Wed. May 18th, 2022

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Chelsea’s Champions League hopes to be out of balance after a huge hat-trick from Real Madrid hitman Karim Benzema.

The French scored two great headers in the first half for Los Blancos.

Kai Havertz gave Chelsea hope by heading home just before halftime.

But Edouard Mendy’s horrific mistake saw Karim Benzema regain Real Madrid’s two-goal lead with a simple tap-in.

Billionaire Todd Boehly may be rethinking about becoming the Blues’ new owner after witnessing the Blues being disbanded by Real.

Boehly was spotted at Stamford Bridge ahead of their Champions League quarter-final first leg match and it’s unlikely he’d been impressed with what he saw in the blues.

Boehly’s presence was welcomed by Blues fans, unlike the club’s rival bidders, the Ricketts family, who opposed it last week.

Upon Boehly’s arrival, one fan tweeted: “A casual billionaire is walking on the bridge.”

Another said, “Like his style, I’m at least interested enough to keep playing the big @ChelseaFC game unlike the others.”

And another said, “A man for Chelsea!!!”

One said, “Give this person ownership.”

Meanwhile, former blues goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was booed by Chelsea fans when he returned to the former club with Los Blancos.

His name was ridiculed before kickoff as the lineup was read.

Despite the Belgian’s cold welcome, he’s still hoping for the best of his former team amid ownership issues.

Courtois has this to say about the values ​​Chelsea new owners should have: “I want the new owners to understand the club they are buying and Chelsea can continue to be one of the best football clubs in the world.”

And he didn’t spare a tribute to former blues teammate Romelu Lukuka: Obviously, it’s a bit odd that he hasn’t played that much lately.

“He is a man of great qualities. He easily finds his target. Obviously Chelsea have other great strikers. I understand that it’s not always easy when your team is winning. Obviously the coach keeps playing the same players.

“But I’m sure he’ll get through it. Sometimes it takes some getting used to. He went through the same thing in his first season at Real Madrid, but it wasn’t easy. I’m sure he will pass.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine, but I hope it’s not tomorrow. [Wednesday]. We just have to wait one more week,” he said.

Finally, Thomas Tuchel revealed that he expects Andreas Christensen’s 100% commitment by the end of the season.

He said: [Christensen] This is the moment when everything is clear or you are completely dedicated to the club you are playing for: us and Chelsea.

“Perhaps he has cleared his future, I don’t know it yet, but it was very clear when I started and the conclusion of my conversation with him is that as long as you are my player I am 100% committed to you and I will not accept anything less than that. will be

“I am not going to dig into how dedicated he is now. This is just a distraction. This is what I ask of him. He is our player and we want to get the most out of him.”

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