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The blender itself works fine (more precisely, the blender attachment), but has a design flaw. The “bell” at the end is so large that the mashed ingredients gather inside it and can only be removed with a small spoon. or similar. This happens regularly with pesto, guacamole, etc, and has disappeared in small amounts in about half of the “species”. A second side effect is that the pure deposits in the dishwasher do not clean properly. I will never buy a blender again.

It does not disappoint the aesthetics as much as the mixer does its job, and the container part is just too weak to close well. the rest do his duty

What I expected. Delivers enough power to clear purees, gazpacho, and lumps. It is unlikely to be used intensively. It is small and well kept.

exorbitant. Powerful. The mixer is made of steel and can be used with hot food. It can be converted into a helicopter, which is convenient. suggestion.

All small kitchen appliances in one body. Beyond fantastic aesthetics and excellent quality, I fell in love with it and I have to say that it is an ideal ally in the kitchen. The chopper blades are very sharp for best performance. The mixer has incredible speed and can mix even the thickest compounds in one whisk. hand blender. Philips is synonymous with quality. Buy it you won’t regret it

Philips Hr1625/00 Road Mixer Hand Blender –

The truth about the price I bought I am very happy. Blender’s arms are strong, but too small to chop. I bought it on sale, but the blender is good, but the chopper is disappointing, so I almost changed it, but the price was good and it had the advantage of 5 checks, so I kept it.

It is a great product. I’m giving it 5 stars rather than 4 stars because the last piece of metal scored some troughs (probably because it’s not straight, but has some sort of wave). Be careful not to use on non-stick pots. I wanted to stir the soup and for the reasons described above I had to toss out both the soup and the pot as the coating had ribs on the bottom and a few pieces came off. finished with food. Other than that I have to say he does his job very well.

Frustrated in the blink of an eye, ultra-quiet After weeks of use, we are delighted, churning and easy to clean. The cup you bring is small, but good is less evil.

Product works and arrived on schedule. great packaging. Haven’t had a chance to try out all the recommended features yet, but at first glance it looks solid and of good workmanship.

It should be easy, but it is difficult to find a grinder that grinds onions evenly. This helicopter does it. The chopping glass is small but enough for large onion and garlic heads. for my ideal.

The article has already used the past. All according to the description. nothing more to report. Head cleaning is very difficult. Often left, it is disgusting.

The blender has so far been excellent for both vegetable/fruit and mayonnaise making. A helicopter came to me with strange gels on the blade, blade holder and container pin. I couldn’t clean it with any product. I had to throw it away. Correct Amazon, sent me a small refund. In addition, the structural quality of the chopper is inadequate: the parts containing the motor are not protected, which may inevitably become dirty with use, and cannot be leaned directly against containers with minced food. wash. Also, there is a kind of spring in the part that connects the blade holder, so I think it’s very difficult to do dry cleaning really well. Even blade holders with deep internal grooves are not easy to clean. I hope Philips designers read the reviews. Because it takes very little time to make this product good. As it is, it is unsanitary. CAUTION, even the pulled parts of the blender cannot be completely cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher. The upper part that fits the motor must not absorb water (see manual booklet). And it is not detachable. Another thing to improve. Glass for blending with blender is full of scratches. Where does scratched plastic go? Of course in the food we mix. I need to use it like this, but I don’t know how else to do it. But this also needs to be improved.

However, there are no holes in the blade hood (it doesn’t seem to bounce), so you have to vacuum the bottom of the container and lift it up to let all the food through. The blade cuts well. Good power, lots of noise, it only has normal or turbo mode, turbo makes a scandalous noise when done in a pot (eg vegetable cream, p). Because of the shape and the small scotch left behind by the blade, it is difficult to keep the scrubber inside the hood to clean it. Offer and recommend when the advantages and disadvantages were accepted earlier. next Philips Hr1625/00 Road Mixer Hand Blender:

  • Philips Daily Collection HR1625/00 Blender 0.5 L Immersion Blender Red, White 650 W
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  • HR1625/00
  • blender

Philips Hr1625/00 Road Mixer Hand Blender –

The product meets the description and expectations. Most of the time my wife uses it and it seems appropriate and useful for her needs. In some cases you may need a little more power, but you should consider the type of product. So we are also satisfied with the punctuality of the delivery and the perfect condition of the boxes and packaging.

