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Post-COVID restrictions are relaxing, so nowadays staying in apart-hotels or Service Apartments has become the new normal, especially with the proliferation of ‘staycations’ and business travel. By and large, this is on account of the wide range of services and more friendly feel offered by these condos.

Within the last ten-fifteen years, Service Apartments have gained a lot of prominences. The ease of access to apart-hotels throughout the world makes them an excellent alternative to hotels in metropolitan areas that are more expensive.

The difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment

The following is a list of differences between a serviced apartment and a hotel.

1. Duration of stay

In most cases, hotels will not allow guests to stay more than a few days, except for all-inclusive hotels. However, a commercial building such as a serviced apartment is designed for tenants to stay for a longer period of time.

2. Featured amenities

Apart from the amenities offered by a hotel, a serviced apartment provides a number of additional amenities. There are a few Service Apartments that may have a recreation center depending on their location.

3. Expenses

There is a price difference between staying in a hotel and in a serviced apartment. The price difference is largely determined by the length of your stay.

4. The living area

Hotels, in general, are generally not very spacious because many of them are located in tight urban areas. Although massive, spacious suites can be had for an additional fee, they generally aren’t accessible.

5. Protecting your privacy

Whenever you stay in a serviced apartment, you get to enjoy more privacy than if you stayed in a hotel. An apartment that you rent from a serviced property will offer you the same level of privacy as your own.

6. In the kitchen

There isn’t a common practice for hotels to include kitchens. In hotels that offer kitchenettes, they do not come equipped with all the essential cooking equipment. The Service Apartments are fully equipped with everything from pots, and skillets to dishwashers, etc.

7. A flexible approach

One of the essential differences between the two is related to the degree of flexibility of the room. Living in Service Apartments allows you to make adjustments to your lifestyle more easily.

8. Equipment and furniture

There are many hotels that offer a little more than just a bed and a restroom. A serviced apartment includes all the furniture one would normally find in a house, including a kitchen, bathroom, and living area. In addition, there is a laundry room. As a result, you won’t need to worry about going to the launderette.

The 20 best service apartments in London Citadines

1. The Citadines at Trafalgar Square, London

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Northumberland Ave 18-21 is the address of the Citadines Trafalgar Square, a four-star luxury apart-hotel located in London. This building, which is popularly known as a historic building in the area, gives a truly historic feel. Although it looks historically important from the outside, it has a posh modern interior.

2. Bankside and Hyde Park natives

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Native offers almost nine stylish and modern hotels around London, so it can definitely be a go-to spot for anyone in need of accommodation. There is sure to be something to suit the needs of people with different budgets, as there are a variety of rooms ranging from Crashpads to two and three-bedroom Service Apartments.

When it comes to location, Bankside appeals to people who love being connected to the main city. If you are looking for a place to explore Central and Western London, Hyde Park is a great choice.

3. The Citadines at South Kensington, London

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

South Kensington’s famous three-star apart-hotel on Gloucester Road is located here. In the one-bedroom Service Apartments, they provide a fully equipped kitchenette and on-call laundry service as well. Those looking to work out can take advantage of the well-equipped gym.

Guests at this apart-hotel are welcome to use the gym for free. For frequent travelers, this apart-hotel is the ideal choice due to its easy accessibility.

4. Kensington Space Apart Hotel

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Its central location in Bayswater and fully furnished 30 apartments make this a great choice. These Service Apartments are also affordable. Those looking for an apartment with amenities like a stovetop, a laundry room, etc. but are being restricted by their budget can benefit from this deal.

A basic apart-hotel that does its job well despite its basic features. The building includes a communal terrace on the fourth floor which guests are free to use however they wish.

5. The Citadines London Islington

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

With only a minimal daily charge, this apart-hotel offers all the services you need to make your stay comfortable. Free Wi-Fi will ensure that your trip is as enjoyable as possible. Housekeeping services also are available for a minimal fee.

The fact that the apart-hotel is kid-friendly is definitely an advantage for those traveling with children. In addition to their elegant one-room condos, each comes with an extra-large bed. In addition, there is a little dining area and kitchen space in the room.

6. Greenwich and Covent Garden – StayCity

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Small Service Apartments are available at StayCity for travelers who are on a tight budget. The guests of this apart-hotel are those who don’t expect to spend more time in their rooms than outside. With this one, you can accommodate up to four individuals without spending a lot of money.

As well as the hotel, they have an apart-hotel in the Greenwich area that is more reasonable and is located in a great area along the river. During your stay in StayCity make sure to stay in these two areas, since they are the most incredible.

7. Citidines Hotel Holborn-Covent Garden, London.

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

There are also new studio apartments and a four-star apart-hotel in this complex. In addition to furnishing you with your own kitchen, they have designated areas for remote work. In addition, you can get food delivered at any time from the hotel inside.

Moreover, you will not have to worry that you cannot cook that evening since you are covered. Some may consider the charges excessive, but the services they provide are above and beyond imagination and contribute to a comfortable stay.

8. Dalston, Bermondsey, Mansion House, and Whitechapel – Locke

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

The hotel is the newest addition to London’s lodging scene. These destinations are all gaining recognition because of their reasonable prices, amazing areas nearby to explore, and Instagram-friendly interiors.

At their communal workspaces and cafés, Locke’s apart-hotels will also be welcoming to people who need to work publicly in a public setting. As well as a microbrewery, Kingsland Locke has a restaurant.

