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For more and more people, converting a home or investment property into a vacation home has become a viable option. The growth of Airbnb, a global vacation rental company, has inspired many to get into the travel business in their own little way, benefiting from the extra revenue and having the pleasure of facilitating the travel of others.

However, contrary to the looks, renting a property is not as simple as listing the property and waiting for visitors to arrive. As many people who run Airbnb and vacation homes have discovered, there are too many practical considerations to consider. One of the most important of these is how to protect your personal items and valuables.

Things to consider when protecting your valuables

Every home is full of sensitive and valuable personal belongings and simple intimate items like razors and photo albums. If you are renting your own home, you should think carefully about how to protect both your privacy and your belongings when you open your doors to holiday guests. However, even if your vacation rental is an investment asset, you will likely need to secure your valuables.

Knowing that important documents, family treasures, and sentimental items are safe will not only keep them safe, but also give you peace of mind, so it’s worth the time and money you invest in keeping your valuables safe.

Some useful quick tips to protect your privacy

When welcoming guests to your home (or property you own), the first thing to think about is protecting your privacy. To make this happen, here are three simple ways you can make sure your guests don’t stumble upon something they don’t want.

1. Post redirect:

If a bank letter or other important communication hasn’t been fully papered out yet (and you’re not going to be at the property with the guest), redirect the mail or arrange for a neighbor to collect.

2. Make sure the guest is well satisfied with the following:

The best way to avoid pulling guests out of cupboards or rummaging through drawers is to make sure everything you need is clear and at hand. Common household items like hair dryers, tissues, soap and irons are best placed where they can be seen so people don’t need to look for them.

3. Lock certain drawers and cupboards:

The message “This area is off-limits” (a message that most people will understand and follow! ). Plastic zip ties are also an inexpensive way to keep doors and drawers closed in a way that communicates that you don’t want to open them. Keep in mind that it can be cut with scissors. More deterrent than effective security.

Securing valuables at home

For certain items, you may be interested in getting a higher level of security to protect. Although guests are almost always in good faith, mistakes can occur, especially small children, who can bring or break things without meaning. In this case, it may be worth considering a personal safe to store your belongings. The initial investment can ultimately save you much more in the long run.

Protect valuables outside the home with a safety deposit box

Undoubtedly, the safest option available to people renting their property to Airbnb or other vacation homes is to store their belongings offsite. Located in a secure safe and monitored by a state-of-the-art security system and 24/7 CCTV, the secure safe is the safest way to store your valuables, valuables or important items.

Walking around the house and trying to see through the eyes of your guests will help you identify items worth keeping in a safe, such as antiques, heirlooms, electronics, or passports. Renting your property as a vacation home can be very valuable and rewarding, but it’s important to protect your privacy and valuables so you don’t lose anything important to you.

This article was written by the secure archiving expert St. By James’ Safe Deposit. Manchester’s Vault and Liz.

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