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They moved back to soda steam to minimize plastic waste. I’m really happy to know that I pulled the nozzle out first.

It was nice to get an extra bottle with a gas bulb.

The proposal for a PET bottle is misleading as it suggests that the PET bottle can be used directly with a soda stream unit, or the water can be concentrated directly with carbonic acid. Of course, you can transfer water from the vial. Why is it so troublesome when it’s easy? Carbonation is lost when refilling.

I’m happy to replace it now because there are usually no stores open or the gas cylinder is empty when guests arrive. Empty bottles have a longer shelf life than purchased included with Sodastream. The price is a bit high, but you get at least an empty bottle here. Otherwise everything is good and fast delivery.

sodastream Carbonating Essential Drink Bottle – Just job

We bought this set because we needed a replacement cylinder and wanted good PET on the go. Positives: – The idea of ​​a set of bottles and cylinders is one great 2-in-1. – The cylinder is suitable as indicated. – Stylish design of the bottle – The bottle is about 900ml Negatives: – The taste of the water is already unacceptable after a few hours and it has a lot of plastic taste. – PET bottles do not fit into Sodastream Crystal for bubbling and must always be poured. When buying an original product, it is natural to fit snugly into the device. – The product is very expensive. – PET bottles are not dishwasher safe. Conclusion: We have no purchase recommendations. You can also buy the cylinders individually for cheaper. And PET bottles are available everywhere in the price range. Not recommended because the bottle doesn’t fit the soda stream and the PET doesn’t taste good. We have switched to glass bottles that taste better worldwide.

Great item to protect the environment with easy to use and disposable bottles.

Do as indicated on the cylinder.

It works and I got it for a reasonable price.

The gas itself is £21, so how is the bottle free? Otherwise I like the gas 🙁 bottle, but I would have waited up to 3 months for it to be convenient.

It’s a really good combo for the price. If you have or are considering buying SodaStream, this is a must. The bottle is a standard large size (the color is a bit ugly, but it’s a bottle) and the gas is really nice. Being able to afford it means you’re never running out of fuel.

This is exactly what it said and arrived quickly.

We love the whippers. Water tastes good and cola and soda are good too. Everything is practical and you can still save money. sodastream carbonated essential drink bottle:

  • Model Number: 1053000440
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Weight: 1440g
  • Package Dimensions (L x B x H) (cm): 10 x 16 x 37

sodastream Carbonating Essential Drink Bottle – Just job

I’ve been using one of these for years and I love it.

Of course, the bottle is only suitable for SodaStream units with a plastic tab (there are two systems, with a plastic lid or with a glass bottle), and it is also suitable and it is always a good idea to have a replacement cylinder at home.

Buyer Reviews:

  • do work
  • Eco-friendly in plastic bottles
  • what we need

sodastream Carbonating Essential Drink Bottle – Just job

sodastream Carbonating Essential Drink Bottle – Just job

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