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I’m able to fit an ipad, phone, keys all in at once. I use to at the entrance of my house when i come home, place everything in it. Love that it can house everything. Only concern is the inside is plastic and i’m afraid it will start scrapping the inside and making the light less responsive.

My office gave everyone a smaller version of this as a holiday gift, so i figured a big one couldn’t hurt. I’ve used it on my kid’s tablets, portable keyboards, pretty much anything that’s probably gross from being carted around. Haven’t had any issues with it, and hoping that it working as advertised.

Wasn’t sure if this was an empty box with an led light on the front, so i did a petri dish test. On the left, iphone before being put in homesoap uv sanitizer. On the right, same phone, after 10 min in homesoap uv sanitizer. The white dots are bacteria growth. Pretty darn conclusive, i’d say. Wish there was a walk-in model.

Way larger than i thought it would be. Had an issue with the tape stuck over the door, it wouldn’t come off in one piece, but in many many pieces.

I got this so not washing masks as much & not having to use throw away masks. Everything fits inside easily from ipad to masks.

Excellent, all 5 stars product must have. Great to disinfect keys, glasses, mail , kids toys, dog toys, cell phones, ipods, and many other items.

I bought a phone sanitizer early on in the pandemic and liked the idea of a larger device i could use on multiple, bigger objects. The homesoap is easy to use and it seems to be effective. You just put the objects to sanitize inside and close the door. I’m not sure why there’s a charging port inside, however, as the cycle takes only a half-hour. It works well for things like masks, eyeglasses and my wristwatch. It must be kept in mind, however, that the uv light has to reach the surfaces to be sanitized, however. For example, although i throw my house keys in, they have to be spread out for the light to be effective, as it cannot penetrate between the keys. I like that the unit can be switched between manual and automatic mode, as in automatic, it will always turn on, every time the door is closed, even when there’s nothing inside. Being able to turn it off to me is important.

You can feel devices being cleaner after using this, it’s amazing and works exactly as described. I wish it was a little bit bigger sometimes, or had another size that was bigger, but it works and fits most items in it.

Phonesoap Homesoap Uv Sanitizer | Patented & Clinically Proven Uv Light Disinfector | (black)

The only tablet charger that cleans while it charges Based on popular demand, our new larger unit is built to sanitize tablets. Just like PhoneSoap 3.0, this unit also charges while it sanitizes. Better yet, whatever fits inside Phonesoap Homesoap will be sanitized, so you can clean anything from a pacifier to a remote control.

I bought this as a christmas gift for my daughter’s family. There was a rampant siege of flu and colds going around at the time. She used it for phones, remotes, toys, ipads anything that would fit. She put it out at every holiday gathering she hosted for guests to use—and they did. She also takes it to her office periodically for co-workers to use—and they do. Don’t know if it kills any germs but at least you feel like you’re giving it your best effort.

Use it for phones, masks, keys, computer mice, tv remotes, gloves. I even used it on my toothbrushes – dry of course. I like the added assurance of knowing it wipes out bacteria and pathogens and is safe for electronics. I also think it’s a good investment for the future – don’t think germs are going away.

I’m tempted to take this when i travel to clean tv remote controls and other items (ipads, etc) in the hotel room. I also bought the phonesoap pro for my iphone. Large enough for 2 ipads, multiple remotes, several phones, and anything else you can fit inside. The automatic setting is just that. Open the door, place items inside, and it is on. Down side, when you open it and take stuff out and shut the door on an empty box, it starts another cycle (10 minutes). I use the manual setting since i don’t want to use the uv lights when it’s not needed. I wish there were another set of lights like the phonesoap pro has (4 vs 2).

I use it for about anything it works fantastic and it’s really easy to use.