9. City Inn Barbican London

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Special rooms are available for rent starting at £104.49+/night. The hotel also offers free access to its recreation center and wireless internet. For extra youngsters, there will be a fee of £30 per evening.

10. The Atheneum Residences, Mayfair

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Located in Piccadilly, this may be the most luxurious apart-hotel in town. It features a 24-hour café and in-room service. The hotel also offers an elaborate minibar in every room. Laundry services and a recreation center are also provided.

Housekeeping services are also available on a daily basis if needed. This apart-hotel is the best place to stay near Buckingham Palace, and they accept pets as well. In other words, if you want to take your pet with you, here’s the spot. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful.

11. Residences Cheval – Kensington, Chelsea & Tower Hill

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

With an array of apart-hotel properties spread out across London and the UK, Cheval is a famous brand. With Cheval Residences’ condos, you’ll have 24-hour access to a front counter and other top-of-the-line conveniences.

The kitchen is completely prepared, there is a wellness center, housekeeping service, pets are taken care of, etc. The Cheval condos are kid-friendly, and you can undoubtedly book a spacious penthouse or apartment for up to six people.

12. Three Quays Cheval Apartments

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Located on the River Thames bank, this apart-hotel is everything you have ever dreamed of. Assuming you choose to awaken some night and enjoy your view while sipping tea on the veranda, this condo is the one for you.

From single rooms to studio condominiums, here you will find everything you need. There are enormous glass windows all around, making it the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the view. In addition, they allow pets and have a pet care team to take care of them.

13. Lloyd & Buckingham, Kensington, London

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Baglioni Hotel offers a full selection of breakfast options including English, Italian, Continental as well as smorgasbords and this is definitely not something you should miss out on. This is just a 4-minute walk from the apart-hotel.

When it comes to serving the guests and pleasing them with their hospitality, the administrative staff is courteous and efficient. Aparthotel employees are experienced and prepared. Aparthotels are kept extremely clean, both visually and to ensure a great stay.

14. Maddox Street Apartments No.5

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Located between Oxford Street and Bond Street, it is the best neighborhood in which to find an apart-hotel. It is noteworthy that they have little patio gardens with modern lighting and accessories to make them look mysterious.

Guests have access to free Wi-Fi in their rooms 24 hours a day, and have access to room administration, as well as laundry and housekeeping services.

15. Staycity London’s Wilde Apart-hotels

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

An aparthotel with a view of the city and decent WiFi gives guests a view of the city. Due to its strategic location in London, guests can enjoy convenience. Located near Madame Tussauds museum, Lord’s Cricket Ground, and The Serpentine, this hotel is close to these attractions.

I was impressed with the hotel’s excellent facilities, excellent location, comfortable and clean rooms, and friendly and supportive staff.

16. George Wharf Hotel

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Service Apartments would be perfect for you. Featuring a contemporary design, they are the perfect accommodation. The best place to relax and enjoy peace and quiet during your vacation. In addition to their on-location café, food shop, bar, and bistro, they also have a restaurant.

In other words, once you are here, you won’t have to go anywhere else for some good food. Additionally, they have an exercise center where you can practice yoga. When you are exhausted from traveling or stressed from work, this is the place to relax.

17. Jumeirah Grosvenor House Suites

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

Among the most luxurious and expensive residing areas on the list is the Grosvenor house suites by Jumeirah. These residences embody luxury and splendor. From a four-room penthouse to a one-room apartment, you can choose from these condos.

A serviced apartment tailored to fit the needs of moguls boasts style and glory. Additionally, this lodging offers spa treatment medications at an additional cost, as well as an inn-style reception with fresh clothing and housekeeping services.

18. Hotel Chronicle by Supercity Apart-hotels

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

In the Greater London district of London, this apart-hotel or serviced apartment offers free Wi-Fi and convenience. Suites are equipped with separate living and dining areas as well as leveled screen TVs and fully equipped kitchens.

Additionally, there is a private restroom with some free branded toiletries. Furthermore, the kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, an espresso machine and an induction stove. A Chromecast is included in the two- and three-bed suites.

19. Collective Canary Wharf, London

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

It has jazzy studios that are fitted with flat-screen TVs, unmistakeably situated in Canary Wharf. Besides its exceptional kitchenette, it has a private bathroom with free toiletries, a computer safe, and a hairdryer. Additionally, the hotel boasts a sauna and indoor pool, as well as a spa and wellbeing center.

Popular spots include the 20th-floor bar and restaurant. With free WiFi, it has a few common areas to work in. As well as an exhibition space, visitors can utilize a business center at their convenience.

20. Knaresborough Collection by Aura

Service Apartments London Citadines – Best 20

In addition to being located in the heart of London, this apart-hotel gives free WiFi access to guests in-house. Nearby attractions include the Albert Victoria and Natural History Museums, as well as Olympia Exhibition Center. There are private washrooms and showers in each unit, as well as an air conditioner, a flat-screen TV, and a microwave.

Several units have an area for seating and some have a gallery. An individually prepared breakfast is available every morning at the apart-hotel.

Wrapping Up

Remembering the distinction between a hotel and a serviced apartment will ensure that you never opt for an unacceptable choice. As a matter of fact, behind this, while going on recreation or an excursion for work, the most important thing is solace. Service Apartments are likely to provide you with the flexibility you are looking for.

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