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As with everything about this TV.

Easier to use than previous TVs.

I can’t download the apps I need and it has its own app store, not Android TV.

Great picture, easy to set up.

Brilliant tv That’s not what I hate about this TV. Gorgeous picture gorgeous sound love it one by one.

Samsung Q65a 50

Unable to load media. The picture quality is really good but the black is not good as this is a qled tv in the starting range. Dolby Vision and its drawback, Dolby Atmos, are not supported. Other than all this, everything is great on the TV.

In general, amazing picture quality and features. I will buy it again without a doubt.

Typical Samsung quality on TV as expected.

In general, I like Samsung products. I haven’t had any issues with my Samsung Perch. What a great price for a qled 50′ tv. The only problem is that the sound quality is very good due to the streamlined design, but not as good as the previous 7500 series.

Good picture quality, sound quality is much better than previous Samsung TVs. Smart features that are easy to navigate.

– Easy to set up and smart features Good picture quality – Not as vivid as expected.

A++++++++++++ I highly recommend this TV. Here are the specifications for: Samsung Q65a 50 Inch Smart Qled TV:

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  • Samsung Q65A QLED Smart TV – Experience true home entertainment with the Q65A QLED Smart TV. Our 4K TVs combine cutting-edge visual technology, smart ergonomics and high-quality audio to deliver a viewing experience like no other at home.
  • A smart TV that delivers visual excellence – Samsung 50-inch TVs deliver powerful 4K resolution with a 100% color volume movie experience. Our 4K TVs deliver amazingly fine-tuned footage, and HDR10+ makes blacks deeper and colors more vivid.
  • 50″ QLED TV that sounds like you’re on-site – Smart 4K TV also delivers clear, immersive audio thanks to Adaptive Sound and Q-Symphony. Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with OTS Light and Ultra Wide game views.
  • Work, entertainment and voice support, our smart TV has it all. Pre-installed with Alexa, Google Assistant and streaming services, this 50-inch TV gives you everything you need at the push of a button. Control your home or work from home via smart things.
  • Always remember to check the label – does the box say Q60A? Do not worry. Q65A Smart QLED TV is a high-end model of Q60A class TV! They use the same style box, but the Q65A is a different TV. Check the Amazon label.

Samsung Q65a 50

Small to medium sized room, soundbar available but fine for me.

Love all TV.

Nice led tv, impressive pictures pop out of the screen, lots of presets to fine tune, the original settings didn’t have to work great. The sound is surprisingly good for a slim TV. There is no freeview here, but instead a samsung tv (think this is a freeview and samsung licensing issue) but you can always get a freeview box if you want. Other than that, I don’t like it.

Overall, it did a great job.

I can’t find anything to criticize about this TV. It would be nice to have two satellite receivers, but the TV doesn’t seem to have it.

Bought this television to replace our old Samsung HD for a few days. I don’t think the picture is 4x. It is also an improvement on sd. My wife says the pictures are better, so it’s a brownie point. The Saturday morning that followed was really painful. There was no user manual. You have no options other than to try following the onscreen instructions. If Alexa had been working, she would have learned new words. Finding a “new” remote was unnecessarily complicated in our view. Our old TVs can be changed from TV to radio by pressing a button on the remote control. Now we need to navigate the menu to do the same.

Buyer Reviews:

  • dissatisfied.
  • “Saturday night movie!”
  • You need to add a soundbar.

Samsung Q65a 50

Without a soundbar, the sound is weak.

Great quality and easy to use.

Very very very very good .

Speakers do not reach the same standards as TVs.

It’s a sensational photo and I recommend it to everyone.

Great value can’t be asked any more.

Samsung Q65a 50

Best picture and sound quality with all the best apps.

Great quality photos and features.

Wow… I’m more excited than expected by the cool 50-inch Samsung TV. Fortunately, I’ve retired since I installed it 4 days ago, as I haven’t turned it off. In the past I’ve bought something more expensive than this. But undoubtedly this is the best for me…thanks Samsung. It’s really a winner. Unfortunately these two issues ruined the wonderful experience… 1) Handset… The design is really bad because all the ergonomics of the shape + layout are not taken into account for all the features of use. Why is it “d-shaped”? Sadly I have very kinky arthritic fingers + hands and this is really frustrating. Because it’s not made of non-slip material, it actually exacerbates the pain of not wanting to slip out of your hand. Would you like to modify it to produce a flat product in the future? Or… If I have a generic flat-panel handset that’s compatible with you, can I get some advice and buy it?2) Install… Banbury group installation (ashford kent) mounted + TV in installation. They were fast and efficient. However, subsequent disappointment is unacceptable. Despite the contract, which included unpacking, they were most reluctant to do this. I also explained that it should be removed from the site as our apartment occupants are looking for £20. Every time workers don’t take the packaging and throw it in the trash. I also explained that I was terminally ill + they said they were fine, but I couldn’t do it myself.

At 85, the setting was much higher than my pay grade. A handy TV engineer did all this in less than an hour.

The installation instructions show two men lifting the TV out of the box. Not all of us have a sister-in-law around to reach out. I soloed the box by flipping it over and sliding the TV onto the carpet. Otherwise, the physical assembly was straightforward. If you’re a subscriber like netflix and amazon Prime, getting up and running is a bit tricky because you’ll need to register your TV online to get each of these services. The user-friendly homepage offers a variety of apps. You also get something called samsung tv that shows the kind of programming you see on television in hotels that are too stingy to pay for the sky. The picture quality of the 43′ screen is excellent. I’ve never experienced the wifi issues mentioned in some reviews, but my tv is wired to a bt router.

The pictures are clear and the sound is good.

Samsung Q65a 50

It is very thin and light as well as excellent picture quality and smart features. Absolutely satisfied with my purchase.

So far we’ve been pretty impressed. Great pictures, easy to get up and running, easy to connect to Wi-Fi, and great features. The remote control can replace the sky remote control and sound bar, so you only need one remote control. I really can’t find much fault about it. So far, better than expected. (We also got a soundbar that wasn’t very impressive on its own. That’s ok, but I think we should all add a woofer and a rear speaker, which I think can connect to the TV via bluetooth, which is perfect then in my opinion).

I bought this to upgrade on a 1080 smart TV. A variety of apps that can be connected very easily. The only downside is streaming from the website to the internet. It may depend on my internet connection.

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