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Good sound quality and easy setup.

Excellent sound, treble and bass.

Absolutely amazing sound The bass is great and the remote function is great. Sadly my camera is not working so I don’t have any pictures yet but I will upload some when the iv works.

If your TV has very low quality speakers and you need good sounding bluetooth speakers, I would recommend this device without reservation. I bought it primarily to experience a designated pseudo-surround sound experience. There are a myriad of possible reasons for this that may have more to do with the acoustics of my room and my own flaws than the device itself. My TV speakers improved slightly with this unit, but not enough to compensate for the disappointment I mentioned earlier.

I was impressed with the quality of the soundbar. I’ve been playing with my TV setup for 2 hours and it’s not coming out of nowhere. I might add that the soundbar is not the problem. Bluetooth didn’t work at all on the TV and didn’t connect. After looking a lot on Google and getting nowhere. I decided to take the plunge and do a factory reset on my TV. That’s right. It was an old pain. In fact, I couldn’t believe it was the first time I tried it after factory resetting my TV on a soundbar connected via Bluetooth. I like to watch movies and actually hearing all the sounds has an impact. Good timing and stability.

Very loud and really good soundbar quality.

Excellent sound quality and volume, a great product for the price.

I bought this for a new TV in another room but I didn’t want the subwoofer bulky like my main TV. I was worried the lack of a standalone sub wouldn’t do much for bass delivery, but this little soundbar still offers a lot of depth. It’s never going to give you the thump of a separate subwoofer, but if you’re looking for a sound solution that offers more than decent music performance and excellent performance for standard TV use, this is a great product at an affordable price.

  • OK, but for what you get
  • amazing sound
  • black not gray

Samsung S41t All-in-One Lifestyle Soundbar – 2.0ch 4-speaker soundbar with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and minimalistic design, built-in smart audio and music modes, smooth fabric finish, Wi-Fi connectivity

from the manufacturer

Designed for natural sound anywhere in the room
All-in-one design

The all-in-one system’s slender frame houses two woofers and a tweeter, so you can place it anywhere in the room for a pure audio experience.


A sound system designed to be part of your home. The timeless look of the soundbar improved by Kvadrat combines natural expression with dimension and durability. Textures, curved designs and cutting-edge technology combine to deliver superb, room-filling sound.

music mode

You can hear the music the way the creators intended it to be. Balancing audio innovation with creative input from producers and artists, Music Mode lets you connect your mobile to your soundbar to recognize and optimize what you’re playing, so quality is maintained while the party continues.

smart sound

The soundbar automatically analyzes the sound source and optimizes the audio track for specific content. Whether it’s a loud sporting event or a drama with quiet conversations, you can count on the best soundbar for watching TV.

¹ Images are simulated for illustrative purposes only. Appearance, design and graphic user interface (GUI) specifications that do not affect product performance are subject to change without notice.

² Actual product may differ from image shown. See our product gallery.

³ TV sold separately.

Easy to set up using Bluetooth, the TV recognized the soundbar right away, the sound was excellent, and the voice was much better than the TV speakers. The remote took a few times to connect, but after removing and reinserting the battery it was fine. A remote control is not absolutely necessary as the TV remote control can operate all the functions of the soundbar. It’s gray, not black as the description says. I got it at a special price so it’s worth it.

It’s not bad, it looks great, it’s neat, tidy, and it’s well organized, but it doesn’t really get the job done on its own. It might be fine in a smaller room, but it doesn’t feel ‘surround sound’ at all and I’m struggling to figure out everything it’s saying (although my hearing isn’t great). I guess we’ll try to find a wireless subwoofer and wireless side-rear speakers that work together to get the most out of the new TV we got at the same time. We went one step further with the TV, but backtracked on the sound (previously connected 5. This could get close, but it really isn’t.

Good value for money at the time of purchase.

It sounded great when the bass and treble were tuned to personal taste.

Should have bought this the same day I bought the TV. You can take great pictures on your Samsung TV, but anything with a base was like farting on tracing paper. This works well for the bass and the voice is crisp and clear.

