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Great tech support and good product.

I was a little skeptical about the product with a low price. But the setup informationwas good and clear. Had it up and streaming to facebook in a short time. Had it in use now for 5 weeks without a problem. Facebook has configuration info for live streaming that helped me determine the correct settings for their requirements. Good product, never had to contact support.

I’m very satisfied with the performance solid built and easy to use stream anything u wanti’m using it to stream tv content from my tv receiver streaming to my android devicesthe customer service was friendly and very helpful thank u.

The gui is easy to use and set up. I have an nvr system connected to it upstairs that i stream to a computer downstairs. Before i found this i was going to relocate my nvr. Very responsive and willing to help you. I would definitely recommend this encoder not just for the actual device but tech support as well.

Onvif does not seem to be a feature. It has audio onvif but i have difficulty in setting up onvif protocol. Working with tech support to resolve. Tech support was very helpful in setting up the rtsp stream. Note: i notice it’s best to connect any streamer to the router itself. If you connect to a switch the packets get sent to every port overwhelming the device and causing it to freeze. Since doing this it’s been doing very well.

Extremely easy to setup and manage. Able to stream 1080p to multiple raspberry pi devices.

From all the encoders i’ve worked with over the years, maybe a dozen or so, this unit by far exceeds the price/perfomance ratio of all of them. Nice we interface that’s responsive and easy to navigate. The cpu doesn’t struggle at all – the unit, even on the most demanding settings, just purr’s right along. The is fanless which is nice not to have to worry about any moving parts on the encoder. This is my new go-to encoder and will definitely be purchasing more.

I recommend this product good quality A+ I used OBS on my Mac, but when running heavy apps on my Mac during delivery, real-time encoding might be out of breath.So, buy this to do encoding outside the Mac.Although it was a manufacturer I have never heard of, there was a good reputation from overseas, so I took a plunge to purchase it. At the moment, there is no problem during encoding.There is no instability element at all.Speaking of greed, the presence of digital audio inputs gives you flexibility in the system configuration.However, this is not required, but it can be used well with HDMI audio.If you do live on a regular basis, you may think about introducing it seriously.

  • Excellent and inexpensive device for HDMI sharing around the house
  • Slingbox Replacement (with Broadlink RM Mini3)

Uraycoder Hd Hevc H.265 Mpeg4 H.264 Hdmi to Video Streaming Iptv Encoder For Hdmi to Rtsp Rtmp Http Udp Hls Onvif Srt Facebook Youtube Live Streaming Server

Bought this encoder last year and it has worked flawless for me in a mobile environment. Out of the box it did not support rtmps but upon contacting tech support they responded very quickly and set me up with the proper firmware upgrade and now its better than ever. I highly recommend this unit for mobile broadcasting.

This encoder is stable and omg the picture coming out of this little device leaves me speechless. It is really easy to setup on your lan. It literally took me less than 5mins to setup. This was the first encoder i purchased and never looked back after that. Prior to this encoders i would use a capture card into a computer (adobe media live encoder) etc. With this encoder i’m rocking 24/7 and it sets me apart from the competition.

In all of my many years of dealing with vendors, seldom have i had the pleasure of experiencing such stellar support as i have from this chinese company. I was initially leery, but now i am sold. I purchased two encoders (h. I initially faced some slight technical issues with the hdmi interface and admin page, but they were quick and efficient in both providing me with a firmware patch and then providing live support (through teamviewer) to resolve the remaining problems. I also asked them how i could purchase 3 “u. Type/type g” power adapters and they went ahead and offered to send me 3 unit for free what great servicenow all units are working flawlessly at perfect hd quality. Great operation, great quality, great service. Who could ask for anything more?.

