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Nice to look at and can be set to mute.

It’s just the right size and looks smart.

Purchased for display in a renovated kitchen space. Not too big for a small kitchen. When I bought this 7 months ago my intention was not to use it often to heat food, but mostly because it fits the space and looks great. For example, I reheated a bowl of curry. Place the curry under about an inch layer of rice. The bowl is 3 inches high and has a top diameter of 6 inches and is 2. It took 10 minutes to heat the food from cold to hot. This microwave oven is no exception. One plate of food, 10 minutes. In terms of functionality and ease of use, microwaves are great.

No proper door handle and no push button to open the door. Operation is very easy and really self-explanatory.

I love this microwave. It doesn’t “bang” when closing the door, but has the ability to mute an annoying beep when done (great for toddlers sleeping.

Russell Hobbs Rhm2086ss Classic 17 Liter Stainless Steel Digital Microwave – Great Buy.

Microwave that looks very classy and smart. Easy to use abd kills tasks as needed. Fast delivery and good service. Microwaves have definitely gone up in price, but this was the best value I’ve found.

You can’t see the contents through the oven door, but other than that it’s a very good microwave.

This is a nice looking microwave and it works well, but there are a few things that annoy me. One beeps every minute as the food heats up to let you know it’s done. This is completely unnecessary because you can hear it stop and it’s annoying if you’re busy with other things. Second, the interior lights remain on even if the door is left open. Why can’t I set a timer to save electricity? I know this is a minor issue. Generally a good machine.

It goes well with other chrome appliances and the plate looks good and expensive.

It looks great and I also like the blue LED lighting when using the microwave. It’s a bit louder than the previous model I have.

It worked well thanks to a good microwave.

The door handle is the right size to help people with reduced mobility. I bought this for my 90-year-old mother, and she prioritized simplicity of operation. Glad she got used to it working quickly.

I love the mirror look of my new microwave oven look so stylish and easy to use. I’ve had it now hmm 8 months I think and its rusty smh. Here are the specifications for: Russell Hobbs Rhm2086ss Classic 17 Liter Stainless Steel Digital Microwave Oven:

  • Enter your model number to make sure this is correct.
  • Stainless steel fascia with blue LED lighting
  • With a compact and stylish design, this 17 liter microwave is perfect for your kitchen.
  • This microwave has an automatic defrost setting, so you simply enter the weight of your food and the ideal defrost time is selected.
  • The auto cook menu displays cooking times for different foods, making cooking as easy as 1-2-3.

Russell Hobbs Rhm2086ss Classic 17 Liter Stainless Steel Digital Microwave – Great Buy.

Easy to use, clean and browse. I am a fan of Russell Hobbs.

Do exactly as indicated in the comments.

It works fine, but if you’re not technically minded, timers are a bit complicated.

A Christmas present, they loved it.

The only downside is that the clock keeps falling behind and you have to keep time resting.

Beautifully shaped microwave, good quality and good value for money. It looks great in my kitchen and the blue clock is a nice detail. Great design and manufacturer’s warranty.

Buyer Reviews:

  • kettle boiling faster
  • It does what it should do, but has some annoying features.
  • Great microwave!!!

Russell Hobbs Rhm2086ss Classic 17 Liter Stainless Steel Digital Microwave – Great Buy.

This Russell Hobbs microwave oven is well designed, looks good, is easy to set up, and is easy to use, and the blue LED is very clear and easy to see. I recommend this unit to anyone who needs a nice, well-made unit.

The only complaint is that it’s easy to set up and perfectly cooked food is a bit noisy compared to previous microwaves.

I found that I had to read and follow the instructions very carefully. The instructions do not clearly state that the door must be opened and closed before setting the power level. Otherwise it’s a nice little machine.

I bought this for an elderly relative who has difficulty understanding controls. It has a few very silly functional glitches that made it difficult for her to operate, but it should be fine for young people.

I love my new microwave. Beautiful and easy to use.

Slim design with no real compromise on culinary abilities.

Russell Hobbs Rhm2086ss Classic 17 Liter Stainless Steel Digital Microwave – Great Buy.

This is a product my mother bought. My mother’s fav is all about microwaves. She was very happy because she wanted stainless steel because it was easy to use.

It is a good product for students who are just starting to study alone for the first time. Easy to operate and simple to follow instructions, you can easily mute your alarm so you don’t keep peeping, and it’s like magic, closing the door and turning the lights off is a problem previous reviewers have had.

Love it, it looks great and is very easy to use.

It looks really classy and cooks a treat. The only downside is that the blue clock/LED is pretty hard to read from a distance, but only me can.

Easy to use and good looking items go well with all the other items in my kitchen. Happy to order and well worth the money. thank you.

A really smart looking microwave. Nice led display and overall finish is top quality.

Russell Hobbs Rhm2086ss Classic 17 Liter Stainless Steel Digital Microwave – Great Buy.

Brill microwaves are well made, well cooked, and easy to clean.

I am very satisfied with this product. Easy to use and looks smart in the kitchen.

A great product ideal for a small home.

Very nice and quiet microwave.

Bigger than expected but that’s ok.

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