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No headphone jack, complicated remote control, inadequate user manual – Samsung saves to the customer’s expense. It’s my first and last Samsung TV – should have bought Panasonic again!!! Image very sharp and bright, device very light (weight) many connections that’s my summary after 4 days and the cost of a new remote control, where I can adjust the volume and channels more easily.

Purchased on Black Friday for €700 in 55 inches! Unbeatable at the price. I’ve been thinking about exchanging the old LED for an OLED for a long time, but I didn’t know the QLED technology at the time. Conclusion, if the room is a bit lighter, so a normal living room, Qled is better OLED, as it is simply brighter. The new Neo QLEDs are even better and OLED certainly has a better black, but an incredibly good picture compared to an LED. Only setting it up was a bit annoying, here I see problems for a buyer who is a bit older. Registrations are needed everywhere. The remote control is charged via USB C and no longer has batteries, as will be seen how this will affect its durability. In this case, the battery cannot simply be replaced quickly! Modern and top, Netflix and Prime with a separate button. The menu is neat and very clear, but finding the settings is not that easy. A great device for young modern people, with a strong image!

Price was good! The operation is too complicated! A TV that is only mostly focused on apps! LG is much better there!

The Q70A was not least due to the price/performance ratio due to our purchase decision. So far, we had a Sony LED TV (2018) that we operated with a Sony soundbar (2021) and did not convince us as an Android device overall. The TV often restarted completely, whether through updates or (due to errors) systemically – long waiting times at the best broadcast times were annoying. But now about the Samsung Q70A: We’ve had the device for a week now and are really very satisfied. Visually beautiful and overall thought further than the TV itself. Easy to set up and connect. The initial start-up was really easy and almost self-explanatory in the TV menu. If desired, the TV can even take over the control of the playback devices connected via HDMI, which simply have to be switched on. A highlight is the solar remote control, which can be charged in daylight during the day and can still be supplied alternatively via a USB-C connection (power supply not included). I didn’t even have to look at the operating instructions, as intuitive as it is to handle. QLED and the basic image setting make the device extremely satisfied, so we didn’t have to “screw around” anything. Even the sound options are well preset, although the internal speakers also deliver a rather meager sound, as with many manufacturers – here I can highly recommend the Samsung soundbar HW-800Q (which I will rate separately in the article), which perfectly supports the sound options brought along by the TV and one – from my delivers perfect sound in sound AND speech. However, cheaper Samsung alternatives will certainly work very well there. However, I found one shortcoming (maybe Samsung can help me here?). When the soundbar is connected and sound is broadcast via TV+eARC, the optically connected hearing aid transmitter no longer receives a signal and so I can’t use my hearing aids for watching TV as usual. As soon as I switch the sound output to optical, only the TV speakers work – which my wife doesn’t like. But I also want to say that the combined soundbar/TV sound provides such clear voice output that I don’t need hearing aids to watch TV at least for the moment and my wife is surprised that the TV is no longer so loud.

For the money this thing is really super got in for under 900, easy operation very easy to set up. Ound and picture for the price awesome. Voice control works great with Alexa but you can’t choose any movies if you do it anyway she will search for you movies on yudup. But otherwise really great thank you always diligently to her then you will live longer like the others; =). The installation is very simple but do not press your fingers in the screen when you set it up.

Samsung Q70a Gq55q70a 139 –

Excellent image quality and the FPS also feel very smooth. My only lack of this television is the software combined with the remote condition. (Hangs sometimes, remote control only works by button not hand movement,.) If you want to comfortably sing a few movies or series on it, perfect. (Also top option for console players)

A bitter disappointment for the price and for the brand. The remote control is practical in itself. Switching channels is not smooth enough and all the advertising on the channels is super annoying. The brazen thing is that with RTL II, for example, you have to accept all cookies and you don’t have the option to choose only accept necessary ones.

After just a week, the TV simply switched off during operation and since then it has stopped taking power and has broken.

Good image quality, easy menu navigation. Sound sounds slightly dull compared to the previous TV set and has too little depth according to my listening experience. Remote control takes some getting used to but works almost like a Firestick operation. This is not necessary as it is integrated into the device.

It makes a very good impression overall, only the sound can still be expanded. Top picture, quick menu, good features Hello, the TV is simply mega, with 120 Hz technology it is perfectly designed for gaming, and the response times are very short for a TV. Thanks to QLED technology, you don’t have to worry about burning in pictures. I’ve already seen that the minimap has been burnt in on OLEDs and that can’t happen here. Operation and menu navigation is super easy, and thanks to the supporting voice control, you don’t have to enter everything. The remote control has a solar panel on the back, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or rechargeable batteries. The picture is great, movies or normal television are a dream on the device. Mfg

Not made for Germany. Not all functions are available The picture is good The sound system could be better and I personally lack the number field in the remote control. Everything else great ️

In the setting problems, I asked the owner of the company “CW-Shopping GmbH” by email to help me with the installation, or I would send the TV back if the setting was not possible as desired. I was promised telephone support by e-mail at the time “2:00 PM on Day X.” Unfortunately, I haven’t received a call or email until today. After searching the Internet, I was able to make the desired setting. It is unclear to me why this was not possible at the very beginning. The manual was also not available in German.

For its price, it has everything you need. The remote control is simple, and the television is perfect for the next gen consoles. Only Dolby Vision is not supported.