I bought this item after a lot of research into various ways of broadcasting a tv box around my home. I already have an ethernet network around my house and wanted a way of accessing live and recorded content from the tv box anywhere my network can reach. I can say this device hits the nail on the head – having tried a number of these devices to little success i was hoping for success here and it delivers. You can easily customise the streams to get a good balance of quality and bandwidth, it covers the latest codecs for higher efficiency (h. 264 for compatibility, and in a few weeks of testing i have had no major dropouts or issues. It supports multiple protocols allowing it to work with most receivers. Latency is in the order of a couple of seconds, which still enables use of menus and other functions on the box. Once configuring the device i can now watch all of my tv anywhere from the house, including using apps like vlc on mobile devices. Exactly what i was looking to do and more. I would highly recommend for anybody looking to share a single hdmi input and broadcast it around the house. The uses are almost unlimited and i’m now looking into further receivers so i can set up a one-to-many streaming service over ip, saving me significant expense on new tv boxes.

Dhcp is disabled by default. Gives itself a static ip of 192. Dhcp seems to work when enabled, and it is reachable at any leased or static ip in the 192. Maybe you could even use any /24 in the 192. But as soon as you statically set (or your dhcp sercer leases) an ip in the 172. 16/12 space, the device is unreachable by ip. It is possible that when it sees an address in 172. 16/12, it ignores the subnet size you specify (such as /24) and forces a /12.

I’m using this box to encode the output from my cctv nvr so it can be viewed on any tv in my home. Before this box i had a dedicated hdmi over ip extender but this is far more flexible. It seems to run nice and cool. For newer tv’s i’m using vlc on the tv and for older dumb tvs i’m using the matching advertisement display decoder. There’s no noticeable lag or picture quality issue. It’s a bit odd that it defaults to 192. 168 as an ip address as many routers default to 192. Xxx so the device would be hard to find but assuming you have basic ip skills that’s easy to resolve.

Ordered several of these to use for live streaming presentations. The device was easy to configure and offers many options to customize settings. Particularly useful that it can stream to multiple endpoints, for example rtmp to a livestream cdn, while streaming hls to a monitoring location. Very happy with the stream quality. Out of the box, the output seemed a little gray, but after reading other reviews that this could be solved by a firmware update, i contacted their helpful tech support by email and they immediately emailed me an update that solved my problem.

The product works great and the support was good as well.

  • Excellent and inexpensive device for HDMI sharing around the house
  • Slingbox Replacement (with Broadlink RM Mini3)

Uraycoder Hd Hevc H.265 Mpeg4 H.264 Hdmi to Video Streaming Iptv Encoder For Hdmi to Rtsp Rtmp Http Udp Hls Onvif Srt Facebook Youtube Live Streaming Server

The product works exactly as described by the seller. It was easy to set up as i followed the manual, but i encountered some issues because of my network set up, and when i contacted the seller, their tech support quickly fixed it. They also have excellent customer service.

Works, non stop streaming to mixcloud, youtube, and more. Just reach out they will help you and set it up for you.

I am using this to replace my slingbox as they are at end of life in 2022. This unit accepted the hdmi input from my windows 10 pc desktop with no problem at all. The documentation is clear and easy to understand. The 4 streams that are output are easily customized and are readily decoded by the vlc player. This is a good choice for other place-shifters looking to replace their slingbox. Linda at uray is very helpful and responsive to top it all off.

It’s an extraordinary encoder. At first it is difficult to handle. But when you read the instructions well and understood them. It works very well. More efficient than encoding with a computer. It is ideal to own or buy a video switcher to replace the software you put into computers. It is very stable as long as the settings are properly configured. I am really happy with this great device. I only tested it at the time of writing these lines because I am missing some accessories to buy to do live regularly. I tested it on 2 simultaneous streams. Privately, of course, and view the result on other devices. I was surprised by the result: the video is stable and the quality of the audio that allows you to have an individual analog input. With a small console the quality was also very satisfactory. Very good product that I will recommend to anyone with knowledge to manually set up a network. I’m a network administrator so it made it easier for me. Otherwise it’s a little more difficult but it’s possible to reason the configuration principle. So I am very satisfied with this product I will possibly buy a second one.

Great products and super fast customer support. I will always purchase from them.

I bought this item in conjunction with a broadlink rm mini3 to replace a slingbox which will become non-functional later this year. It was fairly easy to set up following the instructions that came with it. I suspect that i will only use a small percentage of its functionality.

