Sun. Jun 26th, 2022

NHS employees say their sector employees ‘do not allow strikes’.

A medical aid worker in northern London who was half an hour late for work due to a trip interruption said NHS workers like him “can’t go on strike” like railroad workers.

David Raposo Buzon had been waiting at the bus stop since 6:30am for his scheduled 7:30am departure, but was not able to get to work until 9am in the face of long queues and crowded service.

“I think it’s okay to go on strike,” said a 34-year-old Spanish citizen, “but at the same time, I get angry when I think that NHS workers can’t go on strike even if the working conditions are really bad.” He told PA News.

“You can’t go on strike because you have to provide a minimum level of service, but the service is already at the lowest level, and besides, if you strike, you literally kill people and feel guilty, and in the end, don’t do it.”

“My patients and colleagues are still waiting for me because of #RailStrikes,” Buzon said on Twitter, sharing a video of a long queue waiting for a bus.

“And we cannot strike. And my salary is utterly worse than it stands out. This country needs change.”

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