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This HDMI dongle works perfectly. I use it to cast from my laptop to my TV and it works perfectly. It takes minutes to set up and is truly plug-and-play. I simply connected the receiver to my AV receiver and the transmitter to my laptop and I was ready to go. I wasn’t sure if I could power this via the USB port on my laptop either, but that worked perfectly too. No more issues with screen mirroring with my TV, Roku, Chromecast for me. This will be my new go-to for all HD/4K broadcast needs!

An HDMI receiver and an HDMI transmitter are delivered. Both make a solid and long-lasting impression. I connected a laptop and a projector to this device, which worked perfectly and was a really satisfactory solution. All devices found each other quickly and easily, making commissioning and control very easy and quick. Both image and video transmission are sharp and the sound is sonorous, clear and without unwanted background noise. But charts and statistics (for example for presentations at meetings) are also presented in a clean and sharp way. Overall, a good solution that can convince.

The HDMI transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals is well made and worked without problems using the plug and play process. I tested or used this transmitter to mirror the Sky 2 Go and DAZN image from the laptop on a non-smart TV in the bedroom. The connection as well as the quality is perfect, only the remote control is not so easy because of the time delay. I have also already used it as a presentation aid from laptop to projector (thus wireless) and here too I can only report well. If you need an HDMI transmitter and can use it, you can strike here without any problems and I can recommend it with a clear conscience.

The device is delivered a bit spartan: transmitter, receiver and 2x USB-C cables — that’s basically it. The instructions included in the very short manual are also self-evident: Connecting the receiver to a TV/display – Connect the transmitter to a corresponding source. If you switch on the television and go to the right HDMI channel, you get the first surprise: You get to see an info screen that describes the possibilities the device offers to connect to the receiver. And that’s not just the included dongle: the “box” is also Airplay, Chrome and Miracast compatible, meaning you can connect directly to it with Android, iOS and a Windows PC and view content, even without a dongle. You only have to connect to the corresponding WLAN beforehand. I tried Android and Windows: Works right away, but under Windows (search for wireless display), the resolution is limited to Full HD. Works very cleanly and with only a slight delay. Compared to the Chromecast function via the browser (Windows), the image quality is much better, but you can probably notice that compression is also integrated here (.). Of course, I also tested the dongle: It is still comparatively small and of course invites you to turn cameras, in my case a Nikon Z7, into a wireless live stream cam. This also works, but unfortunately you have to provide the dongle with a power source, otherwise a clean connection will not be established. Fortunately, my gimbal still has a free port that can be used for this. (But power bank also works). The whole thing works very well, even in 4K/30fps. The picture looks very good, has a very low lag and cannot be exposed in my small apartment! Definitely suitable for semi-professional streams! Windows PC: If you attach the dongle to a Windows PC, the device can be used like a normal display and can be mirrored or extended. Unfortunately, and here is the only small weak point of this device, moving the mouse pointer and other objects is slick and seemingly delayed — working directly on it is rather unpleasant, but good as a duplicated second screen for Presidential purposes (the picture itself is ok). (4K can be set up below). If you can do without 4K and can establish a direct connection with Mira-Cast, I would almost recommend this way. Due to the lack of a console for all PS5 or X-boxes, I couldn’t test it, but I assume that it behaves like my camera again and runs more smoothly, but I guess I have to live with a little lag here. Conclusion: Despite the slight weakness in the Windows PC, I think the set is quite successful. It offers many flexible options to connect to one screen at a very fair price — there should always be a way here! Here are a few more tips for operation: 4K via Windows PC via dongle: Here you only have to create a display profile manually using Nvidia or AMD software: 3840×2160 with 30Hz (progressive) Now you can also transfer 4K to a display/TV (this should of course also support that) Change device settings/update firmware /change W-LAN password/reset: Connect via WLAN to the device “RX-BF334020” with the PW: 123456, open the page of the device “” (Std-IP) In the web browser, open the page of the device “” (std-IP) In the first step, you can connect the device to your WLAN and update the firmware. (Reconnect after completion- Same IP – or find out local IP (no device name)) Now you can make some settings: e.g. change the password, scaling, standard output resolution, etc. “No or no stable connection” Even on my desktop computer, I always have an external power supply for the Dongle required — then the connection was stable

The wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver arrives here simply packaged but without any defects. It is very well made and surprisingly small. The setup is very easy. It works via plug and play and the transmitted image is amazingly good. The prize is very ambitious for a no-name product. Everyone has to know for themselves whether they are willing to pay it. In terms of benefit, I can recommend the product

Of course, many TV sets now have screen mirroring, Mira xxx or whatever the respective manufacturer calls its function, but many don’t either. Clearly, this also includes pure monitors, projectors, etc. The components of this set, and the receiver in particular, convey a high-quality impression. The same is surpassed by the ease of installation. If you want to connect a laptop, in addition to connecting the TV device/projector (2 plugs) to the receiver, only the transmitter has to be plugged into the HDMI socket, and you already have the picture on the TV screen. With a smartphone, the included transmitter is not necessary, as such is usually integrated. In the case of Android, you activate the same in the settings (e.g. settings/nfc/stream), confirm the release and then the connection should be established. For me, this was done without any problems and, above all, with impeccable HDMI image quality. My conclusion: It comes at a price, of course, but you get a really excellent HDMI transmission system here.

I tested a similar solution a few months ago and was not satisfied with the result at the time. It’s different here. Find out more in this review. The SEMZHENG brand product consists of an HDMI transmitter that connects to the source’s HDMI port and an HDMI receiver for playback on a display device. In my test, the source was a notebook under Windows that I could position almost anywhere in relation to the receiver. An Epson projector worked as a display device because it had a free HDMI connection. However, the display device is not relevant to the function, in contrast to the source. With the notebook as the source, there is a local image and a remote image. In consumer electronics devices such as DVD players, there is only one distant image, i.e. the image and device can be in different rooms, which makes it very difficult to use the remote control. I start the test with a notebook and projector in the same room. The devices can be found right away and the diplay output is mirrored onto the projector. The text output is clear and the video output has a sharp image and sound. The sound on the laptop disappears, but this can also be set differently in Windows. Even with the laptop behind a load-bearing wall, there is no deterioration. The transmission stops behind two walls and a picture with technical details appears on the projector. There is valuable information there. Among other things, it says how the solution can be administered. There is a separate (W) LAN for this and you can then reach the administration page under This means that the receiver can also be integrated into the home network. This allows corrections to be downloaded from the Internet and administration is also significantly simplified. This is all shown very well on the picture and does not need any further explanation. I am convinced of the technical quality of the solution. However, there is no support for remote devices. The product is just an extension of the HDMI cable over a wireless connection. If the image is to be duplicated, you would also need an HDMI splitter (one in/more than one out). Conclusion: Good transmission performance, valuable help in meetings to share screen content, but less suitable for consumer electronics. The product meets the product description and my expectations on the other. There are five stars.

We were able to test the article HDMI Transmitter in connection with Vine. The HDMI transmitter is easy to set up and operation was also easy. The HDMI cable is for the transmitters and the USB cable is for power supply. Once you have connected and connected everything, you can start the transmission.

Wireless Hdmi Transmitter and Receiver, Wireless Hdmi Dongle Extender Adapter For Hdmi Signals From Laptop, Pc, Smartphone, Tablet to Display On Hdtv, Monitor Or Projector

So I don’t want to miss the wireless HDMI transmitter anymore. We have a projector that we take out of the sink every few months to play on it or watch films in large format. I always had to lay cables through half the room beforehand and that was always a bit tripping hazards. This is now history and makes it much easier to build up, which also makes it possible to think about doing this more often. Setup is child’s play: connect the transmitter and receiver, press the button and you’re ready to go. The image is there within a fraction of a second and works as far as possible without too much input. In any case, I can’t find any major problems with the Xbox Series X while playing, and I also had problems with movie playback. Just a good product, not cheap in terms of price, but I save myself constant cable here.

