price also has its weaknesses somewhere. These are evidenced in special effects. I hardly noticed this personally, but my partner says that it could be even more sharpness in higher-quality and current films. A matter of taste, but still a minpoint. Audio output via Bluetooth is unfortunately not possible here. What a pity! After all, we are talking about a very current model, and Bluetooth is now simply standard. Not unusual but still a shame – there is no option to record your favorite shows via USB for later. USB recording is therefore out of order here. Conclusion – So what makes this UHD TV off? In any case, the low price and the good overall package. The control takes a bit of getting used to, but technically it brings a lot of fun with it. However, it also has weaknesses that you simply have to know about. No Bluetooth output and no USB recording is a knock out criterion for some. I hope I was able to give you a little insight. Thanks for reading it. ️

Panasonic Tx-43jxw604 Tv 109 –

Panasonic Tx-43jxw604 Tv 109 –

Panasonic Tx-43jxw604 Tv 109 –

Panasonic Tx-43jxw604 Tv 109 –

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