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Google searches for “women traveling alone” increased 495% over the past period.
In just one month, more than 50% of women
For their safety when traveling alone, travel expert Wizz Air offers the following advice:
Help women enjoy navigating destinations and reassure themselves.
throughout the trip.

Over 50% of women say they are concerned about their own safety when traveling alone, and there are ways to stay safe when traveling abroad. From researching your destination, especially the area you want to stay, to keeping valuables and cash safe, the tips below will help solo travelers feel peace of mind abroad.

Pre-travel research

Make sure you do your research before going on your first solo trip. read
Reviews of the hotel or B&B you are considering to make sure the location is safe
Near amenities such as public transport. If you are traveling on a budget
It’s easy to ignore reviews to save money, but you should make sure they’re there.
There are many reviews available.
you will stay

If you’re a social person, staying in a hostel’s shared room is a great way to make new friends while maintaining your solo traveler’s independence. many
Hostels offer female-only dorms with solo travelers and girl groups in mind, so it’s a good idea to find a place that offers them.

Lock your valuables

Be careful, there’s nothing more detrimental to your vacation than having your valuables stolen.
Keep your goods safe. When staying in a hotel room, be sure to leave valuables.
You can rest assured that they are locked in the normally provided safe. If you’re staying in a hostel’s shared rooms, make sure to travel with a lock and carry your keys at all times as most properties provide lockers. Also, hotels are generally not responsible for the items in the room, so it’s a good idea to leave them at the front desk, especially if you have valuables. A reputable hotel will give you a written receipt stating that you have left items behind. In other words, if you lose something, you are responsible for it.

Let your loved ones know your plans

Give peace of mind to your friends, family and yourself and let them know.
A rough itinerary for your vacation before you leave, so if they don’t hear from you they will know where to contact. If you plan to go with the flow and don’t have specific plans, at least give your loved one a rough idea and where to stay.

We are all guilty of not sending the required “I’m home” text.
Reduce unnecessary stress and allow trusted family members to track your location. There are tons of apps out there that give you peace of mind that you are safe by letting your loved ones know about your activities. If we cannot find you in an emergency, we can notify the necessary authorities.

hide out of sight

If you do not want to draw attention to the fact that you are a solo traveler, please do not wear the following attire:
Instead of talking tourists, dress as simply as possible. In fact, you should check out how the locals dress to see if that helps you pick out your outfits. For example, if you see locals covering certain parts of your body, you should do the same. Not only will this help you achieve harmony, it also means you don’t risk appearing rude.

To achieve harmony, you need to avoid carrying too many valuables. Pickpockets find a cool camera or new smartphone and target it immediately. While there are some unavoidable circumstances while traveling with your phone or camera, there are ways to hide these expensive items. Do not store your camera in a dedicated camera bag, but in a simple, inconspicuous bag.

give yourself a backup

Traveling alone means that you need to be aware of your surroundings, but allow it.
Back up yourself. If you are caught by a robber while going out
For, carry a dummy wallet to pass and hide cash.
Person. A flat money belt tied under the clothes can be stored.
Unleash your creativity with cash, cards and valuables or a budget method. use
Tampon applicators are used as temporary wallets to hide cash.
The robber is unlikely to try to steal the tampon.

Buy a local SIM

As of 31 December 2020, EU rules on roaming charges will no longer apply in the UK. This means your bills can be very high as there is no longer a cap on how much your carrier can charge you for using your phone in EU countries. Because roaming rates vary from carrier to carrier, you should check your vacation cell phone bills before travelling.

Worrying too much about using your phone for high rates
You’re putting yourself at risk because you can’t contact anyone if you feel unsafe.

When you first arrive, invest in your local PAYG SIM card and
Make a note of the phone number and emergency number of a loved one abroad.
your destination. If you plan to travel a lot this year
We recommend that you upgrade your current phone bill to allow for data roaming.
You save more money.

tell the bank

If a bank discovers a seemingly random payment from a local bar in Spain, it can flag it as suspicious activity and freeze the card. In an increasingly cash-strapped society, freezing your cards and accounts could be the worst thing that could happen on your first day of vacation and puts you in a vulnerable position. With this in mind, bring enough cash in case your card gets frozen, lost or stolen, and keep cash hidden so you don’t lose it too.

To avoid misunderstandings, inform your bank before going abroad.
You need to call your bank while on vacation. make a call or
Many banks allow you to set up holidays in your account online.

Make the most of your vacation

Traveling alone is one of the most satisfying things to do, and by 2022, 38% of women are expected to travel alone. While you are abroad, you must take the necessary steps to stay safe, but you must also take steps to ensure that: Make the most of your vacation.

tour reservation

Book a tour, whether it’s a walking tour or a local tour
Hotspots are one of the easiest and safest ways to explore new destinations.
Reputable operators offer specific schedules. This means that you can keep your loved ones at home, and are usually hosted by locals, providing real insight. Book a tour or excursion as a solo traveler to meet new people and even other solo travelers. Take a look at the best deals available to avoid paying more than you need. If you’re on a budget, free walking tours dot the city center in many places, especially popular cities, giving tourists a local insight into the area. They are free, but expect to tip your guide at times, so bring some cash before you depart.

Choose your destination intentionally

The beauty of traveling alone is a golden opportunity to be completely selfish! Us
During our group vacation, we all had to compromise and do what we could possibly do.
I didn’t choose to do it myself, but I didn’t want to look like a party thug.
Think about what you want for the holidays. Do you enjoy long hikes or expeditions?
A bustling city, or maybe you just want to lie down on the beach and finally read the book.

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