We have been using wireless HDMI adapters at work for a long time, e.g. for internal meetings, video conferences or customer presentations. Unfortunately, not all screens have been equipped, so the test is just right. It is delivered in a small, simple beige cardboard box with a discreet band. The package includes a transmitter (round with a short cable), a receiver (small box), two antennas, two USB-C cables and a small instruction manual (Chinese and English). Commissioning is quite easy. The antennas are first screwed onto the receiver. Then the receiver is connected to a screen via HDMI. Since no HDMI cable is included, a corresponding cable of the correct length must be purchased separately. The receiver is powered by USB-C, the necessary cable is included (but it is quite short), but there is no power supply. We have successfully tested commercially available power supplies for mobile phones, tablets and the like. The second USB-C cable from the scope of delivery is not required. The transmitter is connected to the HDMI output of the output device, in our case a notebook. The transmitter and receiver were paired in advance by the manufacturer. Both devices found each other after a short time and established a connection. The transmitter does not require any drivers. The receiver was not visibly stowed behind the TV. The channel was about 5 meters in front of the TV. The connection was good. Image and sound were transferred without any problems. With the push button on the transmitter, the connection can be interrupted and reestablished in a flash. The devices are very well suited for quick connections without having to lay cumbersome cables. The workmanship is ok. The transmitter is made of metal and makes a high-quality and robust impression. Unfortunately, the small shiny stripe was scratched. The transmitter looks chic, but is made of plastic, which had a bit of burr on the sides. The production was made in China. All in all, a very practical and software-free set for wireless video and sound transmission.

You can’t complain about that. I’ve already tried a lot about wireless desktop and so far everything was somehow unusable. Either too poor image quality, too high latency – usually a combination of both. This thing is a different league against it. The receiver is connected directly to the HDMI monitor or television. A USB power supply (5V/2A) is then required to operate the receiver. And an HDMI cable. Both are not included. As soon as you connect the receiver, it takes a while, then a blue info screen appears. The transmitter is connected to the source. For me, a Huawei notebook with graphics-capable USB-C output. There I switched an adapter to HDMI in between and connected the transmitter. This combination also offered enough power so that an additional power supply via USB was not necessary for the transmitter. The image quality is perfect, there’s nothing to complain about. Of course, the system has a certain latency, but the delay is small enough to be able to work well with it. However, it is not suitable for gaming (which is already mentioned in the product description). Clear 5 stars for me (which I didn’t expect)

The device can be used to transmit an HDMI signal. This also works very well. First, you plug the transmitter into your PC. The transmitter is connected with an HDMI cable and a USB cable for power supply. Then you connect the receiver to the television, using the same wiring as the transmitter. As soon as that is done, you will already have your PC image on the TV. I did not notice any delay here and it arrived 1 to 1. You can then also switch off the picture at the touch of a button and instructions for connecting to the TV will then come up. I can now play the picture on the TV in the living room from my PC from my study without any problems. I wanted to do this to play my movies on the TV in the living room. It all works without any problems and I am thrilled with the device. So a clear buy recommendation on my part and 5 out of 5 overall stars.

