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Nice soundbar, very easy to install and can be adjusted with the mobile app. The only problem I found was that I had a Blu-ray player connected to the hdmi port of the TV where the volume wasn’t controlled by the TV remote and it wasn’t powered on. This caused problems with the TV remote controlling the soundbar volume. When I turned on the Blu-ray player everything was fine. Good price from vendor, much cheaper than Samsung website.

I barely understood this because of the reviews on the bass. Used the – 2 most of the time the bass was on, but it’s still booming. Also, these voice speakers really work and you can hear your conversations when you watch a movie. I liked the sound bar so much that I got it.

It’s a fantastic soundbar and I can’t believe you can get it for such a price. It’s easy to install, looks great and comes with everything you need to install, unlike many companies that don’t care about cables or remote batteries. The surround sound emulation is just fantastic. It feels as if you have speakers around you.

The product is great, but all the user manuals it came with are in Eastern European languages ​​and I can’t understand them. I’ve already informed the vendor about this issue, but haven’t received any updates on getting the correct documentation yet.

This soundbar has 100% improved sound and voice quality. Now you can listen to TV in a lower sound and understand what they are saying without subtitles.

Samsung Hw-Q700a/Xu Q-Symphony Cinematic Dolby Atmos Q Series Soundbar for TV – Best

If you want a great soundbar, buy this one. I paired it with my lg oled tv and it works perfectly.

I replaced my wired av sound surround system and was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the soundbar, but it works best with wireless speakers.

I’ve never seen truly astonishing clarity, finesse and depth of well-balanced and perfectly presented audio on any device. I stopped looking for room-shaking bass and rattles from walls long ago for excellent sound for both TV and music. So far I haven’t found a perfect solution for my requirements. I’ve read reviews saying it lacks the sound you need for the bass. All I can say is that there are no requirements for grandeur, but the depth and balance between the treble, midrange and bass is perfect. Adaptive sound algorithms are in place and always produce the best results from what is displayed on the soundbar. This is about half my old Sony 5.1, but at least twice as good. How amazing did I say this is?

We combined this with a 50″ Samsung TV and both the look and the audio go well together. Thanks for a much clearer voice, along with full-body sounds that make you think outside noises are real (yes, it happened to make sure you were driving with the doors closed). Now we often use our TV to play radio stations or to play music from YouTube. We’re not pretending to be audiophiles, but the sound quality of this bar is excellent and very satisfying.

Excellent sound quality and very easy to set up.

The Dound is great, but it was a bit tricky to pair with the sub.

Well made, decent quality sound combined with the rear speakers, only a few rear speakers with issues on the weak side.

The sound quality is unmatched. Easy to install and the remote control is very pretty. But overall I can’t understand how good the sound plays through my phone’s music library or through t. V speakers sound small on their own. Here are the specifications for: Samsung Hw-Q700a/Xu Q-Symphony Cinematic Dolby Atmos Q Series Soundbar for TV:

  • Enter your model number to verify that this is correct.
  • True 3.1.2ch Sound: This soundbar delivers truly immersive surround sound through market-leading technology with multiple custom designed built-in speakers.
  • 3D Object-Based Sound: With the integration of true object-based audio formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, this soundbar puts you at the center of the action with a truly immersive 3D sound experience that delivers a breathtaking new level of realism. .
  • Samsung Q-Symphony: This system has the ability to sync perfectly with your Samsung TV* to play sound from your Samsung TV* and soundbar at the same time, syncing them together.
  • Adaptive Sound: Adaptive Sound ensures that the content you are watching always sounds the best in each scene, optimized by AI Sound.
  • Game Mode Pro: Automatically configured to be the best player to claim more glorious victories.

Samsung Hw-Q700a/Xu Q-Symphony Cinematic Dolby Atmos Q Series Soundbar for TV – Best

Good quality and on time delivery at a good price.

Replaced one sound bar with this system. The sound is clear and articulate, the surround sound works and the woofer works well. You can change the treble and bass and increase the response of the woofer. I would definitely recommend this. We don’t have a newer TV with all the features yet, and we can add two additional surround sound speakers later if we want at an extra cost.

The sound bar and subwoofer work great with the new Samsung TV, and it’s also a great standalone hi-fi system. Now I’m considering buying two Samsung secondary speakers for a more complete surround sound experience. The installation consisted of connecting the TV to the soundbar and powering the subwoofer and both. Everything worked perfectly from the start. This took me about 10 minutes with more time untying the cables before connecting. Great product and great audio video experience.

Remotes not connected yet have other remotes that work immediately. I’ll let you know if there are any problems.

Buyer Reviews:

  • Lovely full sound and clear speech
  • excellent sound quality
  • Nice addition to my 65″ TV

Samsung Hw-Q700a/Xu Q-Symphony Cinematic Dolby Atmos Q Series Soundbar for TV – Best

Samsung Hw-Q700a/Xu Q-Symphony Cinematic Dolby Atmos Q Series Soundbar for TV – Best

Samsung Hw-Q700a/Xu Q-Symphony Cinematic Dolby Atmos Q Series Soundbar for TV – Best

Samsung Hw-Q700a/Xu Q-Symphony Cinematic Dolby Atmos Q Series Soundbar for TV – Best

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