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I studied for months while my theater was being completed. Only 4k, but wanted 8k for the future. A lot of attention was paid to the cables. It feels like my research has really paid off. I used a 1 1/4 blue smurf tube and pulled it gently using a tape line (lower one. Best $20 I’ve used in years).

Works absolutely perfectly with my rtx 3080 ti and lg c1 65 inch oled.

It worked on my 6900xt and lg cx. Verified by Blur Buster Test.

I bought an 18 Gbps 4k hdmi cable that said it would work at 40 feet long. When I tested it with a 65′ samsung 4k on a m1 macbook pro, it worked successfully, but not on my home theater from a Denon avr-6200w to a jvc dla-nx5. This 48Gbps 8k 50ft cable worked flawlessly in the theater. The cost of running my theater was well worth it. I installed it through the wall-mounted media cable route that I put in when building the house, and there was no problem even pulling it with a pull string.

If you are looking for a certified long run 8k earc compatible HDMI cable, this is it. I bought a similar cable from monoprice as it claims it can do the earc but in tests it didn’t. This cable was cheaper and did all the functions. It’s hard to tell the difference between a fake and a real claim these days.

phoossno certified 8k fiber optic HDMI 2 – best 10m-15m HDMI 2.1 cable

It was quite difficult to find an hdmi 2.1 cable that offered 48Gbps at lengths longer than 3m and 120hz at 4k. Don’t worry about certified cables. Other manufacturers claim that the cable is available, but there is no certification. There are certifications for these cables and they do what they claim and are a bit pricey but if you need an hdmi 2.1 cable at 10-15m this is what you get. It doesn’t disappoint and the cables are well built and flexible enough to route anywhere. I’ve been wanting a white variant, but hopefully nothing but that amazing product.

I’ve been using this for about 8 months before stopping full 48 Gbps transfers (I can technically only test 40 Gbps because LG’s display is 10-bit rather than 12-bit). My 3090 now only gives 4:2:0, 60hz pictures to my LG OLED. I was able to get full 4:4:4, 10-bit, 120hz before failing. When it worked it was great. 1 Cables seem to have a finite lifespan. Not sure if the 2nd gen has improved or not, but the 1st gen is iffy.

The first time I realized I couldn’t do the job and it wasn’t bidirectional. You need to check the connectors for the source and TV. Excellent product, works very well.

I needed a long HDMI cable (45ft) to connect my pc with an rtx3080 GPU and the new asmung 8k qn900a model. I’ve tried a few different 8k cables, but I’m getting all sorts of issues like images dropping and fading images and after some time no signal. After frustration I decided to go with phossno’s cables as they had the hdmi super fast certified logo. This means that the cable has passed the tests of hdmi org. Cable works like a champ, simple plug and play and I am very much enjoying my 8k video game setup for posno.

This is one of the few certified HDMI 2.1 cables with longer lengths on the market at the time I reviewed them. I use this to connect my rtx 3080 graphics card with lg c1 oled tv. The cables I got are 10m (30ft) Gen 2 active (unidirectional, clearly labeled on source and display). The cable supports 4k 120hz, hdr and vrr in my setup, so it fully utilizes the gaming capabilities of the oled tv. 1 Authentication using hdmi app. The quality of the cables is high, thin, very flexible and helps route through wall setups. Their customer service is very responsive. Before I bought they answered my question to suggest that the 2nd gen version made a lot of improvements over the rtx 3080 and I should get it.

I believe this is the second HDMI certified 15m uhs cable on the market. 1 8k video processor and hdmi with 3080 GPU installed 2. Works as described on website. The source end connector gets a little hot to the touch, but phoossno customer service informed me that this is normal as the source connector’s power consumption is normal at 5v 140ma. [email protected] And [email protected] The zinc alloy material used for the connector case dissipates heat efficiently. They also reported that their tests showed that the source-end cable head temperature was within the maximum 50c specified by the connector chipset they use, and an operating life of 100,000 hours per specification for this chipset. Phossno customer service seems very responsive and knowledgeable.

Update: phoossno kindly sent me a free replacement. Apparently the cable has been updated. Will try it soon and update here. They definitely have responsive customer service. Phossno had very good reviews online about the long hdmi 2. The cables feel well made and are clearly certified, but they don’t have the correct product label on the box. 0 (18 Gbps) – Apple TV – but the source connector heats up quite a bit. It is most likely not a safe choice for long-term reliability.

