Mon. May 16th, 2022

Although Prince Andrew walked side by side with the Queen, at Prince Philip’s memorial, he was ‘disowned by the royal family and did not have a warm relationship with them’.

The Duke of York attended worship services with His Majesty, but had little contact with the rest of the family.

Andrew said he avoided receptions and went straight back to Westminster with his mother after the service was over.

The queen showed a ‘clear expression’ in supporting her second son, while the rest of the company ‘showed no sign of support or encouragement’ or ‘pretended not to see’.

Body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL: [as the Queen gave him] from other royals.

“Only his mother tossed anything close to a “welcome back” smile at him, and rather than tossing him subtle tie signs of support or encouragement, it seemed that most royalty would act as if they had never seen him.

“Taking a seat next to Edward, he looked lonely and defiant, but he didn’t look at him, he nodded in greeting, he didn’t make eye contact with discernible eyes.

“The look-avoidance seemed deliberate, and most companies were staring straight ahead, barely noticing him.

“Edward and Sophie often act as buffers for the royal company, and while William and Harry are known for chatting lively to keep the frosts off of their last public outing, there is no sign of warmth or bond between these brothers until they sing the hymn. There wasn’t.

“Andrew turned to talk to Edward and Sophie, and they answered with the coolest answer.”

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