Wed. May 18th, 2022

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Kris Boyd praised the never-dying attitude of the Rangers players and said they were a match for the 2008 team.

He said: “The real unity of this team is something you can’t buy. And it will only get stronger now.

“It looks like Celtic will win the league, but if the Rangers can win the Scottish Cup and reach the Europa League final, it’s like the team in 2008.

“Never say anything is an important part of the coach. Trust him, trust the players, and the results will come.

“They were incredible. They deserved it. This is no coincidence. They overthrew the Champions League team.

“It’s an incredible result and it’s not just the Rangers. In Scottish football we don’t have the finances to compete at this level, but the unity and team spirit have shown that the Rangers can go far in Europe and that’s what happened tonight. “

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