Wed. May 18th, 2022

I am very happy with the picture and sound. The only thing that’s a little annoying is the relatively long charging time of Amazon Prime and the need to charge the remote. I would have liked the battery better.

This is the really powerful part. The remote control is great. Unfortunately, the remote doesn’t have red, yellow, green and blue buttons like other Samsungs do.

Bought a TV that comes under 1000 euros for a 65″, mostly watch Netflix, YouTube, play on PS5, switch from Samsung TV since 2015, Smart TV works fast and works well, the sound is a pleasure even without a soundbar , if you prefer very good sound (then buy a soundbar), it’s somewhat unsuitable for listening to music. The photos are fantastic. Black is also very good in my opinion. Can’t ask for more for the price. Probably the best you can get at this price point

I bought a Samsung TV on Black Friday. Known deliveries from Amazon Top, exactly on the date you want. The appearance of Samsung TVs is attractive and solid. Setting up the device was easy but commissioning was a bit stressful. Only then did it run smoothly through the Samsung app. The remote control does not have numbers from 0 to 9 at first, so it takes some time to get used to, but after a few days you get used to it. The colors were vivid, which later convinced me that the QLED version was the right decision. I didn’t want to experiment with the sound, so I added a Samsung soundbar HW-Q600A/ZG, so to speak, I saved the unit on Black Friday and bought one of the Top. In summary, the price and performance are good.

TVs have great pictures by default! Also a really reasonable black level! Aaaaaabbbberr My 65er. There is now a second (23.03.22 third) panel. At first the lighting was too uneven. Very annoying. So replace the panel 2x. What’s up! I really like the pictures better. aaaabbber One more time with this DSE dirty screen effect. The next attempt is in progress. If I try with a whole new device without going back, the 23.04.22 TV goes back. Get more money for OLED

Samsung Gq50q80aat 165 –

Finally, enjoy a smooth game with your PC. We are very happy with the TV. very good. exorbitant!!!

In fact, this is a great TV that is always available at a very good price. Unfortunately, banding (striped images) is common, especially on fast or monotonous backgrounds. After my device had symptoms, I went to two electronics stores to see this device at a trade show. They also had symptoms. It’s just an LCD bottle, but for the price, it’s totally unacceptable to me. We have now switched to NeoQLED. It was a little more expensive, but thanks to the cashback, the difference was only marginal. And the photos are actually much better.

I have a question. Since yesterday, there has been a funny hieroglyph in the lower left corner of the TV. Does anyone know what it is?

First of all, this TV offers very high picture quality, which was also overwhelming when gaming. Shooting games run very smoothly despite the high demands that exist today. But oddly enough, it’s annoying that common prime video issues also occur with these TVs. It works fine at first, but after a few days the charging indicator stops and the app crashes when changing episodes. After restarting the app for the first time, I was still able to watch it until the end of the episode and the game restarted from the beginning. But since today nothing is going on and the loading bar immediately freezes. I really don’t want to spend money on an external device again and watch a movie, so I’m thinking of canceling the TV. After all, for the price, you can expect everything to work!

I like the TV of this model and have been using it since October 28th, mastering the necessary settings for a short period of time, there are a lot of them. It will take time to see the full overview.

Great TV, everything is good. Only 3 out of 4 HDMI jacks are unavailable. I’ve been wanting to use an HDMI cable from my Samsung TV 55″ (process model picture), but unfortunately it’s not possible with the 3 bottom sockets. The upper socket can only be used with one receiver. The plug cannot be inserted. I want to keep the device. Samsung may have a mobile repair service that can perform on-site repairs. may be requested by the competent authority,

I particularly liked the quick delivery and delivery, as well as the ability to set up and install the unit in minutes. With little time left, I was able to finish my first program. I am very satisfied and happy every day with my new Samsung. Top image, good sound, simple, clear and easy to use remote control with thousands of common buttons and buttons.

It’s not completely exhausted yet, but the Image TOP settings are many and unfortunately often gray and I don’t know why or what to change to make them usable. The sound is satisfactory, but I’m using my own boxing game mode. Streams are a disaster, but who needs them? Wired game mode, yes. Awesome but somehow has issues with Gsync-like **fps mode** I would have paid 500 more for a TV with pure Gsync. HDR bugging me in the game. It took me 3 hours to activate this. There seems to be a wrong FPS setting there, so I have to set it to 60 and then the hdr will run. Setting it to 16:9 or another 21 is very fun and really killer in HDR. 10? Or is there a 32 too? Ka, it certainly offered a different widescreen, but with HDR the pictures are always different at all resolutions. It is either too dark (eg nights look cool, but daytime is always dark) or too bright. The best thing I think was the standard. Whatever it is, it can’t do anything with black level or brightness. Because if you improve the day, the night cannot regenerate and vice versa. Are you using 60 or 100 fps and still experiencing pixel flickering or tearing? I tried everything. for 5 hours. It’s annoying and not fun. I’m glad I bought this TV for Netflix and more, not gamers. Gamer mode is just bad.

Samsung Gq50q80aat 165 –

Overall a good product! I hope it will continue. Easy to use, great picture quality, just great! Top Device Super Picture remote control is a bit cumbersome!

Image quality is absolutely TOP. Great contrast ratio and great black level in contrast to our LG LCD. Also great on gaming PCs at 4k @60Hz. I punk: The home screen is completely overloaded with things I’ll never use. Annoying. Even in the menu, you have to scroll through unused items for a long time until you find what you need. I want to be able to set which apps or inputs to display on the home screen and menus.

Samsung Gq50q80aat 165 –

Samsung Gq50q80aat 165 –

Samsung Gq50q80aat 165 –

Samsung Gq50q80aat 165 –

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