I’m using this to broadcast a digital message board throughout my company. Ran into issues getting this encoder to work with my setup and their tech support dialed into my system and got it all working. My digital message boards are working flawlessly now.

I have been impressed with the over two dozen units i have purchased. I have used many of the features available- ts & hls serving of streams from the device, multicast rtp & udp broadcast across a large corporate campus, and rtmp push to cloud services for offsite broadcast. Service requests (just asking about firmware updates, really) from linda at u-ray tech have been answered quickly and more efficiently than one would expect at this price point.

The product has been rock-solid. The features are great for the total cost. I had the deploy a srt stream and the unit required a firmware update to support the feature. I sent in the request and received the firmware the next day.

URayCoder Hd Hevc H :         Slingbox Replacement (with Broadlink RM Mini3)

Tried this unit out and it worked great. So much so that i ordered the 8 hdmi input unit and that has also been in production for a month or so now. Used with cox set top box and also tried it with dish.

I might do more of these, you just plug them in and you are broadcasting shortly after. Plenty of setting to get in trouble with(if you really want to go into the weeds). To me, it was just plug, change ip and then play. I integrated with plex via iptvbundle as i couldnt quite get it to work with plex dvr(they only support one source, which i already have a homerun in place and didnt want to undo it).

It just sits there and does what it’s supposed to do. I sits in my media room constantly streaming to my server. Since covid-19, i’ve been streaming a lot. This just works, seriously, 24/7. More than impressed, can stream to my website for live view and my streaming server at the same time at 1080p.

H264 streams well, but does require 2x the upload bandwidth. . 1080 can consume about 6mbps. The h265 model will cut that in half.

I bought this to solve a problem i have had converting hdmi to a udp/iptv channel. I have been using a product that costs around 10 times the cost of this, so i didn’t expect much. But the setup was easy, and the instructions were clear. When i had a question about the setup, support was available to help. I got it up and running, at a fraction of the previous cost, and have spec’ed this into future installations. I highly recommend this product.

Encoder is working great, ran into an issue when we first started using it but support was very good and was able to help us through the issue.

The unit was difficult to setup at first but the tech support had us up and running in no time. Definetly recommend this unti. Picture and audio quality is fantastic.

I spent the past 1 year trying to find an affordable way to stream our church services on both youtube and facebook unsuccessfully until i discovered this device, at first it seemed too good to be true considering the price. There are services that will cost you 100 times more to do what this device does so i was very reluctant but still decided to try my luck. You need to basic networking but even if you don’t they have a well detailed website, manual and tech support is always ready to help. Product support is impeccable, their tech support is so quick that i feel like i am talking to a friend. I will test the product further and come back with an update but until then, this is gold if you know what this device can do.

This device worked pretty well. I used this for work to pull the hdmi output from one of my devices. It did exactly what i wanted it to do. It does require a bit of domain knowledge to get everything set up (static ips and such), but after that it worked quite well. Linda was helpful with customer support.

Features and Spesification

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 【Innovative Product with Leading Technology】 – This URayCoder video encoder is ideal for broadcast video and audio, support live broadcast for Youtube, Facebook, Ustream, Livestream, Twitch, Vimeo, Streamspot, Dacast, Tikilive, Netrmedi etc.
  • 【Multi-streaming Output】 – Support up to 4 video streams output simultaneously. You can push these 4 video streams to multi-platform at the same time.
  • 【Multi-protocol Support】 – Support HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, HLS(M3U8), UDP, RTP, Multicast, Unitcast, ONVIF, FLV etc streaming protocol.
  • 【OSD Setting】 – You can add static text or scroll text or logo to the output video stream to customize your output displayed video. Meanwhile, you can also adjust the parameter of output video via webpage or APP.
  • 【Free Lifetime Support and Service】 – All URayCoder video encoders and video decoders include a five-year manufacturer warranty and free lifetime technical support. Also we provide SDK and API and CGI control protocol for secondary development. Meanwhile, we provide many kinds of customization, such as logo print, function or firmware etc customization.

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