Tue. May 17th, 2022

Almost half of all Britons think Charles must step down in order for William to become king.

Nearly half of Britons believe the Duke of Wales must step down if the Duke of Cambridge is to become king.

According to the Ipsos study, 42% of people think Charles should step down for his son William to take over the throne.

This compares with 24% who think princes should not favor dukes, and 29% who think there is no big difference.

However, the survey found that 48% of Britons still believe Charles will do a good job, while 19% think he will do bad things and 27% think he will do neither good nor bad.

A survey conducted on 2,055 British adults on March 24 and 25 also found that the rate of preferring Charles increased by 11 percentage points to 43% since 2018.

More than a third (36%) feel the same way about the Duchess of Cornwall.

However, Britons are much more likely to have a crush on the Queen, whom 69% favor, William, whom 64% favor, and the Duchess of Cambridge, whom 60% favor.

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