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They don’t seem to be there. If it’s nothing at the kit’s maximum volume, you can only hear it when it’s close to your head. An expensive product is a bad buy because it’s big and expensive, but it sounds bad later on. to avoid.

Very good build and finish and very easy to install. Fill the room with sound with a sound bar and rear speakers.

Great sound quality, with non-optical hdmi you get better sound quality, other bluetooth speakers are easy to use.

A well-made device is easy to set up, but slightly lower performance requires more control over volume settings. 8 is better instead of 6 max.

Purchased to complete Dolby system with Samsung Q700 soundbar, and absolutely satisfied with the purchase of perfect sound. Perfect fit for Samsung HW-Q800A soundbar. Great to complete the audio when watching a movie. A little less to listen to music

A great addition to the Samsung soundbar system is that your soundbar or TV can add better surround sound than your soundbar or TV. Physically located behind and on the side of the user, it connects very easily with a single press of a button and sounder on the soundbar. picked them up. They each have their own power supply plugs, so you have to place them near the mains plugs and the cables for each are not that long. So luckily there were sockets where I needed them and the sound was good. Adds a subtle surround sound without being overbearing. Especially when certain movies streamed on dolby come out and come to life. Great visuals from the q800a sounder and samsung qe55qn94a tv, and now it’s worth adding the sound to match.

Very easy to connect (wirelessly) to my q700a. Once connected, it became clear that the q700a will always work with these satellite speakers. All of a sudden there’s music that surrounds you like you’re wearing headphones on a regular Netflix Dolby Atmos TV show. Soundbars and speakers do not become directional sources of sound and sometimes the sound appears to be all around the room.

Perfect round out my Samsung HW-Q900A soundbar I don’t have enough speakers. Then you almost have to attach your ears to hear the sound. Very disappointing for the price.

  • It seems less connected, but thankfully each requires a power supply.
  • HW-Q700A sound bar supplement
  • Stop it

Samsung Swa-9500s/En Swa-9500s Shelf Speaker Black 23w, 1 Pair

Immerse yourself in true cinematic surround sound. Add a new dimension to your home audio experience and enjoy the power and depth of your favorite movies and TV shows with the Samsung SWA-9500S/XY Rear Speaker Kit. Simple, space-saving setup Your entire wireless solution synchronizes your room with a clutter-free surround sound experience. The SWA-9500S rear speaker kit is completely wireless and can be connected to the soundbar without a separate module. No additional setup is required, just plug in the power cable and enjoy cinematic audio. The sound moves into the room. SWA-9500S Rear Speaker Kit with Wireless Dolby Atmos Surround Sound is a good choice for a realistic surround sound experience. These two rear speakers direct sound in multiple directions, upwards and forwards. When you connect the SWA-9500S to the soundbar, you can enjoy immersive, multi-dimensional audio through Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. -RMS Rated Power: 140W Ports and Interfaces -Connection Technology: Wired and Wireless Weight and Size -Width: 125mm -Depth: 141mm -Height: 203mm -Weight: 1.7kg Power Consumption (Typical): 23W -Power Consumption (Standby) : 0.45W loudspeaker -Audio output channel: 2.0.2ch -Speaker placement: Wall mount Packing data -Package width: 458mm -Package depth: 258mm -Package height: 192mm -Package weight: 4.3 kg Package contents -Quantity per pack: 2 pieces Performance -Product Color: Black -Recommended Use: Universal

It’s really easy to set up with a dedicated soundbar. Connected via bluetooth and went away.

I recently bought a Samsung Q900A soundbar and wanted to improve the sound rendering and create the bubble that many people seek. In terms of manufacturing, the speaker is qualitative. las. It’s a little big anyway. In terms of sound: The surround effect is interesting but lacks presence. You can set the volume of the rear speakers (rear L and rear R, -6 to +6). They are (for now) 40cm from my head and have a volume of +6 (maximum). Rendering is pretty good, but I’m afraid it’s going to be light because I’m thinking of hanging it (a little further away). Samsung needs to do an update to increase the volume on the rear speakers. So happy with the product, why don’t they even offer the option to turn off surround and switch the voice to rear A?

  • It seems less connected, but thankfully each requires a power supply.
  • HW-Q700A sound bar supplement
  • Stop it

Samsung Swa-9500s/En Swa-9500s Shelf Speaker Black 23w, 1 Pair

Samsung Swa-9500s/En Swa-9500s Shelf Speaker 23w : Not to bac

Features and Specifications

  • Samsung SWA-9500S Shelf Speaker Black 23W, 1 pair.
  • Contents: 1 set.

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