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From the “disk” on the side, sparks began to splatter from the inside.

This product is easy to use and easy to clean.

Easy to open and use.

Although easy to use – that means it has a non-digital dial (can have complex programs). It’s not as easy to use as my old Sharp Digital because the minute numbers around the dial are small. It works fine. I just preferred the old ones.

Very easy to use manual controls like a good microwave and an old microwave that lasts a long time.

A little smaller than what we measured compared to our older microwave ovens, but the smaller ones work great, look great, and do what the tin says. Dinner arrived quickly within the time limit. If I hadn’t checked the tracking, I’d say it’s Monday and it wouldn’t have arrived on Saturday. I don’t know what it would have been like if I had been outside.

Fast delivery, excellent product.

It was a gift for someone else.

  • ‘Let’s assume it’s cheap.
  • A good simple microwave for a good price

Sharp R20dwm Solo Microwave, 20 liters capacity, 800w, white

product description, The compact 800w stand alone microwave boasts 5 power levels with an easy-to-use dial for perfect cooking results.
with box, 1 x R20DWM, 1 x Manual

I bought this microwave to replace an old sharp one I’ve had for years. It’s pretty much the same and what I love about it is that it’s so easy to use.

Delivery is fast and it is a good size for one person.

I am very satisfied with this item with excellent value for money.

Easy to use and no complicated dials.

A glowing microwave great value for money.

Not sure what to expect, but my last cheap microwave is over 30 years old and compared to a product of this quality, it has a very visually smooth basic dial, easy door opening and closing with a soft ‘click’, sitting square on rubber feet, opening the door. If you ‘slide/skate’ when you try to open or ‘make a call’, this machine does nothing. I’d like to think this microwave would give me good service, but so far I’m very skeptical in every way.

Easy to use and simple to use, it can be a bit big, no complaints, but you get what you pay for.

This microwave does not scratch. I had the second one as a replacement for the first one and it was burning and starting to smell like smoke. The replacement arrived at the end of November 2019 and I found that when I called my daughters’ apartment, turned it on, and smoked a cigarette from behind, it made a crackling sound. I’m trying to see if I can pay extra for a more reliable microwave. Sharp definitely has a problem with this item. I don’t expect them to last a lifetime. However, replacement is not allowed due to death within 5 months.

  • ‘Let’s assume it’s cheap.
  • A good simple microwave for a good price

Sharp R20dwm Solo Microwave, 20 liters capacity, 800w, white

This one was easy to use and cleaning was essential for my older sister and this microwave fits the bill perfectly. good product and good price.

Easy to use and does what you need. It’s also super easy to clean, a bonus for someone like me who has limited movement in one arm.

I wanted a small microwave with no buttons and no gadgets. It is small and easy to use.

As someone who uses microwaves a lot and owns a lot over the years, this simple mw oven is so easy to use. It makes outdated controls a breeze. A nice ‘ting’ to wind it up, close the door and notify you when it’s done.

This is a basic microphone that is easy to use, simple and uncluttered. If you only use the micro to defrost or reheat prepared food, you should be fine. I don’t like microwaves, so I don’t want to use them often. Sometimes they are convenient, but this will serve the purpose.

Only as directed by your doctor. It is very simple for the elderly to use as only two knobs are turned and the LED does not blink.

I am satisfied with the purchase and recommend it.

SHARP R20dwm Solo Microwave: Highly recommended.

Features and Specifications

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  • Microwave output 800 watts.
  • Grill output 800 watts.
  • Internal capacity of 20 liters.
  • Diameter 25.5cm rotating turntable.
  • Size H25.6, W43.9, D33.8cm.

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