A nice soundbar, switch from the internal TV speakers and the difference is amazing. A few little things, a little clearer buttons on the remote would be nice. Maybe a little color that’s easy to use. In addition, sound dispersion can be improved, and the sound feels as if it is coming from the source. This is a minor complaint. I am a happy customer.

Great price and fantastic sound for a great price, I highly recommend this product.

The sound quality is better than my previous purchase.

  • OK, but for what you get
  • amazing sound
  • black not gray

Samsung S41t All-in-One Lifestyle Soundbar – 2.0ch 4-speaker soundbar with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and minimalistic design, built-in smart audio and music modes, smooth fabric finish, Wi-Fi connectivity

Good quality and easy to use.

Great sound for the price and easy to install over bluetooth.

Whichever mode you choose, the sound fir is great.

Satisfied with all round performance.

There were no wires, so I just connected it to the TV. Went to Curry to buy this soundbar and the same one cost £100 more.

I have a hard time hearing, so I can hear everything even with background music. A center speaker and technology are ideal.

Wow, one night while my fiancée was watching a movie while she was sleeping, an actor knocked on the door on the screen and my girl woke up believing someone was at the ‘we’ door. Absolutely crazy sound, I love this soundbar, amazing product.

It does what I need it to do very well. Location master bedroom connection type, hdmi earctv samsung frame 2021dts, music, selectable standard tv sound quality auto-on Excellent, also bought a deal for £120. I recommend it. You can also connect a Wi-Fi subwoofer in case you don’t like the bass.

A confusing guide, but thank you Google for helping out, the product looked great, the price was right, and the hard-to-hear customer experience made so much better.

Samsung S41t All-in-One Lifestyle Soundbar – 2: Sound

Easy to connect and fantastic sound effects.

I use the tv’s arc and the sky q box’s optic. The sound uses a combination of a TV and a soundbar, and it works really well. uh? There is a center speaker as well as left and right. The center speaker is the voice speaker. This allows for a wider sound, better spatiality, and also provides Dolby Smart Sound. It’s not 5.1 because it doesn’t have a backspeaker, but it’s better than the usual left n right. The bass is enough from the speaker. Trust me. I like the bass and loud noises. It’s fine without this soundbar. So easy to set up, connect, and go. Slate color goes well with our colors, but actually goes well with most color schemes.

I like being able to move it however I want.

Sold as a soundbar, it may be visually acceptable, but not as a high-fidelity home entertainment TV add-on. There’s no HDMI link, and despite the woofer button on the remote, not to mention the real bass.

I wanted to connect this soundbar with my (old) Samsung TV to improve the sound quality, which is sometimes questionable in movies. Connect to my phone playlist via optical cable and bluetooth. Ok, I’m not a hi-fi audiophile, but the sound quality is great. Very good quality and finished in light gray, it sits under the shelf of my unit. The remote is a bit confusing, but no doubt you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Easy to use/install, hassle free with my tv bluetooth and no big difference in sound quality.

I ordered this because the add-on clearly states that the item is black. It’s not like that.

It does the job and is convenient to use.

It looks great, sounds great, and is easy to set up.

Features and Specifications

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  • The Ideal All-in-One Soundbar – For soundbar speakers that deliver style and essence equally, the all-in-one Samsung S41T Soundbar brings the room to life with four speakers and a smart two-channel audio system that connects to you.
  • A slim design that fits you – Our smart soundbar speakers are stylish, stylish and easy to fit into your space, but also include two woofers and a tweeter for great audio effects wherever you place them in your living space.
  • Smart Audio-tuned sound experience – Samsung’s all-in-one Soundbar speaker system comes with Smart Audio, a feature that adjusts the speaker output to match the content being played, providing you with sound quality.
  • Get In The Groove With Music Mode – Our soundbar is made for those who love to dance and listen to music. The Music Mode, pioneered in collaboration with artists and creators, allows the Samsung S41T to tailor its sound capabilities to suit any genre of music.
  • Easy multi-connection solution – The S41T Soundbar offers Bluetooth, wired and WiFi connectivity for a seamless interface that is easy to set up. Our speakers are connected via Bluetooth from two devices at the same time.

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