I used it with a pc with an rtx 3090 and it immediately recognized the display at 4k 120hz with no flickering or issues. Please note that cables are directional, so make sure ‘Source’ and ‘Display’ are connected in the correct orientation. I could be wrong, but this was the only cable I could find at this length currently capable of achieving 48 Gbps. Here are the specifications for: phossno certified 8k fiber optic HDMI 2:

  • Phossno HDMI 8K Cable Gen1 is an HDMI ATC Certified Active Fiber Optic Cable with HDMI High Speed ​​Label. Slim/portable/long-distance, cable outer diameter 4.8mm, maximum length 30m
  • Ultra-fast HDMI certified 8K Gen1, support resolution [email protected] And [email protected]HDR and 3D support, back compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4[Note]: Compatible with RTX3080/3090 and LG C1/LG BX; Do not support RTX3080/3090 with LG C9/LG B9/LG CX.
  • HDMI Fiber Gen1 cable supports full 48Gbps bandwidth, supports HDCP2.2 and HDCP2.3, eARC, Dobly 7.1, supports new HDMI 2.1 ALLM/QFT/QMS/VRR
  • HDMI 8K 2.1 Gen1 cable uses optical engineers inside, 24K gold plated connectors, 8K signal transmission at light speed without signal compression.
  • Gen1 general application: home theater, audio & video playback, high-resolution video conferencing, office application, multimedia education system, VR&AR, PS4/PS5&XBox One S game play, CCTV system, broadcasting system, digital signage, medical imaging system

phoossno certified 8k fiber optic HDMI 2 – best 10m-15m HDMI 2.1 cable

I use it on a 3080 ti that is ~30 feet away from the lg c1. You can get 4k 120fps full chroma 4:4:4 subsampling w hdr. It’s a little pricey, but it’s the price of early adoption.

I have tried other optical hdmi cables and so far this is the best. No signal loss and 4k 120hz is no problem on my ps5 and lg oled gx.

5m version of this cable for my new projector/avr combo. I made sure I was ordering an hdmi certified super fast cable. I’ve heard people are happy with the gen2 version of this cable. So I asked how to identify gen1/gen2 (very quick response, btw). I got my cable and checked the hdmi certified hologram. But the cable didn’t work at all. I even tried the cable test fixtures at the pioneer avr, but the tests weren’t complete. If you look at the variants on this list, you will see that the 33ft (and 65ft) version of this product is described/marked as gen2. So I will return the first version and order the 33ft version to see if gen2 solves the problem. I will update this review with results.

It started out great, but after playing for about 4 hours I started experiencing this input lag. After switching back to another monitor, the input lag went away. A bit sad, but I believe this is a 100% problem with the cable. After a lot of troubleshooting and research, I still had the same problem again and again. Still, it’s good for watching movies.

I am amazed by the product. I had to tell everyone about this cable. Phossno (gen2) cables are by far the best. I am not getting paid for this. I’ve tried several cables, but this one offers by far the best picture quality. I have a samsung 800a smart tv with the best cable provider and the gen2 brings the picture quality to the top. Buy the gen2 and you won’t be disappointed.

The second owner of an optical HDMI cable. Impressed. At first I wasn’t sure that the picture quality would be noticeably improved. The second time just strengthens my belief in them. This should become the new standard for high-tech quality. The cable is longer than necessary, but the quality is not compromised. Buying one more fiber optic will update all your home theater equipment. The cables and materials used are of the highest quality. It also has built-in backwards compatibility technology.

Buyer Reviews:

  • Best 10m-15m HDMI 2.1 Cable

phoossno certified 8k fiber optic HDMI 2 – best 10m-15m HDMI 2.1 cable

I had to replace another 8k cable from another manufacturer that didn’t work above 4k 60hz. I used this cable and it works perfectly. The pictures are great, full hdr and hlg. In the long run, having a good projector and sound system with good hdmi is a must. These cables are certified and have a good construction quality.

EDIT: I had to update the original review as phoossno contacted me and fixed the issue. They sent me a new 2nd gen cable because the original 1st gen failed me. I’ve been using it all weekend and it’s been working fine. Just wanted to thank phoossno for reaching out and really looking for a consumer who has been using the cable for 3 months and has died from light use. If I connected it to the lg c1 of the pc which is used only for occasional light gaming, one day i found that the graphic card couldn’t find the tv anymore. Tried a different cable and immediately found the TV. Confirmed that the cable is dead. You will need $90 for 3 short months with no more than 40 hours of total usage.

I chose it because of the length. The TV in the office is attached to the wall. I needed a long HDMI cord to display slides, mostly PowerPoint, on my computer when other people visited. This is a one-way cable. Each end is marked as ‘source’ and ‘display’. Changing the two doesn’t work.

phoossno certified 8k fiber optic HDMI 2 – best 10m-15m HDMI 2.1 cable

phoossno certified 8k fiber optic HDMI 2 – best 10m-15m HDMI 2.1 cable

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