Wed. May 18th, 2022

High-ranking aides at Buckingham Palace are coming up with a military-style plan aimed at bringing the queen to Prince Philip’s memorial service.

The 95-year-old frail monarch withdrew from Commonwealth Day services last week in fear of her “comfort”.

According to royal sources, His Majesty’s Majesty suffered from mobility problems “on a certain day”.

The Queen has decided to attend the Duke of Edinburgh’s Thanksgiving Day, and officials are exploring an incredible variety of options to take her to the monastery.

Sun on Sunday understands that senior staff will arrange Her Majesty’s flight by helicopter, a 15-minute drive from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace.

The queen stood up and appeared in a face-to-face fight in Windsor last week, but her aides aren’t satisfied with her walking about 100 yards from the monastery entrance, through the nave and choir, to get to her place.

Instead, they want her to drive her a short distance from the palace and seal off the entire Dean’s Yard to the west of the monastery, allowing her to park secretly outside the side door.

A six-foot privacy screen or football-style tunnel can be erected to prevent photographers from capturing her as she leaves the car.

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