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some level and quality of sound from such a little soundbar only issue is it doesn’t pass through anything higher than 4k 60hz ie. 4k 120hz and only has 1 x hdmi out. You need earc hdmi (not just normal arc) on your tv if you want full fat dolby atmos.

Overall, i think this is a great soundbar for taking advantage of dolby atmos at a reasonable price. It is so close to being great but there are a couple of things which i am not a fan of at all:1 – the bluetooth sound quality is really bad, to the point where i thought i had a faulty unit. Music sounds crackly and a bit flat. This was whilst connected to my laptop, with other bluetooth devices in the room (so that may be a factor). Once i checked the same songs through my xbox (via hdmi), the sound quality was excellent. 2 – on my xbox series x, it will not pass through 1440p and allow dolby atmos at the same time. I use quite a small monitor so happy to play at 1080p and 120hz, but its worth noting for anyone who plays on a bigger screen. Other than the above 2 points, i love this soundbar and it is a huge upgrade from my £30 creative speakers. It definitely gives you that sense of being ‘in the game’ and it is true from other reviews that you start to hear things that weren’t there before. For me, the bluetooth issue is not a dealbreaker as i have other speakers, but i would have been hugely dissapointed if i was relying on it as an all rounder.

Over priced for what it is great sound for a small sound bar. Suppotrts just about every decoder there is ideal for pc speaker although having problems with amd graphics card rx_580 drivers as the sound is past through hdmi to the the speaker via rx 580. I would say films sound amazing with the dolby atmos app witch is avaliable through microsoft store. Music is ok a little boomy games sound good as there are different settings however bluerays sound superior and really shine with powerdvd with the atmos app. Don’t have it connected to q tv can’t comment there on that. If ur looking for a small speaker solution this would be ideal don’t expect heavy bass as ur not going to get that with this. Bluetooth comes in handy as i have connected it on that rather than hdmi as there are problems there with my rx 580 and windows not recognised it but does on bluetooth.

Bought this to replace our current soundbar that is just stereo. Wow the sound that comes from this small bar is outstanding. I have my xbox sx running through the bar via hdmi, putting out 7. 1 surround sound, and my tv also connected via an optical lead so all my digital tv can also pass through it, so it simply pushes out whatever channel i’m watching at that particular moment. Xbox games sound truly amazing, i’m hearing sound that i never heard before and with the 3d surround features, bullets are flying around the room and over my head. The engine roaring in forza, lazer blasts speeding past me in star wars. My 4k films have never sounded so good and during lockdown i can now experience cinema quality sound in my living room. Great buy, well worth the money.

Most games today are played in really bad sound today – whether this be cheap stereo speaker sets that came with a pc, tiny laptop speakers or thin tv speakers, all of them drain the life from the audio of the game as well as any movies that are played on them. This is a crying shame – a lot of effort goes into the sound of modern games and movies, but most of it is lost to bad sound solutions that lose most of the detail in the soundtrack. Panasonic’s soundslayer/sc-htb01 speaker is a great solution to that. They’ve produced a compact soundbar that manages to offer great sound that also supports the modern high-quality formats that modern games output, which is somewhat rare at this end of the market. So first to the most important part, the sound. If you’re used to the lifeless sound from laptop or flat screen tv speakers, the soundslayer will massively improve your experience. The soundslayer supports the two main modern sound formats dolby atmos and dts x, as well as the legacy dolby digital/dts and standard uncompressed lpcm sound, and it uses all of these details to bring the sound of your game to life. What i do need to say here is that while atmos/dts x are surround formats, i wouldn’t say that the soundslayer is going to give you a world-beating performance with things coming from all around you – that is the preserve of ~£1000 soundbars that often have dedicated rear speakers. What it will do is use the information in these to give you a much larger and detailed sound than crappy tv/laptop speakers will, and you’ll notice all of the sound the game has to offer being used in a wider soundscape. The bass is great too – although it doesn’t have a separate subwoofer the thump and crunch you’ll get from this is very noticeable.

Quite a lot and big sound coming from such a small device.

The sound on this speaker is ridiculously good and has great bass given its size. Might have to get one for my boyfriend for christmas.

First unit faulty, i got another gave it a other chance. Great soundbar i have to say. I use it with a 4k sony tv and all the main consoles ps5 series x switch etcit’s a good performing soundbar for the size, it does indeed throw bullets and any sounds all around you, halo infinite is quite special through this soundbar in atmos. It can throw sounds behind you and over the top of you, really quite spectacular for its size.

