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As the presentation design agency puts it, captivating your audience with your PowerPoint presentation is one of the essentials of any sales presentation.

Presentations are essential for any business that sells products or services of any size.

It’s so easy to forget how important an engaging presentation is. This can significantly disrupt the way your audience engages with your content, making your content less effective.

In this article, we will focus on a few ways you can put “power” back into your PowerPoint presentations. We want our audience to never find themselves giving a boring, uninteresting presentation that is difficult to engage with.

Minimal text means more effective messages

When creating a presentation, it’s easy to fall into the trap of adding too much text to each presentation slide because you want to include all the benefits and points you want to cover.

This is one of the most common ways in which presentations tend to lose value and become less attractive. Slideshow text should not be used as a substitute for your own voice. It’s difficult for any audience to hear what you have to say while digesting the text on the screen. That’s why it’s important to use minimal text and expand on each point further when speaking.

If you’re worried that your audience won’t remember what you have to say, you can always print your slideshow and enter notes to share after your presentation.

Use high-quality, high-definition graphics

During the design phase of creating a presentation, it’s important to use only high-quality images and graphics. If a photo or graphic looks a bit grainy on the screen, it will only look worse on the big screen.

High-quality graphics instantly give your presentation a professional look and feel and make it even more attractive to your audience. If you find yourself having to squint your eyes and struggle to understand what they’re seeing, you’ll lose them before you even start.

There are many websites that offer free, high-quality, professional images that you can use.

Don’t use animated transitions

do not misunderstand. Weird slide transitions can definitely help if you find yourself constantly clicking buttons to move to the next slide. However, animating each image and bullet is overkill and slows down the presentation too much.

The purpose of your presentation is to engage your audience with what you are saying. If you focus too much on all of the different animations on your slides, you can lose your attention and hear important information.

Use a single, clear and consistent font

Nothing looks more amateur than a presentation that uses different fonts for each slide. When you present a PowerPoint that uses a variety of fonts, the content from the different slideshows is aggregated and appears not formatted properly.

Use a single font and make sure each slide uses the same size and style. PowerPoint presentation shows use simple fonts like Arial that are easy to use on each slide. It may be tempting to use colorful letters to look great, but when information becomes tricky to prepare, time and effort is wasted.

Prepare, practice and ask for feedback

It is important to practice PowerPoint cues and verbal cues in advance when starting to prepare for a speaking appointment or presentation. That way, you will be prepared for anything that may befall you that day.

Chat about giving your coworkers or close friends candid feedback on how to view and inform your presentation. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll notice that you didn’t even think of.

Ask them to consider these key points before you begin. Does a PowerPoint slideshow support your speech? Can the content on each slide grab your audience’s attention? Is the embedded content easy to maintain and digest?

learn from the case

Fortunately, publicly traded companies are required by law to publish executed presentations to shareholders, so there are plenty of PowerPoint template examples online.

If you’re struggling to put “power” back into your PowerPoint presentations, ask us about how we can help you take your presentation to the next level.

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