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Very happy with the kettle quick boil.

Now I need to buy another kettle. Black stuff is coming out.

Been using it for several months now.

It is not particularly noisy, boils quickly and has a good quality feel. Very accurate pouring, slightly slower than other kettles, but as a result it is very difficult to spill too much. Doesn’t spit at all.

I bought this kettle for a quick replacement of a missing expensive famous brand kettle and couldn’t be more satisfied. It is functional in appearance and works very well for boiling water quickly and reasonably quietly. descaling), there are scale filters that work just as efficiently as more expensive kettle filters. Some reviewers have suffered burns after touching the metal that heats up once it boils, but the only advice to avoid this is to pick it up only by the handle when it’s finally packaged and the kettle has a very good value for the price in all of this. Replace it again with the same one.

Russell Hobbs Hampshire Kettle – does exactly what it does.  delivered

It’s a fast boiler, but it’s the loudest kettle I’ve ever owned. Do not buy if you have hearing loss. Other than that, there’s a nice, thin pourer, all-in-one 3-cup measure.

Handsome kettle, smooth lines.

It looks good and does what it says on the box.

Looks good and does what it claims to be. For the price it’s a good buy.

It boils well, boils slightly faster than a conventional Russell hob, and cuts precisely as it boils. The important thing is to pour well without dripping. Boils very quickly Cordless Excellent for pouring without drips. A red led on/off indicator on the correct auto-off on/off switch of boiling point. 1/2/3 cup filling marker inside the kettle Not that good: the handle could be designed better: remember not to disturb your thumb when lifting the kettle. Otherwise, your thumb is prone to burns. hot kettle body. Although the (one time) on-off switch seems a bit fragile, (yet) overall recommended update 26/11/16: 2. After 5 years of extensive use, the kettle still works fine, but as others have mentioned, the lid is more It no longer keeps itself open. This means you have to open the lid with your thumb while filling. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting drenched in the cold faucet if the lid suddenly falls off. . But it still pours beautifully.

A standard kettle works, but not the quality of the past. It has to go on, but we will see.

The kettle seems pretty well made and is easy to clean.

A great kettle that is not noisy and boils very quickly. Here are the specifications for: russell hobbs hampshire kettle:

  • Stylish stainless steel kettle with plastic accents
  • Rapid boiling zone function
  • 1/2/3 cup capacity indication
  • easy inlet
  • Open the pull-open hinge cover

Russell Hobbs Hampshire Kettle – does exactly what it does.  delivered

A decent sized kettle arrived quickly, not as noisy as some previous buyers have posted. Replace with like if necessary.

It boils water quickly, but is quite noisy in the process.

The lid is stiff and does not open well.

We love our new kettle and the new design for the interior is quite energy saving. Hope it lasts a long time.

Delivered on time, works well, is not noisy, and goes well with our kitchen decor.

Gorgeous kettles and amazing prices.

Buyer Reviews:

  • Appearance is misleading.
  • As promised, the water boils quickly.
  • incomplete

Russell Hobbs Hampshire Kettle – does exactly what it does.  delivered

Five stars except for the amount of water hidden by the handle as the case is very hot and burns easily.

The kettle is very nice and stylish I am happy to order this.

We needed a new kettle of good value and it’s working great.

The kettle looks rather noisy when it boils, but it does the job.

A bit noisy but makes good cuppa.

Simplicity, functionality and durability are unquestioned. However, it is very difficult to get rid of the metallic smell.

Russell Hobbs Hampshire Kettle – does exactly what it does.  delivered

The spout filter has already come off once and is a bit tricky to put back on. It’s cheap and cheerful, but in the end you only get what you pay for.

The kettle boils quickly and I like the model. Unfortunately they only seem to last about a year before the on/off switch fails.

I am very happy with this kettle.

A really nice looking kettle.

There were no leaks or major inconveniences. A few things to note:- The first one stopped working after 7 months and had to be replaced under warranty. After the second/new year the power switch failed. After the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle boils for 10-15 seconds. The sensor seems to be on the top cover. Leaving the top lid open will cause the kettle to boil indefinitely.

Love the red marker for the great kettle, good capacity and cup quantity.

Russell Hobbs Hampshire Kettle – does exactly what it does.  delivered

It does exactly what it says it will do. If it lasts more than 5 years, it’s really beneficial.

Good product. Russell Hobbs has never let me down.

A really fast boiling kettle is much better than the one I replaced.

It boils really fast, but that makes it a bit noisy.

Arrived quickly with great quality and no fuss.

Finally, I found a kettle with a good product for the price that pours without spilling.

Russell Hobbs Hampshire Kettle – does exactly what it does.  delivered

Nice kettle good value.

Pours well, looks great, and works great.

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