  • Its good
  • Fantastic if you don’t want the bluetooth or 1440p passthrough

Panasonic Sc-Htb01 Soundslayer Gaming Speaker with Built-In Subwoofer – Black & Kabeldirekt – 3m Optical Digital Audio Cable/Toslink Cable, Pro Series

Panasonic’s SC-HTB01EB gaming speaker specifically designed for gameplay, offers a sound field that allows to realistically experience the world of games. Featuring Dolby Atmos, DTS:X & DTS Virtual X, will be immersed in the action with 3 dimensional sound. 3 specialist gaming sound modes, Bluetooth connectivity, a compact size, and built-in subwoofer make the HTB01 a perfect speaker for any gamer wanting to take their gaming experience to the next level.(HDMI cable not provided).KabelDirekt 3m Optical Digital Audio Cable/TOSLINK Cable (TOSLINK to TOSLINK, fibre optic cable, for Home Theater, PS4, XBOX) PRO Series

The bluetooth connected easily with my phone on the first try and continuously connects automatically immediately it’s switched on which i like. The bass doesn’t sound distorted at the highest volume nor those the speaker shake which happens with many other speakers i’ve owned. I would definitely buy it again.

The sound quality and size of this sound bar is perfect for my computer and ps5. I was really thrilled to be able to get the ffxiv version – though the price was a little steep. However, after setting it up and making sure my computer and ps5 audio settings were configured i was really impressed with the sound. The 3d surround is really impressive, and having the setting adjusted to dolby (or dts) blew my other cheap speakers out of the water. Unfortunately my monitor doesn’t have a hdmi (arc) port. As a result, i could only plug in one device to the sound bar, though this was easily fixed as i have a 3 port hdmi switch; which allows me to change between my pc, nintendo switch, and ps5, which solved the issue. I would just be mindful of that if you plan to use it with a computer monitor instead of a tv. All in all, even though the price is steep, i am happy with my purchase. It’s the first sound bar i have owned an i’m happy i took the plunge.

Only been using the speakers for about a day, but i’ve hooked it up to both my laptop and tv and it’s pretty easy to use and set up with different devices (basically just a power plug and either hdmi or bluetooth to connect) which is a plus. The sound quality is really good, with the bass in particular being strong (which i like). I’ve had speakers before that sound alright but had mediocre subwoofers, glad to see it’s not the case here. These are a bit pricey but worth it, to be honest, especially compared to other more expensive products that aren’t as good and way more complicated to set up. Also, when you crank one of these, it gets loud. Overall pretty happy with them, no glaring faults as of yet, good buy.

If you’re going for a balance of loudness / integrity of sound, this is a great product. Be mindful if you have thin walls as sound travels far.

I found this by chance and all i can say is,if this is what panasonic have up their sleve for gaming audio all i can say is more please. This unit is small punchy and is perfect for all sorts of use, i have it on my desk under monitor but it can easily fill a room. Bass is enough for the listening position, and the atmos and dts work a treat it envelops you just as a full 7. 1 system does ( i have one). Forget all your gaming rgb known brand pc gaming carp, this thing is unassuming and delivers, glad i found it.

I wouldn’t recommend for fps games since headsets are the way to go but a really great pc soundbar for mmo/moba games, netflix, and general video/music usage. Quality sound even at louder volumes. Pros:- dolby atmos / surround sound experience- full sound- compact- the best pc soundbar or pc speakers i’ve usedcons:- expensive.

It is a very soundbox for tv as well, just keep in mind it not being to be like an high end sound box.

So i originally used the logitech thx setup with sub, its sounds really good, but i wanted more space on my desk and also under it. This is small its smaller than a keyboard in length, sound wise its good, bass is nowhere near my logitech system, but i had a dedicated sub, gaming is great it does give you a sense of distance and space much more than my logitech. Connectivity wise optical is there and works fine, but for dolby atmos you must use hdmi passtru, which is kinda the only annoying thing, because most of us have display ports now for freesync and g sync, using hdmi wont get you 144hz with this your locked at 60. But overall its very good, ticked most of my boxes and im happy with 60hz i can tell its not as sharp but nothing major.

  • Its good
  • Fantastic if you don’t want the bluetooth or 1440p passthrough

Panasonic Sc-Htb01 Soundslayer Gaming Speaker with Built-In Subwoofer – Black & Kabeldirekt – 3m Optical Digital Audio Cable/Toslink Cable, Pro Series

It has become hard to find an hdmi through device – in my case to separate the audio from a roku box hdmi feed to my monitor (which has no speakers). The sound quality is great and barely distorts at maximum volume. It’s clearly aimed at gamers – but it works well as a regular sound bar. It is more expensive than many, but the sound quality justifies that. My only complaint is the tiny remote control. It’s very small and easy to loose.

The speakers good and sounds excellent. Connected it to my projector with no issues and its design means it bends well into the environment.

Simple to set up as have panasonic t v and whist some adjustment is necessary to t v sound the quality of game play is ex sounds that you may not have heard before make a better experience.

I absolutely love this speaker. The sound quality is so good , and it was very easy to set up, was a bit pricier than any other speaker i’ve bought but it’s totally worth it.

Works really well, compact size, reliable, and great sound. Very happy with the product. Limitations are only one input, no buttons on the unit so you have to use the remote.