The device was delivered to us quickly and well packaged. The package includes the receiver, the necessary 2 antennas, 2 USB cables for power supply, the transmitter module and a 2-language instruction manual (English and any Asian language). Power supplies for power are not included with the device. Any other cables (HDMI/VGA) are also missing from the packaging. CE marking is also only available by means of stickers on the outer packaging, the two devices themselves (transmitter and receiver) are not marked accordingly. The receiver is then housed in a stylish metal housing with the necessary connections for power (USB-C), HDMI, VGA, antennas and headphones. There is also a blue status light on the top and an on/off switch on the side. The transmitter, in turn, is housed in a plastic housing. The workmanship of both devices is good, there are no sharp edges or burrs anywhere, and nothing rattles either. Commissioning is actually quite simple and quick: plug the receiver into the monitor/TV to an HDMI port or alternatively to the VGA (if available), ensure a stable power supply – the receiver wants to have up to 2A here, which usually excludes the TV’s USB port as a power source – and switch the thing on. You should then see the blue status image of the device on the screen (switch to the correct input on the TV if necessary). The transmitter must then be connected to the laptop, receiver or the like and supplied with power separately via USB. Here too, it is important to ensure sufficient power because the HDMI output on the laptop, for example, does not deliver enough here and a normal USB 2.0 may also be too weak here (USB 2.0 delivers only 500mA according to standardization, USB 3.0 delivers up to 1A). Then you can admire the picture of the laptop or other device on the TV (if necessary, select the desired desktop mode beforehand with Win+P). Conclusion: Actually, the part here is practical and good. It is almost easy to set up and use, and the range is sufficient for larger rooms. However, the missing markings on the device are less nice (who keeps an outer packaging with a CE sticker just because of the sticker?) , the possible problems with the power supply and the lack of a German-language user manual. The latter in particular is likely to cause problems if the receiver and transmitter need to be repaired (that’s not so trivial) or you want to find out whether wireless transmission via Android or iOS is possible (the receiver supports both). Apart from that, a product is also expected to be accompanied by instructions in the respective national language just to prevent incorrect operation and frustration for the buyer. For the reasons mentioned above, I can unfortunately not fully recommend the purchase.

There’s not much to say: The transmission quality is not good. Blurred and pixelated. The transmitter and receiver were at a distance of 1 meter. Why two stars: because it works and you can see a picture.

I use a TV in one room, but I don’t have a suitable space under the TV for the console, so it’s now in another corner of the room and I control the TV via this wireless HDMI device. Works flawlessly and the quality is amazingly good.

When components are not installed permanently or in inaccessible places, the question of cabling always arises. The range also plays a major role when HDMI cables in particular are limited in terms of cable length with increasing resolution. There are exactly two areas of application for us: Simple projector for mobile use I no longer have to worry about positioning the projector in combination with the laptop being played. Only electricity and good. Latency and repeat rate are secondary here and therefore longer distances can also be mastered. Old home cinema: An older Full HD projector from JVC in the basement cinema had to move with it at the time. But the cable routes were unfavourable and so an HDMI cable would have had to bridge more than 20 m (as the crow flies source – projector 5 m). So everything was mothballed and hoped for “better” times. And this is exactly where the HDMI transmitter/receiver in combination with the HTPC finally creates cinema in my house again. Full HD with 24p is no problem, higher resolutions my projector could not. The latency is not noticeable between audio and image (I only watch original sound as long as English). Anyone who can handle 4K playback with a maximum of 30Hz is just right with the wireless set, which works virtually without latency.

Wireless Hdmi Transmitter and Receiver, Wireless Hdmi Dongle Extender Adapter For Hdmi Signals From Laptop, Pc, Smartphone, Tablet to Display On Hdtv, Monitor Or Projector

We want to use the HDMI transmitter and receiver set to control a projector on the terrace in summer, where we can then watch football or the like, for example. The package includes a transmitter, receiver, two USB-C cables, two antennas and a quick start guide. The application is very simple, if you want to connect a laptop or similar, simply plug in the transmitter and the receiver in the projector. The connection is then quickly established at the touch of a button. The picture is very good and trouble-free – we have a distance of about 12m through two wooden stand walls. Unfortunately, the set is not entirely suitable for games that require a high level of responsiveness, as it entails a certain latency due to the technology involved. But construction and strategy games are easy to play. Until now, I only knew this principle from team meetings at work – but you can also find good applications for it at home.

The set for transmitting a video signal wirelessly is really impressive. I connected it to my old X-BOX One and can now transfer their image to my small projector without any problems, without running a meter-long HDMI cable across the room or screwing the game console to the ceiling. At the beginning, all you have to do is press the large round button of the transmitter once (approx. 10 seconds). They then automatically search for the recipient and the instructions that would otherwise be viewed (which are displayed as a still image by the recipient) disappear and sees the image of the game console. Even if everything is disconnected from power, the transmitter and receiver find each other reliably and a truly outstanding image without increasing latency or negatively impacting resolution.

