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A member of a Scottish supergang has been convicted of assassinating a Dutch underworld figure outside a sex club.

Christopher Hughes lured Martin Cock, 49, to death on December 8, 2016, before firing eight shots at a gunman in Laren, the Netherlands.

Christopher Hughes was convicted of the murder of Martin Kok.


Christopher Hughes was convicted of the murder of Martin Kok.Credit: Police Scotland
The Dutch crime writer was assaulted eight times in Laren in 2016.


The Dutch crime writer was assaulted eight times in Laren in 2016.Credit: Against Verzocht

The 33-year-old was a senior member of a dreaded criminal group involved worldwide, including the Colombian drug cartel and the Italian mafia.

At the direction of the mob, Hughes met Kok at a hotel in Amsterdam and then at the Boccaccio sex club to let others know where he was.

As the two later leave and Hughes pets the cat outside, double killer Kok is shot with “grace” appearing to cross a Moroccan-based gang.

Hughes was interrogated by Dutch police the next day and was allowed to leave the country.

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He remained in Europe as international investigations into the brothel shooting continued.

It was his overt confession to a fellow gang member who became the super-pool that led to his downfall.

Hughes was arrested in January 2020 at a hotel in Turin, Italy, and taken to Scotland under a European arrest warrant.

He was sentenced to life in prison by the Glasgow High Court for the murder of Cock between July 2013 and January 2020 and for his involvement in serious organized crime.

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Despite taking place abroad, the murders were already being investigated as part of a large-scale Scottish Police Investigation Operation Escalade, which saw a series of gangs held in prison for a total of over 100 years.

The Mafia has been described as “the most cunning” the authorities have faced.

They are said to be “at the top” of drug trafficking in the UK, while also having an “unprecedented” gun arsenal.

The scope of the clan was to the extent that it formed relationships with international gangsters.

They have also hung out at celebrity parties around the world with famous names, including the luxury yachts of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix aboard rappers 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj.

Hughes showed the jury a picture of him smiling with two criminal lords and was a trusted member of the mob leading the jury.

It cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Although he was seemingly registered as “unemployed” by the HMRC, a “wage” of £40,000 per week allowed him to live a luxurious life in the Algarve.

Supergrass explained to the jury as evidence that they were told to hold a meeting at the Amsterdam Hotel between Hughes and Kok.

A convicted murderer, Kok was a crime writer who later created a website exposing criminals in his hometown.

The informant told the jury that he believed the meeting was meant to discuss an advertisement for the company’s encrypted phone company MPC, which was funded with £1 million of dirty money on Kok’s new crime TV show.

The murder was originally scheduled to take place outside Amsterdam’s Civic M Hotel.

However, Hughes, originally from Glasgow, later told an informant that 11 months later, the gun was “stuck” during a “guessing” event at his apartment in Antwerp.

The murder occurred that night when Hughes paid for Kok’s dinner at a sex club and supplied cocaine.

Supergrass said he spoke with his crime boss the night of the incident.

The informant said, “He [The boss] Martin Kok and Christopher Hughes chatted about someone waiting to step back.

“Martin left ahead of Chris and he commented on the cat appearing at the club and he stepped back to pet it.”

Prosecutor Liam Ewing QC asked what it meant to pet a cat.

An eyewitness said: “There was no mistake in the shooting because Martin tried to get to the car first.”

Immediately after the shooting, the jury watched Hughes’ CCTV and sent a text message to his cell phone.

Mr. Ewing also asked the informant if Hughes understood what was going to happen to Cock that night.

He replied: “I remember there were comments saying that he should be included. [Kok] On a plate for Rossi.”

Witnesses claimed to have met with their boss a month after the murder.

He said: “He was told it was a settlement because the boy had access to Martin in Amsterdam with a group called the Roccies, a more famous Moroccan criminal organization.”

Hughes’ boss then organized Hughes to come to pick him up by hiding in the bushes while rescuers arrived at the scene.

Hughes told police the next day that he was involved in “tech support” with the phone company.

He also said the encrypted phone was broken, stripped of clothes, and placed in a trash can.

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The jury also heard that Hughes was spies by the police at industrial units in Cambuslang and East Kilbride in South Lanarkshire and Chapelhall in North Lanarkshire.

Ewing said to the jury in his closing speech:

“The landlord said it cost him £13,000 in cash.

“I had anti-monitoring equipment weighing 40,000 pounds, which could only be found by a government organization, but the group locked them up in the chapel hall.”

Hughes shook his head after being convicted and heard Ewing say “f*** off” when he applied for a Serious Crime Prevention Order.

The older brother was deferred until next month for a background report by Judge Lady Scott, who continued Hughes’ custody.

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