Wed. May 18th, 2022

Charles meets ’emotional’ with Ukrainian refugees

The Prince of Wales said he hoped Britain would welcome Ukrainians to “emotional” reunions with families fleeing Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

Charles, who is known to have personally offered to meet with Ukrainian refugees, added that he is praying for the conflict to end soon.

He commented on a visit to the World Jewish Relief (WJR) charity in North London, which provided food, money and medicine to a war-torn country.

Charles, the group’s patron since 2015, has made a financial contribution to these efforts, although the amount has not been disclosed.

WJR President Maurice Helfgott said he would write a letter of appreciation to the Prince for the donation. “Don’t worry about that.” The prince answered with a laugh in the room.

After talking to the British refugee settlement team, Charles met three Ukrainian women who had fled the war.

Two are from Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine and the other is from southern Odessa. Both cities were bombed by Russian forces.

“I will never forget the sound of a missile until the day I die,” said one woman.

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