Ok so this item can barely be kept in stock at time of ordering and i assume it’s because of the coronavirus threat. I purchased this to help kill the virus on my glass bottles of corona before drinking them to be safe and not get the deadly virus. To my surprise the bottle of corona does not fit fully upright so you have to be creative and angle it. Wish it would be a hair taller so i could fit more coronas inside versus just blasting one at a time. I have a 24 pack so found this a huge setback as i’ll have to spend 10 minutes on each bottle for sanitization. This is very time consuming and if my math is correct, that’s approximately 3,268 hours for one 24 pack of glass bottled coronas. Additionally the smell this thing generates if really awful and it sticks to anything that you throw inside the unit. They are better off making a version that has a fan inside with a filter that takes away the burnt stinky gym sock smell this thing creates each time of use. Update 3/8/20i’ve returned my unit as the smell is very horrid and permeates the entire house. When breathing in the smell it makes your lungs feel shallow and gasp for air asthma feeling.

I got a bacteria growth kit and tested my phone before and after.

Gives me peace of mind that many items in my home are now germ free. I don’t like that the cord connection is loose and i’m constantly trying to get a snug connection. I had a small phone soap and i had the same issue with it. I was able to use the product but this problem should have been addressed and fixed. Fast forward to this new purchase and phone soap still can’t seem to fix this issue.

Use it all the time and it’s so easy. Open the door, put in items and close. Lifetime guarantee on the bulbs.

Phonesoap Homesoap Uv Sanitizer | Patented & Clinically Proven Uv Light Disinfector | (black)

Large enough to put my tablet & laptop. Can put several things in at once: keys, credit card, phone.

I bought this as a gift for my wife who had bought a small model for me. She loves it and uses it on her phone, the kids phones and herwatch regularly.

Received my homesoap a few days ago, and appreciate the ability to sanitize items that cannot tolerate liquid disinfectant. There is a slight ozone smell on the items after use. But the next day, it has dissipated, including from an n95 mask. I did put the mask in a brown paper lunch sack to air out while being protected from dust in the meantime. I called phonesoap’s customer service twice for questions regarding ordering, shipping, and technical product details. Both times, i received prompt, friendly, and effective solutions and answers. I also have their phonesoap3, and it has been working well for months.

My home soap unit just arrived today and after using only a few times there was a very strange smell when i open the door to the sanitizing area. I ordered a replacement from amazon and will give it another try. I gave it three stars today as i’m not sure yet if it’s just a defective unit or if they all smell badly when you use it. I will update after i use the new unit when it’s delivered in two days and adjust the stars that i gave accordingly.

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I purchased it just before the covid 19 pandemic. I am a medical professional and use it nightly to disinfect my stethoscope, cell phone, work badge, glasses, glass case, wallet, keys, etc. I can fit my ipad in it too. It takes 10 minutes to cycle. Interesting is that after disinfecting and when i open the door, there is a strange odor. I know this to be common because we use the uv lights at work, including the phone soap to disinfect our phone that we use to take pictures of wounds. After their cycles, the strange smell is apparent there as well. I knew i was buying a good brand because the hospital has strict requirements on purchases and i know they did their research beforehand.

A nice plug in and use product. Stylish design and easy to use.

I really like this thing, and it seems to work great. My family uses it every time we come home,only negative is that it has a pretty strong ‘smell of death’ the first few times you ‘nuke’ your stuff. Guess there was a lot of stuff to kill on my phone, ipad, etc. Smell goes away after a few cleanings.

T’s big enough for them to sanitize their remotes, tablets and telephones and helps give them an extra bit of reassurance.

Excellent use for home protects my family.

I purchased this for piece of mind. I cannot verify it works because i don’t have labs to do the testing so i am going on the reviews and science behind the product. The science is simple so it should be doing what is says it is doing. As for use, you can’t get much easier. You open the door, put item(s) in, close door and wait for the light to go out which is about 10 minutes. One negative that i have discovered. The pads that the unit sits on are supposed to have suction cup like properties to help ensure the product stays in place. I can say they work quite well. The negative is that they possibly can cause damage to the surface you put them on. I left my product on the top of my dresser for over a month and when i went to move it to dust, i had to “rip” it off the top.