Great product, works perfectly, very good value for money. I mainly use it for smoothies, pesto, and dried fruits. The only flaw may be the small size of the chopper container. But overall it’s a great product.

You will immediately notice the consistent weight, quality of your blender. I bought it on offer and I have to say I am lucky as I have not bought anything of this quality anywhere at such a low price. thank you amazon

It looks good now. We will see with use! I like the product, it works, and it is easy to clean.

Great blender and chopper. If you use 2 heads and chopper glass, the recipe is not served. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Good price, I previously bought it at another store for a gift, spending almost 50€! It is very sturdy and powerful. Bitter has a blade that can cut anything perfectly. I’ve tried it with almonds, parsley and Parmesan cubes. So different textures, great results! The packaging was perfect.

Philips Hr1625/00 Road Mixer Hand Blender –

Great Philips product. I had no doubts about the purchase and did not regret it. It is perfect and I highly recommend it.

Completely successful purchase. happy. I had a previous model, but after using the blender a lot, it started to get some scratches, so I bought this model without thinking. That’s great. It’s much better than the previous one and is complemented by bars that the other doesn’t have.

We took off the price and some pretty good truth. Very complete and affordable. No problem after 3 months of use.

I would say great value for money. As someone said, it can be a bit small (glass and container shredders), but it’s true, it’s basically fine for my needs and I’ve split the work into more “loads” when I had to use it. It is not heated or very slightly but carefully used with a break between one “smoothie” and another. Speed/power is fine. So far, I have whipped carrots and used them to make tiramisu.

It is not always possible to do the work. Compared to my old brown, it has a weak appearance which I hope doesn’t affect durability. George Dandrea

Perfect. Powerful It does it all The only downside is that the container is so small that I have to do it twice to cut my daughter’s baby food for example, but it doesn’t do anything while not being cluttered and functional mottled.

Philips Hr1625/00 Road Mixer Hand Blender –

The blender itself is now an essential appliance in the kitchen, and so is Philips. The shredder’s neck is steel, just like the whip (although the latter has a rather stiff plastic attachment with two lock/unlock buttons (not very visible in the long run). You could insert a classic wheel to adjust the speed (now is 2 presets and works with 2 buttons).Although I have to say that it doesn’t spray given the specific wavy beak shape (from 300ml) but it’s better to use it as standard because disassembling it will cost you more.

Yes, it melts the first time you use it. The whip is unbalanced. I had an old model and it worked for years. This looks like a bad toy.

There were many temptations to buy without seeing the limits of the machine, so I read the manual and found out that it could make a meal for up to two people. According to textbooks, it does not tolerate large amounts or long-term use. Maybe it’s a very cautious instruction. I liked the product. I wish the grinder was bigger.

I’ve only used it once and it works great, though I have to provide more other evidence to give a well-founded opinion.

As expected, the product is great. As with all Philips products, it is of good quality and works well. I recommend it. Everything is correct and works as expected. Shipping is very fast. It performs a function. I have not tried ice. But vegetables are mashed very gently.

Does it cost to make mayonna? This is the second blender like this one we have bought. It worked very well given I use it three times a day.

For the price you have, it’s not a bad buy. Haven’t used it much yet, but how much I’ve used it did its job.

Delivery for each product was perfect, and the product description and product match, but the crusher broke after 2 months. I do not recommend this item for some grinder strength.

Just add half an onion and the grinder is too small. Instead the immersion blender works bn.three stars for the blender.

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