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The TV impresses with its wide range of connectivity options and extensive app packages thanks to its Android system. The image quality is convincing, especially if you’ve been working through some rather cumbersome settings. However, an online video provides a solution here. The backlight is really eye-catching, especially when set to follow what is being displayed on the TV. All the apps I need (at least for me) are available and can be downloaded quickly. they work perfectly. The remote control is clear and self-explanatory. All in all, I am completely satisfied and make clear recommendations.

Unfortunately, television gave up the ghost after 24 hours. Ambilight and sound were available, but were no longer displayed on the screen (not even in the menu). I will only buy devices with extended warranty because I like the price/performance.

Fantastic TV, both in image and color. Awesome lighting effects behind the screen that depend on the colors reproduced in the video.

Unfortunately the picture is not good enough and Ambilight is not working properly. There is a lot of halo in the photo. I’m sorry. I look forward to more. Ambilight was too complacent, and setting just one color didn’t help. All other LED chains are cheaper.

I’ve had the TV for two months and it’s very easy to set up and pretty much everything is self explanatory. The pictures are great and the sound is just right. Clear Purchase Recommendations

Best TV, I am very satisfied. Easy operation, beautiful color and excellent picture quality. Ambilight good! I am satisfied with my TV every day and will buy again and again.

Anyway, we love the Giant Personal, UHD Top, Android and Ambilight so much! Fast delivery, very good for the price There were no products that were uneasy due to poor product reviews. The device is great) We don’t want to miss the Ambilight anymore.

TV really makes a difference. There’s already something in the 70’s. Ambilight is great and I wanted this TV too. Easy to set up and menu. For me, purchases always paid off.

70Cm 4k Uhd Led Android Tv with Philips Tv 70pus8506 Ambilight, Philips Tv, Hdr10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Bright Silver, Google Assistant (alexa compatible), Game Mode, Dts Play-Fi

Choosing your next TV just got easier. If you’re looking for great picture and sound, easy connectivity, responsive and hassle-free gaming, the One is for you. You can also use Ambilight for an immersive experience like no other. A man with a magical Ambilight. Only at Philips. Every moment feels closer with the Philips Ambilight. Intelligent LEDs around the edge of the TV respond to the action of the screen and emit light that is simply mesmerizing and immersive. Experience it once and wonder how you enjoyed TV without it. Cinematic vision and sound. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support for Dolby’s premium sound and video formats means that the HDR content you watch looks and feels great. You can enjoy the movie that reflects the original intention of the director and experience wide sound with real clarity and depth. simply a smart person. Android TV Philips Android TV gives you the content you want, when you want it. You can customize your home screen to show your favorite apps, making it simple to start streaming your favorite movies and shows. Or, start over where you left off. Whatever the source, it’s always perfect. Philips P5 engine. The Philips P5 engine delivers pictures that are just as good as the content you love. Details are noticeably deeper. Colors are vivid and skin tones look natural. The contrast is so sharp that you can feel every detail. The motion is perfectly smooth. Having vivid HDR photos. Philips 4K UHD TV. Philips 4K UHD TVs are compatible with all major HDR formats including Dolby Vision. Whether it’s a must-see series or the latest video game, the shadows go deeper. A bright surface will shine. The colors are more realistic. For multi-room audio. DTS Play-Fi compatible DTS Play-Fi on your Philips TV allows you to connect compatible speakers in any room. Do you have wireless speakers in your kitchen? listen to a movie

Great pictures, lots of apps. Very satisfied and everything went well. Easy to install and easy to handle. The TV is really good even with ambilight, but the picture quality is really bad. Watching a movie about it is no fun.

The unit is defective and arrived without external damage. The vertical stripes and rips on the right edge only appear at power up. I requested a return immediately. I actually wanted to exchange for a new device, but it didn’t exist. Very disappointing and on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

I bought this TV. I have it since early November 2021. The picture is impressive. It’s about 2 meters from the sofa, no problems, no dizziness, and the sound is great. The only problem I noticed is that some formats of old movies I recorded on my hard drive don’t play. I connected my computer to HDMI, but I can’t see the laptop’s video. It’s a very good television, but it has some flaws. Here’s an update on my review. Today is 2022-01-31. I’ve found that I can send images to the television from a VLC player (which plays everything) and I have a desktop computer in another room and I can send information through the router and stop the images with the TV remote. Hit play, actually I was quite surprised. Strange, now you really have it all. If you put the soundbar on the TV, it’s already lying down.

There was a defect on the first device in ah ah ah ah, so the supplier seemed to have a foot in front of the box. Anyway, I had no problems getting a replacement through Amazon. You have picked up a defective device. So far it’s been fine. The description states that the Quertz keyboard is integrated on the back of the remote. Send us a picture of our predecessor TV. The picture is so bright, I think my husband likes it. However, the remote is already annoying when logging into Netflix and co. Especially since it is stated differently. Also, having an adhesive seam between the LCD and the frame is visually annoying. What visually annoys me very much is simply “cheap”! . The fifth photo shows these bonding points. It’s also annoying that the TV doesn’t respond when there is an object in front of the sensor. These days, it runs on Bluetooth, but not on TVs. Well I’m just a girl but Ambilight is the best

The television survived without damage in transit and was in perfect condition. No pixel errors, scratches or other defects. It’s connected and basic setup is complete and the TV is ready to use. Backlit Ambilight is very comfortable on the eyes. Decided to do it again after my first Philips with Ambilight and am very happy with it. All-round programming from Philips, including voice control via remote control (either Alexa or Google Assistant works), is new.

70Cm 4k Uhd Led Android Tv with Philips Tv 70pus8506 Ambilight, Philips Tv, Hdr10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Bright Silver, Google Assistant (alexa compatible), Game Mode, Dts Play-Fi

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