Samsung Q70a Gq55q70a 139 –

This is my 5th Samsung Smart TV, so I am familiar with the operation and setup. I often watch the “normal program” under public law, few private channels, but I also like to use the media libraries, connect a DVD player, I am quite media-savvy but economical with my data. The setup: works like this, but you should read the data protection/advertising settings carefully and do not click on Agree to all immediately, otherwise you will have a data octopus. I have not logged into the Samsung account, but it is not self-explanatory how to skip this. But if you click on pause, you can continue afterwards. Integration into the network (Internet) works well, station search is also easy, but sorting the stations into a favorite list with a personal order is unfortunately still just as cumbersome as in previous models. ATTENTION! If you receive via satellite and do not want a paid subscription for private HD channels in the long term, you should, for God’s sake, after sorting the channels into a favorites list and the next time you turn it on when the window pops up: 6 months of free HD reception, DO NOT click OK. All the sorted channels are gone without warning, the EPG (electronic program guide) is loud and confusing, which is even stupider, no information about the content of the programs, just the genre, but I know that, for example, the program monitor is not a musical. I see the very simple remote control as an impertinence, too many clicks for one step, not really to be operated in twilight or dark. I use a Samsung universal operation, that works very well. The media libraries work well, provided you have adequate Internet access. Based on the information in the offer, I would have expected a serious difference from QLED to LED. The default settings are not good. The picture is milky, glaring (unpleasant) color adjustment, the sound tinny. You have to change a lot in the settings, sometimes in the expert settings, whereby the operating instructions (e-manual or PDF from website) are not sufficient, you just have to try some of them. After a number of changes, the picture is now “quite good”, but still slightly milky. The side viewing angle is ok, but it’s a difference. The sound can be corrected a bit, it is better with the previous models. For television, it is enough, if you want to have a cinema feeling, you should invest in a sound bar. Effort of setting up according to personal preferences approx. 2 hours. Conclusion: For people who are not afraid to invest in the installation effort (and can do so, otherwise ask children/grandchildren), the price/performance ratio is right, for information I paid 839€. Friends of mine have televisions from 2 other well-known brands in the price range, the picture is better. But since humans are creatures of habit, I stayed with Samsung, the quality is sufficient for the bedroom. Update: unfortunately I had to find that the alarm function was simply canceled on this model. It annoys me very much because it is in the bedroom and it is more pleasant to wake up with the TV than with an alarm sound from an alarm clock or cell phone. That’s why another star deduction.

Setup and installation made quick and intuitive. Nice picture and sound. Pleasant menu navigation. Are completely satisfied. picture is great! Thanks to the image features, it’s also great in gaming/sports broadcasts. Top price performance

The old TV was defective then we bought this one on recommendation good decision we are very satisfied with our needs it is perfect even we old people get along well with settings and remote control

It really takes a little longer to set up, but it’s worth it! This super device at a top price, just Samsung.

Do I have the television in the bedroom from the picture quality via the remote control and the connection of the television I have no complaints.I can only recommend

very good device the image quality is very good Great device super image quality, remote control is okay Missing parts (2 right feet and no screws)!!!!

Samsung Q70a Gq55q70a 139 –

Is a very good device with a good price-performance ratio for a branded device. Don’t use a sound bar and I’m still completely satisfied. The further to the side you sit in front of it, the brighter the picture is, but it doesn’t interfere It’s probably due to Qled technology.

I decided on this model from Samsung in December after extensive research. Amazon delivered quickly and reliably, as usual. After opening the packaging, I noticed that parts of the inner packaging were broken, but at first glance the device seemed to have been set up correctly quickly, the first annoyance was that polystyrene balls were located between the panel and the housing, and damage to the panel could also be seen where the protective film no longer held. When playing > Xbox Series X <, I also noticed a high degree of “spots” on the display in backlight bleeding & clouding. This was now the reason for the return. The attached images are not a long exposure to bring out the effect more clearly, but it was the real visible image. Now it has become an OLED and don’t regret it for a second.

The FB are not only habitual but also absolute scrap. You can hardly get anything set without Universal FB. After a few weeks, we don’t get anything switched on the FS with Alexa. Alexa and Samsung televisions may not be the best of friends.

The image quality is very good. The remote control takes some getting used to. All in all, a good purchase. I rate the price-performance ratio as good.

The picture quality with satellite reception is very good. The brightness and colors can be adjusted and reproduce a very nice color pattern. The remote control is not suitable for children as it seems a bit cumbersome without the number keys. Otherwise we are absolutely satisfied.

Excellent service from Amazon and Samsung. The only negative is the insufficient operating instructions and the remote control. The delivery was very good and fast. Unfortunately, the remote can’t inspire. For older people an undoing, a few more keys would significantly relax the situation. The staff I contacted were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Samsung Q70a Gq55q70a 139 –

You have to say that the change from 4k LCD to 4k QLED is very strong. The TV also shows dark tones very well. Samsung already has a good selection of apps itself and also has a very good and clear user interface. In addition, there are two remote controls and one with a solar panel on the back of the remote charges itself, which is a huge plus point if it stays that way and doesn’t cause any problems. In addition, the remote control with the solar panel is designed with only a few buttons, in contrast to the remote control with everything that is probably intended for the transmitters.

After about 2 hours of running time, the device has switched off automatically. After the 3rd reboot, nothing worked at all. Samsung support said the device was defective. So the TV goes back. This is very annoying for me, especially since the replacement delivery takes 1 week!!! The time I was able to test the device saved me from buying a Samsung again. The remote control alone – can the part really be called that? – is an impertinence. Sew, I don’t like to continue writing, otherwise I’ll get stress pustles

Samsung Q70a Gq55q70a 139 –

Samsung Q70a Gq55q70a 139 –

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