The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver for HDMI was well packaged and arrived to me undamaged. The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver for HDMI makes a high-quality impression. The transmitter, the receiver and a user manual were delivered. Unfortunately, this is not in German. The installation is relatively quick and easy. The connection works for me without any restrictions. I have absolutely nothing to complain about so far and I am happy to recommend the product to others.

This set consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is round, the receiver is the small box to which two antennas have to be screwed. In my case, the receiver really had to be connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, although there is another port for another cable (VGA), I couldn’t use it to transmit sound, just the picture. A good HDMI cable for the receiver really needs to be added to the set. The processing of the transmitter is fine, but it’s getting a little hot. Both the transmitter and receiver need an additional power source, the corresponding USB-C cables are included, but you may need two additional power banks, depending on the room. When everything is connected and in its place, you can watch videos on the TV from all broadcasted devices, in my case a laptop. The transmitter and receiver find and connect without any further measures, but you could also connect them on my laptop. Overall, the installation done with the right cables (HDMI), succeeds easily, with the wrong cables, even though the connection is there, does not succeed. Depending on the laptop, you also need an HDMI adapter, power bank or hub, a second HDMI cable for the receiver, a second power bank or the already very close proximity to a power outlet. Therefore, it can be a bit more expensive to operate the device than the pure price promises. But the transmission is really good and the picture is also very good.

Here you have the opportunity to buy a special HDMI device. For a price of 179.96 EUR (as of February 2022), you can get a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver. With these two devices, it is possible to transmit a corresponding signal from one device to another device without cables. Both the HDM transmitter and the HDMI receiver make a very good visual impression. They make a valuable impression and don’t exactly look cheap. Basically, it is relatively easy to use. The transmitter has an HDMI type A connection. This means that the device from which you want to transmit data must also have an HDMI type A connection. For example, if you want to connect the transmitter to a smartphone, you will most likely need an adapter, as hardly any smartphone has an HDMI connection. The receiver should be connected to a TV or monitor, for example. Now you can transfer the screen wirelessly from the transmitter to the receiver relatively easily. Both the picture and audio quality is really good. However, it must also be clearly stated that the quality depends heavily on the equipment used. If the transmitter is transmitting in HD quality and the monitor connected to the receiver is also an HD device, you have really good HD quality. In the best case, you can achieve 4K quality at 30 Hz. But what I find really sensational is that the transmission speed for a wireless connection is really extremely good. There is hardly any noticeable delay in transmission. The HDMI receiver also has the option of being connected to a monitor via a VGA connection. This means that the receiver does not necessarily have to have an HDMI connection, but a VGA interface is also sufficient. My conclusion: Even though the price of just under 180 EUR looks as expensive as possible at first, you get a really high-quality device with really good technology and great functionality. Extremely practical at home or even for work. Whether you simply want to transfer from a small monitor to a larger one or whether you want to share your screen for a presentation. With this wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver, you can do this relatively easily and quickly. I am completely satisfied and can’t find anything to complain about or criticize here. And that’s why I gave the full 5 stars and a clear product recommendation.

As a test, I connected the wireless HDMI adapter to my PS5 and wanted to test whether it works the way, after all, there are many and fast images to be transmitted here. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work, it becomes unplayable because the picture doesn’t match. Too bad would have been cool. But for material which is long, it still worked out quite well. The workmanship is also successful and whether you can recommend it depends on what you want to do with it. A desktop image of Windows where not so much is happening is no problem.