For a relatively small device compared to other sound systems, this device really hits with some fantastically clear sound. I usually have trouble hearing talking sections of films and such but this is so clear i’ve heard tiny things in the background of films, games and programs i’ve never noticed before.

Previous to this i had some logitech speakers that died after 6 months and cost £50. I needed something new and decided to invest in some good speakers this time. I wanted something that: a) could give me better sound b) something that took up less space and was a lot let messy. Day 1 of having these and i’m so impressed. Sound quality is amazing, that bass isn’t unbelievably powerful but it’s just as powerful as i need it to be. This thing is loud – but it’s also tiny. Ussually when something promises digital surround sound, it’s ussually bs but this really gives you a satisfying experience. Is it perfect surround sound?.No of course not – but for a tiny little singly speaker it’s amazing.

I bought these a few days ago, they arrived quickly and i have been enjoying them since. I just needed a solid speaker for games and movies since i work off a laptop with inbuilt speakers and a monitor, these are awesome. So for what i was after, they are ideal. I’m also not playing games with crazy sounds, so i’m not sure what super loud fps games sound like, for instance. It’s a bit pricey but i’ve just seen they’ve gone on a deal for prime day, so i would recommend on the deal.

I bought this soundbar from somewhere else. I use this in my study room connected to an apple tv and 4k monitor. The sound is amazing when i sit 1 metre away from it. I can’t understand how 2 channel speakers this size can produce these surround effects so realistically. I’m sure dedicated dolby atmos speakers would be much better but this soundbar is doing job extremely well.

Panasonic UK Panasonic Sc-Htb01 Soundslayer Gaming Speaker :         Fantastic!

If you connect it to a pc, don’t forget to download dolby access from microsoft store and to enable ”dolby atmos for home theatre”. It is really easy to set up through hdmi or bluetooth. What i don’t like is the bulky power adapter.

Ok, for a pc but not for a tv.

Set up and working two minutes with simply remote and great sound you could get better if you spend double the money but why would you?.

Great small packaged sound bar. Fitted to my sim rig to play sometimes without headphones. Great dolby atmos sound and build very neat. You pay a lot more than this so good value for money.

Ok this is a really neat product if you want a sound bar for your desktop setup. The only problem with it is that it will enable only 60hz refresh rate and no 2k on output to the monitor. (it uses hdmi passthrough)i have searched and tried a few splitters and i am glad to say that i finally got a splitter that will enable [email protected] ([email protected]). Aten vs82h true 4k splitter. Uk/gp/product/b084wvnt9m/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=utf8&psc=1make sure you first plugin the hdmi to the monitor into the splitter, and configure xbox to 1440p/120hz then save and turn the console off. When it is off connect the hdmi cable from splitter to the soundbar input port. And then start the console again. (failure to do so might force xbox to offer only 1080/720 resolutions.

Works great hopfully they’ll make an updated version with hdmi 2. 1 in the future so you can get more than 60hz passthrough.

These speakers have rocked my world. Completely changed my whole gaming experiencewhen i’m playing my ps4 i really feel immersed in the atmosphere of whichever game i’m playing, especially games like cod where you really notice the difference in sound quality between these speakers and your run of the mill sound bars. I would definitely recommend these to everyone.

I use it with my gaming pc via hdmi but also my work laptop via bluetooth and honestly this thing is great. Admittedly i’m in a small double bed bedroom and have it set up on a desk, so not sure how it translates to a large living room. (who wants to be that neighbor anyway?) but honestly this thing works wonders and i highly recommend.

Absolutely superb gaming speaker. Really brings games and films etc to life. Well worth the money and great sound without taking up much room at all. Can link with multiple things at same time plus bluetooth for phone music etc. Id buy it before they go outta stock…. Screw the finances and just go for it as you deserve it…you work hard and it’s your hobby…yeah just buy it.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 3 “game” modes through joint development with the FINAL FANTASY(R) XIV Online sound team from SQUARE ENIX(R) *FINAL FANTASY, FFXIV, SQUARE ENIX and the SQUARE ENIX logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • An immersive gaming experience with Dolby Atmos(R) / DTS:X(R)
  • Compact and integrated design with 2.1 Channel 3-Way Speaker System (Built-in Subwoofer)
  • 4K HDR Pass Through that is suitable for viewing 4K compatible game consoles and 4K streaming content.
  • Optical digital audio cable: Perfect digital audio cable for crystal clear connection to DVD’s Blurays, home theater receivers, satellites, online streaming PlayStation & Xbox gaming systems.
  • Home theater TOSLINK fiber optic cables: Professional cable works with multi-channel surround sound, Uncompressed PCM audio and compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems including Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution and LPCM.
  • Highest quality digital audio cables: Optical cables feature a fully flexible PVC jacket with precision manufacturing to provide the highest quality longest lasting optical cables available.
  • 24K gold-plated connectors: Corrosion resistant gold plating keeps connectors clean. Plus because our cables are fiber optic they receive no RFI or EMI signal interference.

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