It has been through four cycles so far and i believe that it is working. The way that i know is because of the after-cleaning chemical smell which both my fiancé and i find to be extremely tolerable. Also, it appears that anything that has sticker-like decals on it will have the stickiness come from the bottom of the sticker to the top. If you care about decals, don’t put items that have them in the homesoap and use disinfecting wipes or isopropyl alcohol instead to wipe away the germs while still not touching the decals. You should also know before you buy that any white plastics you put in it may discolor with prolonged uvc light exposure, anything you put into it has to be dry and some keyboards and laptops will not fit. If you have a keyboard that won’t fit and you are okay with taking the keys off of it, i would recommend doing so but make sure to note where each key goes beforehand or take a picture of the keyboard for reference when you’re done cleaning the keys and are ready to put the the keys back on. To get everything optimally clean, you want to lay it in the machine diagonally if possible. I taped two small remotes together to clean them as they would otherwise lay flat. After you plug it in and remove the “remove before using sticker”, the homesoap is already in automatic mode so if you want 10 minute cleaning only, you are all set to go. Just open the door, shove your nasty stuff in their, and close the door.

We do flood, fire, sewer & bio cleanup so we have to have our digital equipment clean. We have an atp tester that is able to test for live bacteria on surfaces. We did a before and after and our equipment is coming out clean.

Nice design that looks and feels like the quality product you’d expect from phonesoap. That’s great because it’s out on the counter all the time. It’s also super easy to use. I have it by my front door and i just throw in my phone, sunglasses and keys when i get home. With the bottle of hand sanitizer i have next to it, i feel some sort of control over what i may be carrying into the house. It lets me feel like i’m doing something to maintain control of my environment. Which is great considering all that is going on with covid-19. The device doesn’t clean the smudges on your phone or whatever you put in it, but you will notice that whatever it killed does make your stuff easier to clean. Also for stuff that seems to have more gunk on it there is more of an ozone smell that isn’t great, but isn’t terrible. It’s a by-product of the germicidal uv-c process and really the only thing that let’s you know that it’s working.

Nicely designed, easy to use, secure on countertop and better than described. I like the option of manually turning this unit on but also like the automatic option too, love this product and feel secure in the protection it gives us.

The smell that many complain about after running a cycle is not awful; it may not be something you’d want your home to smell like, but it is the smell of bacterial death, and it dissipates in 2 seconds.

I was happy to see that the uv-c light from the homesoap supposedly kills viruses. At first this seemed like overkill, but i’m now very happy we got it. So far it has santized a laptop, a tablet, multiple e-readers, and a forehead thermometer. It’s nice to be able to cycle various items through it and be confident that they are coming out sterile when it’s done.

My husband and i bought a homesoap. We are in our ’70’s and with the coronavirus, we want to do everything possible to kill any and all germs and viruses on our phones, earbuds, headphones, keyboards, wallets. Everything that we commonly use.It is so quick and easy to use. It is also added security for when our grandchildren visit. We can clean those things they love to touch.

I love the simplicity of using the homesoap. It is vertical so it take up less shed space. Using it to disinfect iphones, ipads, apple watches, eyeglasses, remotes and phone handsets.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • HomeSoap: A UV-C Sanitizer for All Home Items. Two large, powerful UV-C lights and a patented inner reflection chamber 360-degree disinfection. In 10 minutes, kill 99.99% of bacteria on the surface of your items.
  • Increased Capacity: With 27 times the sanitizing space of the original PhoneSoap, you can disinfect just about anything. From tablets, headphones, and remotes, to children’s toys, pacifiers and bottles. If it fits inside, it will sanitize.
  • Safe & Easy: Nano suction feet keep HomeSoap firmly planted during use and automatic and manual modes allow you to sanitize when you want to and when you don’t at the touch of a button.
  • Always Charged and Ready to Go: With two 2.4A USB ports (1 USB-A, 1 USB-C), your electronics come out freshly sanitized, fully charged, and ready for anything.
  • As seen on Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, and QVC: PhoneSoap’s revolutionary bacteria-zapping technology was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, tested and proven effective on the Discovery Channel, and sold to hundreds of thousands of happy customers on Good Morning America and QVC.

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