Since we are still in the pandemic and the World Cup is taking place in winter, and we want to watch the World Cup outside with friends corona control, I ordered this wireless HDMI transmitter receiver. Box contents: 1 x HDMI transmitter 1 x HDMI/VGA receiver 2 x USB to USB-C cables for the power supply of the two devices 2 x antennas for the HDMI receiver User manual in English and Chinese, unfortunately no German-language instructions included criticism: what else is needed separately an HDMI cable to connect the receiver to the television, something like this should actually be included in this price range. What I still find suboptimal is that the transmitter unit has a rather short HDMI cable permanently installed. If you want to connect it to your Horizon decoder (Unitymedia), for example, you have to plug in the transmitter unit at the back, which is then of course pushed back into the TV cabinet. I would have found it better if the transmitter unit had simply been equipped with an HDMI jack, you could have simply replugged the HDMI cable that goes from the decoder to the TV to the transmitter unit. Otherwise, the connection/pairing of the two devices works automatically, sometimes you may have to wait 5 seconds until the receiver has found the transmitter, then it will be very stable. Both devices (transmitter and receiver) require power which is fed in via USB cable, sometimes you can use the USB socket that some televisions have for this, or even a power bank, or a USB charger. The received image and sound is well received by us over 8 meters without jerking or stuttering. The picture quality is good here, there is nothing to complain about. Now I don’t need a long HDMI cable, but can watch my World Cup or favorite stations on the terrace wirelessly without a cable, for which I give 4 stars ️️️️

The workmanship is very good and we use it to use our Apple TV on both floors. It works very well and setup is also quick and easy. I’m very happy with it.

The set comes frustration-free and is very easy to connect. To connect the receiver to the screen, you need an HDMI or VGA cable. If your TV/screen does not have a USB port that provides the operating voltage, you will also need a suitable power supply here. This also applies to the transmitter, but this is no problem from the laptop. When everything is connected, the transmitter and receiver instantly connect to each other and the image can be transmitted. This is surprisingly fast and safe. The receiver also sets up a WLAN network to which you can connect with your smartphone. You have further setting options here and you can also bring the receiver into your own network. Streaming via the smartphone is also possible without an adapter. I am particularly impressed by the simplicity of the installation, it is also possible for absolute laymen without any problems.

SEMZHENG Wireless Hdmi Transmitter and Receiver :

I received this wireless HDMI over radio solution from SEMZHENG for testing. The whole thing is intended to replace a cable via radio and bring the HDMI signal from, for example, a receiver, PC, etc., to the screen. That sounds very good in theory. In practice, this also works surprisingly well. But with slight restrictions. Namely when you want the lowest possible latencies. I tested this transmitter/receiver combination in different constellations across the first floor of the living room from different devices over on the TV in the bedroom. That’s about 7m with direct visual contact from receiver to transmitter. Based on the blueray player and a satellite receiver, it worked perfectly and for me without noticeable delays. From the PS4 Pro, however, there were slight latencies when playing movies. I don’t know why this works flawlessly with the blueray player and not with the Playstation. You can watch the movie from the PS4 without any problems, but if you really pay attention to it, the minimal delay is still annoying if you pay close attention to your lips. If both doors are closed, the whole thing deteriorates visibly and audibly. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this wireless solution for transmitting the HDMI signal is worth ~180 €. In any case, I give it four stars and can recommend the device to others.

The set includes a transmitter, a receiver, the HDMI cable and comprehensive instructions. The installation is basically simple and quick. It is important that a USB power supply, which comes to 2A, is required for both devices. Unfortunately, most TV sets only have 1.5 A, which is why the USB port on the TV is not necessarily sufficient for power supply. During initial commissioning, a functional overview appears that explains the most important functions and steps. This also applies to mirroring from a smartphone (screen sharing via WLAN). This works just as flawlessly as pairing cables through PCs. When connected to a PC, the TV set can be used just like a second monitor. So either as an extended screen, or mirroring the main screen. In fact, we still have a fairly old TV set (more than 10 years) on which we used this transmitter. It was noticeable that there were frequent picture and sound failures there. At first, of course, I suspected the transmitter, as the television itself never had any problems. But tried it on another device and found that the TV set was probably the problem here. The transmitter is therefore fully in order. The devices that should already be paired when delivered can also be paired manually: either press the button on the transmitter, it’s quick and easy. If that doesn’t work, there is a small opening on the bottom of the receiver (for a needle, etc.) that needs to be pushed into. The devices work flawlessly. But the fact that there are no power supplies bothers me a bit, so 4 stars.

