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The device did not convince us because of the photos. Overall it was too dark and the brightness setting wasn’t good enough. Even after disabling the echo feature, I couldn’t see the details of the clothes, for example in scenes where people were dressed in black. It was all black. Compared to the 55-inch TVs we’ve been using for years, you can see these details very well, like seams and stuffed pockets. There was nothing wrong with setting the shadow balance to level 5 out of 5. The device returned after 2 days.

I’ve been using it for two months with a 55 inch and I’m happy with it. The picture quality is good and the operation is simple. Expensive devices may have higher contrast and more impressive images. But for a mid-range TV, the performance seems to be pretty good. The sound of the device is not as good today as usual. Additional devices are required to do this properly. I paired my TV to my stereo system via bluetooth. Some reviewers have criticized Smart TV’s menu navigation. I like the installed software, there are no problems, everything is clear enough, self-explanatory and easy to use with the remote control.

The pictures are great. The sound is a bit flat. You must use a sound bar. Shipping was great. The TV arrived in a regular Samsung box. everything works fine. The remote will take some time to get used to. everything. top

Delivery went flawlessly as always. I know the TV and I am very satisfied. Overall very satisfied. Best value for money Super device, fast delivery, easy to install. Definitely recommend!

The sound quality was very bad. Consider the article flawed. These new TVs without voice control are like the TVs of 2016. Although in the description. remote control size trash

Samsung Q60a 55q60a 139 –

Been my Samsung friend for several years and this TV overwhelms me too. Beautiful colors, optimal size, and many settings common to today’s TVs. Unfortunately, the security PIN cannot be entered via the remote control in Settings under Satellite, as it does not work with the menu open digits. First we had to pair the external keyboard via Bluetooth.

Why does everything always have to be different from other Samsung TVs? I would not have done without this new and definitely innovative remote control!

My son is excited and uses it mainly for gaming. The delivery driver was also friendly! There was a loose foot and it comes with an immediate free replacement and network communication. highly recommended

At first, you need to adjust the image until you get a good picture! It took me a few days to get used to the photos, I love them! Even though the remote control doesn’t have many buttons, it’s easy to use! Sound is enough! I’m having an internet error, but I don’t think it’s because of the TV! There is always residue left behind when cleaning the screen. Tried other cleaning products! I can recommend it!

It has always been a tier of Samsung products, and this TV is of course TOP! fist! The latest Samsung TV software is working on a lot of issues. The app is constantly closing and I can no longer access the internet. Please do not update to the current version and wait for Samsung to release something new (as of 10 Feb 2022).

It’s about 55 inches long. The pictures are great, the remote control is economical, and the sound quality is good. Remote control operation takes some practice and familiarity due to the multiple key assignments. TVs, like almost everything, have a bit of a bad sound quality, but I always play the TV on a Bose so I don’t really care about the TV’s sound quality. To be honest, where should the sound come from? ?? It says ‘from the middle of the photo’ in the description. The intention is good, but it is not enough to produce a cinematic sound, but it is a good device for the price that can easily compete with other devices at 2-3 times the price. I love shooting in the 4K sector and it’s amazing to play these videos and even the Tagesschau is great.

After misunderstanding with the seller (the problem was with me) everything is ok. The nice lady at the dealer immediately contacted me and solved the problem in the world. Delivery arrived on time! I’m very happy.

Samsung Q60a 55q60a 139 –

Samsung Q60a 55q60a 139 –

Samsung Q60a 55q60a 139 –

Samsung Q60a 55q60a 139 –

Samsung Q60a 55q60a 139 –

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