Assessment I was really skeptical about this part and am more of the type who puts the HDMI cable across the booth when the projector is fired up in the garden and carport. But I was positively surprised by the part. Since I don’t have a high-end projector, I can’t say how much heart and good resolution really end up, but at first glance no one would think that there is no cable between PC and projector. The picture is of course a bit delayed, but that doesn’t matter, since the sound is also transmitted via HDMI. The workmanship is good. On one side you have a TC (transmitter), which is a small oval box with an HDMI plug. You don’t even need an additional power source. On the other side is the RX (receiver), which is powered via USB-C and is also connected via HDMI, for example. The connection took 3 seconds, then it had already made the connection automatically and the picture was there. Advantages and disadvantages 🟢 25 meters through 2 walls of sand-lime brick are no problem 🟢 good workmanship 🟢 fast connection 🟢 little warming conclusion I am more than satisfied with the part. I prefer to leave the PC in-house and just drag the projector outside with the receiver than take all the equipment with me. I can highly recommend it and hope I was able to help you with my experience. Was that helpful?

The review refers to “Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver” It arrives very well packaged! Really, well packed I have rarely seen anything! When I unpacked it, I immediately noticed the particularly good workmanship! Nothing rattles or anything else. You then have to connect the antennas, one to the PC and the other to the monitor. Installation is easy and it also connects directly! So just. If you want, you can also disconnect or connect the connection directly. Everything can be done at the touch of a button. What I noticed negatively was that no power supplies or HDMI cables were included. So I had to pick a suitable one first. You should add something like that and above all in front of the price! Where we are at price right now. I find it a bit too crass. A little less would be enough. Otherwise, a great piece! If I could help you a bit, I would be happy about a positive review! ️️️️

This was pretty much the fastest setup of a device I’ve ever experienced. I plugged the transmitter into my PC. So HDMI cable into the PC and another USB cable into the transmitter for power supply. I connected the receiver to my monitor. A USB cable is also required for power supply. Before that, I quickly screwed on both antennas. So right after plugging it in, I also had a picture on the monitor. There was absolutely no need for any settings! The transmitter can be switched off by pressing a button. The monitor then displays an info screen with setup instructions. I found absolutely no noticeable delay at a distance of a few meters. Every mouse movement on the PC was displayed on the monitor at the same time. I have one thing to complain about. my wireless mouse was disrupted by the setup and had dropouts. From a distance of 30 cm to the receiver, the interference was gone. However, I have seen enough of this behavior with my WLAN stick or with USB 3.0 devices. So that’s nothing unusual. I have planned to use this device for my video camera. This allows me to transfer the image from the camera directly to a monitor or projector. This is much more convenient than the integrated WiFi interface in the camera. My conclusion: absolutely deserved 5 stars.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【Widely Use】This Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Kit can easily mirror HDMI video and audio signals wirelessly from laptops, computer, DVD, satellite box, smartphone, tablets to display on HDTV, projector or monitor. Ideal for office conferences, classrooms, home theater..ect. Note: Not recommend for gaming use because it may has 0.1s latency on few game consoles.
  • 【Plug and Play & No Internet Required】This Wireless HDMI extender kit is easy and simple to install and operate. No software or internet connection needed, just plug and play.
  • 【Extension Mode & Privacy Mode】This Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Kit supports extension mode and privacy mode. It can disconnect once you tap the transmitter funtion button and reconnect once you tap it again.
  • 【Dual Antenna Design & Long-distance Transmission】With dual Antenna design, this wireless HDMI adapter transmits and extends HDMI audio & video signals up to 98ft(30meters) in an unobstructed environment. It can also penetrate the wall, floor and ceiling for transmission. Note: transmission distance is reduced when working through walls.
  • 【Lightweight & Portable】This wireless HDMI dongle is compact and lightweight, easy to carry. It won’t take up a lot of space and you can even hide it behind your TV.

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